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I love that, just in the very least, we showed that, you know, we portrayed this, you know, this connection between the two characters [Oswald and Edward], whether you’d call it love or whatever, but my favourite thing about doing that, and this is a testament to the writers, is that none of the characters used it as a derogatory thing against Oswald. [x]

In my continued pursuit of updated and re-drawing some of my original babus, it has come to my attention that Grey is quite popular. So, before I do Yusebi I decided to update Grey… except I have got so into working on Grey’s design that the drawings took off…

So meet Grey’s three Gaster Blasters: Keah, Hienu and Niox. Grey painted those patterns on his blasters, it’s traditional in his AU for things to be highly patterned like henna. You can see that in Grey’s clothes, I’ve began to expand that concept backwards and took a glimpse of Grey’s childhood.

Here is Grey at about five years old and his older brother Char who is around eleven. Baby Grey sorta broke me several times from how cute he is @u@; holy… but wait there is more…

Grey got his blasters early in his life and at this point he hadn’t put the drawings on them. His blasters love him so much… mind you they are much more obedient now then they were when they were pups xDD

But yes I had SO much fun doing these drawings and making the patterns, I hope this fulfills your Grey needs~ and have some fun things under the cut xDD cause I was dicking around while i drew~

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Cue Battle Against a True Hero!
(I have been waiting MONTHS to say that! XD)

Chapter 2: Renegade
~Pages 114 - 118~




In which a glorious spaghetti dork mistakes the situation-
(The answer to why Necros survived the attack will be out shortly!)

Chapter 2: Renegade
<Pages 129 - 131>



Bonus Pic:

…I’m gonna use this as my lock screen…X’D


A collection of BOTWOT-specific scribbles, as is what happens when you put a floof into a chat room with a bunch of cool nerds ahaha