lord melody

New year, new me”, I say, laughing to my friends.

Suddenly, i throw my arms out, golden light erupting from my hands and face. I scream in agony as every single cell in my body is rewritten, atom by atom. Abruptly, the light show ends and i drop my arms, coughing out a golden trail of residual energy. I am completely made new.

I am a Time Lord.

I’m no fan of the beatles or their contemporaries but Liability really does sound like a classic rock song. It even has that descending chord progression that evokes Pachelbel’s Canon that so many folksy rock songs have.

It reminds me of “Bad Things” or whatever that song is called by Camilla “she won’t be missed” Cabello and white boy trying to rap #435598 

In that Lorde is doing everything right where they did everything wrong. Liability isn’t sampling a pretty decent folk rock song with more interesting chords than usual to over sing/under rap about kinky sex or whatever. Liability is using the chord progression along with the melody and Lorde’s expressive yet tightly controlled vocals to tell a story and reveal emotional truth about Lorde herself. 

I’ll be the first to admit that lyrics are the first thing I throw out when evaluating a song, because they don’t have to really matter, at least from my point of view of enjoying music. But Lorde’s lyrics do matter here, and on top of that, she once again chooses interesting rhymes and consonance and assonance that flow, that work for the subject matter. 

Anyway, I can tell Melodrama is going to be great. 

End of an Era,begining of a new: 19th to 20th’s regeneration // 20th & OPEN

He stumbbled,gasping loudly as he entered in his good old TARDIS. He - 19th - haven’t been able to save his companion Ana.. He tried his best but all he got was an almost death. Hist body started to regenerate and - even though he tried to avoid it a little longer - he lost his control. The TARDIS began to move by itself and he’d be worried if he wasn’t changing.

As the blue box travelled through the time and space,he struggle so hard that for a moment one of his hearts stopped beating. Suddenly the machine stopped. He would’ve noticed that someone entered inside it but he was far too worried with his looks.
Turning to the stranger,not really ashamed to be naked,the redheaded woman which would be know as 20th said:
“Am I… ginger now?”


mama look a boo boo