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I HAVE BEEN WAITING MOFOS. What's each admins take on Jalph. I mean is it platonic, is it romantic, what is it? Also, I love your blog and the artwork and the everything. I liked the vein it went in a few comics ago, when their relationship progressed a bit more.

(the other admins are letting me answer this one because admin huck honestly doesn’t know, and titania hasn’t answered any of our texts.)

imo, canon jalph is neither romantic nor platonic? or it’s both, idk. i don’t want to say it’s canon, because it’s not, but like, from the very beginning jack and ralph were really close. and there were definitely a lot of moments that could be read as having romantic undertones. they may have disagreed on things and of course they had their constant power struggle, but no matter what, they cared about each other. it’s only around when jack leaves when it starts to fade a little. but even after he walks out, there’s still obviously something between them. the way golding writes leaves plenty of room for interpretation and potential for romance, it just depends largely on how the reader views them and their relationship.

however, despite everything, i really doubt that jalph could ever actually happen. not in the canon universe, at least. even if they were older (bc i am Not going to ship 12 year olds) and they weren’t busy killing their friends, the time period they are in, the circumstances they’re under, and the people that they are would all most likely prevent them from acting on any romantic feelings they might develop. obviously, the 1950s were not a very accepting time, and the thought that any of the boys would be perfectly ready and willing to date another boy is kinda hard to believe. they would all likely have a very high sense of internalized homophobia, probably the choir boys in particular. this would definitely deter them from acting on their desires in any way.

not only that, but given the circumstances, it’s even less likely that jack and ralph would end up together.  take these two very important figures on the island and imagine the type of reputations they need to maintain to keep order. ralph needs respect to keep the boys in check and jack needs it to keep his hunters together and under control. they both have very high expectations set on them, not only from the other boys but also likely from their parents and society as a whole. getting into a relationship would be pretty devastating to their reputations and would probably bring about a lot more chaos than would have existed previously. along with a lot of other aspects of their personalities, this need to protect their names and maintain their positions is such a big impediment to their relationship, i find it hard to believe they could get around it.

but really, i don’t think there even needed to be romance. golding is able to get his point across perfectly fine without having jack and ralph be in a relationship. the novel isn’t about jalph, it’s about human nature and emotions. in my opinion, jalph would have actually taken away from the themes in the book. 

in the end, i think the best way to describe jalph, whether in canon or otherwise, is complicated. there are so many different aspects to their relationship and so many different possibilities for them. i think that’s some of the appeal, at least for me. these two are such interesting and well-written characters and it’s really fun to think about what could have happened if things were different

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In what way do you think each type would react if they were put in a situation similar to Lord of the Flies? I know it really does depend on how developed they are, but in general, how would their functions respond and what sort of role might they take?

In the general sense, let us play this. 

ESFP: Takes the lead of the situation right away. Their Se is in their element of improvisation and observation. They start the civilization and their Fi makes them care about the people around them. 

ESTP: Lets the ESFP lead and is a charismatic sub-leader that goes against the harsh tertiary Te rules the ESFP enforces and makes sure everyone is fed. They are the Robin Hood of the group. They go against the ground rules, but they aren’t doing evil things. 

ISTP: Is watching out for themselves. If you are meant to survive you will with your own two-hands and smarts. 

ISFP: Won’t lead, but doesn’t like being told what to do. Won’t speak up unless the ESFP leader does something unethical.

ISTJ: Making sure that the group has all the supplies needed to survive. Taking inventory and letting the ESFP leader know how to properly disperse food, clothing, shelter, etc.

ISFJ: Is looking out for themselves and their closest friends. Everyone else can fend for themselves, but the ISFJ will make sure themselves and those they care about make it.

ESTJ: Will try to be the leader, but will just generally slow down the process of getting the civilization together. Will probably be the one to incite mutiny because the ESFP seems to be winging it and not dropping the law as the ESTJ sees fit.

ESFJ: Making sure the group is put first. The ESFJ doesn’t care about everyone being individually happy, but wants to make sure that the group as a whole is together and thriving. Will do any action to make sure this happens.

INFJ: Observes what everyone is doing and questions the ethics happening before them. They don’t speak up until it is too late and something terrible has happened, but they had a feeling it was gunna go in this tragic direction and regret their lack of action.

INTJ: Observing from afar what is happening and has the same feelings as the INFJ as to what will happen, but instead of being concerned with the ethics of the situation, they have been slowly moving their pieces to make sure the next leader is good and the civilization will still be intact. Some sacrifices may have to be made and no one will realize the INTJ has been the one “in charge” the whole time.

ENFJ: Wants to make sure everyone is happy with the role they have to play in this new civilization. Will be charismatic and be the one that everyone really follows and listens to.Without this person the civilization really would fall apart.

ENTJ: The ENTJ takes advantage of the ESTJ uprising, but is in fact the one that actually takes over lead from the ESFP.

INFP: Leaves the group because they were too violent and conflicting too much. Goes on their own spiritual journey on the island and comes back with knowledge of the island that no one else has. Is trying to figure out how to best live their life in this new world.

INTP: Doesn’t know what the group should do, but is very vocal on what everyone is doing wrong. 

ENFP: This is the person who keeps optimism among the people. There has to be a better way. They will survive and not only that find happiness. You just have to find the right path to go on.

ENTP: Tries to figure out the truth of what is really going on, but seems like they don’t care what happens at all. Discovers the truth of the INTJ and has to decide what to do before it is too late.