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There are some books that I wish I could just by dozens of copies of and have them on hand so that every time I meet someone who hasn’t read it I can just hand them a copy instead of suggesting it and hoping they remember.

In an EW interview on his role as Lucifer, Misha Collins commented that he felt that Mark Pellegrino was the best actor to ever be on Supernaqtural. I disagree. I believe it’s actually Misha himself. Consider this…

Mark Pellegrino played two characters - Nick and Lucifer. While we all love, or love to hate, Lucifer, that’s all we saw Mark do. Very, extremely, creepily well. However…

What have we seen Misha Collins do?

We have Jimmy Novak, BAMF Angel of the Lord Castiel, fallen angel Cas, Leviathan Cas, Cas trying to be God, human Cas, insane angel Cas, pathetic angel with a borrowed grace Cas. These are all separate characters, spun off the original. They are not merely moods or sides of a personality. Then there’s Lucifer Cas. Misha played Lucifer and Lucifer pretending to be Cas. Not only that, but he was channeling Mark so hard he basically played Mark playing Lucifer playing Cas. I just rewatched ep14 and I swear there are parts of Misha’s dialogue where his voice sounds so like Mark it could be a voice-over. I had to rewind just to make sure it wasn’t.

So I submit that Misha Collins is the best actor to ever grace the Supernatural franchise. *slow clap for Misha* Well done, sir, well done.

geulipon  asked:

He's been working as hard as he could, tossing batch after fruitless batch of failed creations and in a rage torn down half his home in the process. Eventually, he'd managed to make his cookies, in their perfectly heart shaped designs with icing decals in perfect, identical order. Bagged, bow tied and ready, Lew made his way back towards his Master, gently knocking on the door to ask for entry. "Master..?" He calls quietly, shifting the bag with uncertainty. Would this... upset, his lord?

Leviathan tilted his head towards the door, now turning back to what he was doing. 

“Cøмe ıи.” He spoke simply.

Ah–Yes, Lewis. His…..his… what? Clearly he wasn’t a slave anymore. He stopped being that the second he came to help him where he could crushed him instead.

A.T.O.M. Kaiju File #1: Tyrantis

Aliases: The Lord of Leviathans, the Jade Giant, Big Green, the Vagabond Behemoth, King of Typhon Island

Date Discovered: March 16th, 1954

Place of Origin: The Hollow Mountain

Notable Stomping Grounds: The Hollow Mountain, the Underground Valley, Typhon Island

Height: 100 feet (106 feet including horns)

Length: 200 feet

Biology: Tyrantis is a member of the Retrosaur family: a group of powerful reptiles that ruled the earth during the Mesozoic era while primitive mammals and birds trembled beneath them, only to die out in a catclysmic extinction event 65 million years ago.  Specifically, Tyrantis is a Paleo Tyrant: a bipedal, carnivorous subgroup of the retrosaur family that included some of the largest and most vicious predators ever to walk the earth.  Tyrantis resembles the largest known paleo tyrant species, Manospondylus gigas, although Tyrantis is a great deal bigger and covered in far more spikes and horns.

Like all kaiju, Tyrantis is gifted with several powers that make him hardier and more dangerous than a normal animal.  These include:

  • Super strength
  • An enhanced healing factor
  • Immunity to radiation
  • Fire breath

Personality: Despite the ferocious reputation of his ancestors, Tyrantis is one of the most mellow kaiju known to man.  The reptile’s massive size keeps mankind off its menu, as small prey takes more energy to catch than it gives as food.  Tyrantis often tries to avoid human settlements, as he finds the narrow pathways and buildings that explode into sharp, painful chunks of rubble to be too uncomfortable to tread on. His territorial nature even makes him a boon, as Tyrantis will often attack and drive off other kaiju or even beat them into submission.

Tyrantis is also known for being more intelligent than modern reptiles are thought to be.  The creature is often very inquisitive of new objects, and has even been seen using found objects as weapons when fighting other kaiju.  He is a great deal more social than other kaiju, which seems to be a typical trait for his species, and may be why his face has a capacity expression beyond what is seen elsewhere in the reptile family.

A pack hunter at heart, Tyrantis has actually befriended several other kaiju, and is known for forming warrior bands among the world’s giant monsters just as much as he is known for slaying others.

When his ire is raised, however, Tyrantis earns every bit of the vicious reputation of his fellow Paleo Tyrants.  Bone crushing jaws, teeth shaped like railroad spikes, razor sharp toe talons, thick scaly armor, a muscular tail, and a plethora of spikes are all key parts of this prehistoric monster’s primeval arsenal, and he uses these age old armaments with savage skill.  The Lord of Leviathans is incredibly quick and agile for a beast his size, and few kaiju can match his ferocious fighting spirit.

His greatest weapon, however, is his fire breath.  The venom sacs of his mesozoic ancestors evolved over time into a complex set of bladders whose fluids ignite when mixed together.  This allows Tyrantis to breath fire like the dragons of legend, and only a creature with the hardy flesh and healing factor of a kaiju could use it as fiercely as he does.

.With his tremendous size, abundant weapons, and cunning brain, Tyrantis is one of the deadliest creatures on the planet and, paradoxically, humanity’s greatest hope of surviving the Atomic Time of Monsters.

~ ~ ~

So my last stab at restarting the file series kind of fizzled.  It’s clear I need to simplify things - I just don’t have the time I did back in high school and college. The new file series is going to be a good deal simpler - just one image and a profile, and maybe a great big scale chart at the end.  Hope you enjoy!

Also: this is the first image I’ve drawn with my new tablet.  It was inked in Manga Studio and colored in Adobe Photoshop Elements - and I think it’s prettier than anything I’ve ever done.