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Psst, git a question for you, how is Legoland an Ace icon. I really wanna know, he's my favorite character from LoTR and as an ace this is yasss. But I need reasons lol

*what is here is approximately what happened today, if a little truncated*

Me: *reads your question* OHGODIMEANTITASAJOKE/PUNWHATDOIDO…wait…. IS Legolas aroace?… I don’t remember him having a romantic partner in the movies…. but I haven’t read the books…


Me: Hey mom! Does Legolas express a romantic interest in the book?

Mom: *Shakes head*

Me: Does he express a sexual one?

 Mom: *shakes head*

Me: I’m claiming him as an aroace icon then

Mom: Go ahead!

Me: Are you sure though?

Mom: Well, in Fellowship of the Ring, Legolas and Gimli form a sort of bromance (its not romantic in the slightest). When Tolkien wrote the “where they ended up” section of the book, Legolas is noted to go off on adventures with Gimli. There is no mention any romance in the slightest.

Me: …. Okay I am DEFINITELY claiming him now!

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Darlin', could you do a Having a child with Legolas headcanon? Pretty please? Thank you, love. And congratulations on 1k.

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

  • You both are beyond happy when you find out you’re pregnant. You’ve tried for many years and it finally happened!
  • Thranduil being proud and even more excited than you. 
  • When the baby is born, a girl, Legolas is unable to tear his gaze away from the little one. 
  • “She’s so beautiful, Y/N. Look what we made. A little star.” 
  • Legolas helps you with everything, letting you rest when you need it. Thranduil is also helpful, completely in love with his first grandchild. 
  • He spoils her so much, you had to ask him to put an end to it. 
  • “Y/N, I will not. She’s my little princess. She will have her tiara, end of the topic.”
  • Impatiently waiting for her first word. It’s Nana, obviously, but Legolas is upset.
  • He almost starts crying when your little girl calls him Ada
  • Legolas braiding his daughter’s hair in whatever way she wants it. She’s the one giving orders and she’s too cute to refuse her. 
  • Thranduil letting her sits on his throne and attend meetings because she’s his little princess and of course, she can do whatever she wants. 
  • Legolas teaching her how to ride on a horse and later, when she’s big enough, how to use a bow. 
  • Them both going to a small trips, bringing you flowers when they come back.
  • Her helping you with daily duties. 
  • Legolas losing his mind when he realized that one day, a suitor may appear. 
  • “You’re not allowed to speak to men. Don’t look at them. Don’t think about them.”
  • “Legolas, you’re out of your mind.” 
  • Thranduil being the one who gave her her first ever sip of wine. 
  • Your daughter growing to become beautiful and wise and all of you beaming with pride.