lord of rings

How much would it have sucked for the Dead Men of Dunharrow if the War of the Last Alliance had been the last war in Middle Earth? Like, they’re stuck as ghosts under a hill and there’s no future time that they can fulfill their oath, and one of them goes to the king of Gondor and says, “hey, you should really go to war with Rohan and we can help, please please please.”


Eomer ruins Sansa’s ships

LotR: Strider

One thing I love about rereading Lord of the Rings is that you get hints you haven’t understood before. So if you’re reading the book for the first time, you shouldn’t continue right now … Little spoiler ahead :)

Something I realized for the first time concerns Strider’s words. As a reward for his advice he tells them: “you must take me along with you, until I wish to leave you”.

But until the end of the first book, this will change: When Sam points out that Frodo probably wants to go to Mordor alone, Aragorn says: “He is the Bearer, and the fate of the Burden is on him. I do not think that it is our part to drive him one way or the other.”

I think this illustrates the change between the characters: At first it is Strider who has to bring the hobbits to Rivendell and to protect them; but later on, Frodo is the ring-bearer who has to choose his path. And, of course, I’d like to think that it isn’t due to a change of “status” alone, but also to the friendship that has grown between them.