lord of black flames

☢ A Demon's Fate. [Event / Closed]

Two days have passed. Huddled amongst the refugees and struggling against her fears and anxiety, wearing a smile at all times despite being concerned for her friends, Ibuki has been spending most of the time trying to lift the spirits of those which have been the most upset by the events that have unfolded so unexpectedly. Regardless of the situation, she didn’t want to be alone. If she was alone, she would drown in her own bad thoughts and (possibly) end up just like the wreck she became back when the winter storm affected the whole city and nearly froze everyone to death.

Even despite doing all she could, she hasn’t heard any news from Serph yet. Countless texts have been sent throughout the hours, many calls have been made… and nothing. No signal. No proof that he’s alive at all. It drives her up the wall, it makes her feel so goddamn powerless. If what people said about powers being nearly nullified is true, then even he must have had a hard time defending himself against the monsters. Shit…

The more she thinks about it, the more it’s pissing her off. As if something snaps in her brain, she suddenly stands up, grabs the sturdy guitar she has picked up from her house (for both entertainment and self-defense uses), straps it behind her back, and storms outside Verasul’s safe place. Without exposing herself much, she hides behind a tree set nearby and whips her phone out, rapidly sliding her finger across the contact list, finding that one she’s looking for, and furiously tapping over the screen to type a message.

He told her he was available to help whenever necessary, and she finds now to be the most appropriate time. Besides, someone who’d be hardly affected by a zombie’s bite would be real helpful right now. 


★: hey. if ur not busy, meet me at sector five. houses area.
★: it should read "haven's avenue" somewhere.
★: im outside near the tree at the entrance.
★: theres something i need to do and any help would be cool rn
★: will tell u when u get here. i hope ur safe.

After hitting Send, the musician glances up at the dark bloody sky above her, clutching the phone tight in her hands. She wholeheartedly wishes she can pull this off without incidents. For now, all she can do is wait and hope.