lord of black flames

Hades ascended in his war chariot to confront her, wreathed in shadows and flame, pulled by dark horses.  The dryads of the poplar and willow trees fled before him, and the grasses shriveled to ash under obsidian hooves.

His voice echoed with centuries of stone, his eyes bright with black flames.  

Persephone eyed the tall and terrible Lord thoughtfully. “You’re scorching my violets.”

—  The Illustrated Hades and Persephone, Megan C. Lloyd
A Rite Of Satanic Self-Initiation

What is presented here is a Working of Satanic Self-Initiation forged upon the methods of Classical Traditional Satanism.Upon the Altar in addition to the usual implements should be an Infernal pendant of the Neophyte’s choosing (bearing a symbol sacred to Satan, ideally the Inverted Cross or Pentagram), the Black Robe of the Initiate, the Infernal Oath written on parchment and parchment bearing symbols of the religions of the lie. 

There should also be an additional red candle to represent the Initiate. The Infernal Neophyte stands before the Altar naked and begins by reciting the following:

“This night before the Sacred Black Altar of Our Lord Satan I stand prepared to give myself physically, mentally and Spiritually into the Fraternity of Hell … to become a Black Acolyte of the Satanic Path and Infernal Initiate of the Dark Mysteries of the Black Arts … my mind is open to the Oculus Inferni … my flesh given to the service of the One True Lord Satan and the Infernal Queen Lilith … my Soul darkened and imbued with desire to become at one with the Demonic Beings of the Shadow Kingdom of Hell … from which I gestated by the Seed of the Infernal Father and the Black Womb of Lilith!”

The Neophyte lights the Red Initiatory Candle upon the Altar and continues:

“I ignite this flame as the Black Flame of Our Lord Satan has become ignited within me … its flame reflects the mind which seeks the dark illumination of the Infernal … its heat mirrors the desire which traverses the core of my being to know of the Dark Arts and of the pain and pleasure which is found in the Unholy Grail’s Mysteries … it symbolises the night of Infernal Rebirth into the Abyss of my true Father’s Kingdom … the Kingdom of Shadows … the genesis of my journey through the Gates of Hell … the birth of the isolate self free from the shackles of the inane and the mundane creed of the false Fathers … “

The Neophyte takes up the parchment from the Altar which is inscribed with the symbols of repression, the cross of the Nazarene, the pallid Star of David and other symbols of the power of the false light and continues:

“These are the symbols of living death … the symbolic shackles which bind the living creature from its true nature and raw primal power … the symbols of imprisonment and tyranny … of orthodoxy and stagnation … I renounce each and every one of them, banish their influence from my mind, their manacles from my Soul … I refute the heavenly Father Yahweh and His Angelic Horde … I rebuke the foul teachings of the pale Nazarene … vanquish the Father of Misogyny Allah … deny the laws of the Kingdoms of the Light which blinds and binds the essence of spirit and the pleasures of the flesh!”

The Neophyte lights the parchment and lets it start to burn before dropping it into an Altar bowl saying:

“My life journey as ended as it was and is to be reborn this night … may the sojourn I now undertake into the Kingdom of Hell burn like the fires of the Infernal and reduce the impotent faiths of the of the false Gods to ashes!“

The Neophyte now Meditates on the absolute division of the self from the tendrils of light, Meditates upon the opening of the inner self, the inner mind to the encroaching forces of Hell and ever opening Doorway into the Abyss - when ready the Neophyte takes up the Infernal Oath saying:

“Hear now my Vow … hear now My Father Satan the words of my Oath … know that they shall be spoken with truth, desire and conviction … with the fervent alliance of the Black Acolyte of which I seek to become!”

The Initiate now pauses briefly before reciting The Infernal Oath:

“I (Birth Name) arrive before the Black Altar of Our Lord Satan and Our Lady Lilith this night reborn … the death of my former self where any weakness of influence from the pale Gods remained is undertaken … fulfilled and celebrated … I am reborn from the ashes of my own passing … reborn isolate … I rise as the Lilin of the Black Womb rose … divided from the masses of the pallid Herd of the Sheep Gatherer, the Nazarene … born into the Black Kindred of the Infernal Brethren … emerging from the pale waters of stagnation as the Black Apostle of Hell, an Initiate of the Satanic Arts and Mysteries … as a devoted Son/Daughter of the one true Lord Satan … I shed all shackles of false morality, fear and weakness … I uphold the Tenets of lust, wrath, desire, strength, will and the eternal quest for knowledge and experience … I Vow to gain knowledge of the Infernal Arts of Black Magick and utilize them to exalt my own existence and further the Great Work of  the Demonic Legion … I decree that I shall raise within me the Black Flame and set free the Dark Soul which resides within forged by the hands of the Demonic … that the pleasures of the flesh, the gifts of the Earth, the knowledge of the Satanic Mysteries and ascension to Infernal Adepthood shall be my objectives and shall be embraced without reservation … that I shall remain a dedicated Disciple and true Satanic Explorer of the Black Arts always … this night I Vow upon the essence of my life and those lives which are yet to manifest that I am of the Infernal Mortal Kindred … a true Son/Daughter of Our Lord Satan and Our Lady Lilith … Brother/Sister in allegiance to the Infernal Legion of Hell … and devoted Initiate of the Satanic Kindred … I take this night the Infernal Name (Infernal Magickal Name) and pledge my allegiance to Our Lord Satan, the Dark Queen Lilith … and the Grand Demons of Hell … may the Gates of Hell be open to me and the Key of entrance bestowed by Agaliarept be trusted to my hand … that within life and death I may stand before the Black Throne of the Father of Hell … and receive His Mark and the Blessing of His Black Flame … may that flame burn the flesh from my being should I betray this Oath or those who are true Brothers and Sisters to me within this Unholy Kindred … Ave Lilith! … Ave Satanas!”

The Initiate now signs the Infernal Oath with their Birth Name and Infernal Name and then takes a blade and cuts open their flesh allowing their blood to fall onto the Oath saying:

“By the blood of my lifeline and the essence of my Soul do I consecrate this Oath and forever bind myself to Satan and His ineffable Hierarchy of Hell … Ave Satanas!”

The new Initiate now dons the Black Ritual Vestment and takes the pendant from the Altar and places it around their neck, following this they recite:

“I (Birth Name) stand reborn before the Altar of the My Infernal Father, bearing the Name (Magickal Infernal Name) … from this night forth my destiny shall take me beyond the Gates of Hell and I shall walk this Earth and the planes beyond it as the Satanic Acolyte of the Black Arts … Devotee of the Infernal Legion and Kin to the mortal Fraternity of Hell here in this World … Ave Lilith! … Ave Satanas!”

The red candle is left to burn and is afterwards placed in a small wooden box or black pouch along with the Infernal Oath, this is kept by the Initiate and should be buried with them at death.

Even if I am very busy currently, I’ve still had the time to work on a commission every now and then, progress is excruciatingly slow, but I wanted to share a little bit of it with you!
 I was tasked just to do a dragon, in my own style, which of course led to a creative crisis and much struggling, but in the end a passable redesign of my oldest draconian character Lightless Flame, Lord of all things Black and Metal. They too are a character in than ancient comic of mine, that I always talk about.