lord of the cage

i actually put effort into this oh lord 

I hadnt seen a cage skirt code, i own one irl and i love it, SO!  i wanted to try and make one for my lil mayor!! and for all of you baes too 
if tumblr happens to mess up my image size, here’s a fuller sized image of it ! I hope you guys like it!! ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡

The Fellowship of the Cage is ready for another adventure.

sssnakes; a mix for those cunning folk. delivering loathing looks with loaded smiles, wishing desperately to find nothing, marveling at the power that comes when you know you have absolute control. sobbing just to feel something. prioritizing yourself, because in the end, who else matters?

FIGHT FOR YOU - a rebelcaptain mix

i. If Love was a Crime - Poli Genova// ii. Fight For You (feat. Chance the Rapper) - Pia Mia// iii. Maybe - Brainstorm// iv. Strong Hand - CHVRCHES// v. In Your Cage - Cinema Bizarre// vi. Glory and Gore - Lorde// vii. Dark Doo Wop - MS MR// viii. Viva La Gloria - Green Day// ix. Feel Again - OneRepublic// x. Recovery - Broods// xi. Wings - Hurts.

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