lord of mars

~Oswald Cobblepot~

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Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! at the Disco

Mr. Brightside - Postmodern Jukebox vers. originally by The Killers

Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde

Mama - My Chemical Romance

Heart of Glass - Postmodern Jukebox vers. originally by Blondie

Dancing With a Wolf - All Time Low

Cry Me a River - Postmodern Jukebox vers. originally by Justin Timberlake

Using You - Mars Argo

The Good, The Bad and The Dirty - Panic! at the Disco

A Beautiful Lie - Thirty Seconds to Mars

 Alpha Dog - Fall Out Boy

Criminal - Postmodern Jukebox vers. originally by Fiona Apple

Get Down on Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me - All Time Low

Stay Away From My Friends - Pierce the Veil

Clint Eastwood - Robyn Adele Anderson vers. originally by Gorillaz

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Jared Leto + Black and White

A new entry to @dacommissioner2k15 4th of July Jam commissioned by @ironbloodaika depicting several evil ladies from across the cartoon spectrum showing off their pride in the red, white, and blue. Or moreso getting a bikini contest confused for a chance to rule the entire planet, somehow, and are ready to destroy the competition. Quiet literally by the second panel.

I think the aspects made to the lords ruling your Houses should be strongly considered. I think it can really affect your expression and attitude towards certain Houses. Traditional astrologers already do this with the chart ruler, why not all of the rulers?

Example: In my case, I have my 7th and 8th House ruled by Aries. I would look to Mars as the lord of both Houses. My Mars is in the 12th House and the only aspect it has is Mars trine Neptune. I know my Mars is already in the 12th, but it can further show that my handling of my relationships + matters of the 8th are often dealt in a compassionate, sacrificial, but perhaps manipulative, martyr-like way.

If you find a ruler of a House having MANY aspects, I’d consider the tight aspect (the one with the smallest orb) but also consider how ALL the other aspects come into play. And if a certain ruler of a House holds many aspects, the House that it rules over could be very significant to you. I feel like aspects in this sense can really open a new door to more interpretations.