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Mother3 theory update June 9, 2017.

I might have finally figured out how the order of the lockets (and the melodies that can be made from their notes: CABF#GDE) might come into play.

As I had said before, it’s like a leitmotif for Undertaker… his musical theme. I’d also said that in Mother3, if you can attack your opponent in time with their battle music, then you get attack combos – stronger attacks.

We’ve already seen this once in the Weston arc, since Sebastian has the Sapphire Owl band play a march, and their cricket team hits in time to the cymbal crashes.

Prediction: I think we will see this idea used again, but it’ll take a very different form. I think that when the earl and Sebastian have to face off with real Ciel and Undertaker, those lockets will really come in handy for the earl in some way. He will end up (though possibly by accident) using those lockets against “the enemy”, and this will be symbolic of the player using the enemy’s own battle music against them in Mother3. Those lockets will give the earl and Sebastian the upper hand, somehow, and make them stronger (or just fucking lucky) in battle.

Another way to put this: Undertaker’s chain of lockets can be seen as a *weakness* that can be exploited by the earl and Sebastian against him. And the more the earl and Sebastian learn about the seven people represented by them, the better they can exploit Undertaker’s weakness regarding them….

And… don’t forget that Gregory Violet also has a chain of lockets that he wore when the earl attended a Friday “Sirius event”. I wonder from whom/where those lockets originally came….

@georgemandom I think I finally figured out the significance of it….

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Caitlyn! What are your favorite songs at the moment??


Right now, my #1 favorite song is
Spanish Sahara by Foals

Some honorable mentions:
Reaper by Sia
Samba Pa Ti by Carlos Santana
Angels by Chance the Rapper
Ava by FAMY
Still Got Time by Zayn
Fool for Love by Lord Huron
Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers
The Gardener by The Tallest Man on Earth
Hourglass by Catfish and the Bottlemen
Steal Smoked Fish by The Mountain Goats
Obstacles by Syd Matters
My Old Man by Joni Mitchell
For Them by Emily King
River by Leon Bridges

Déjà vu, when the wind brings laughter,
Are you still unhappy, my love?
Older and wiser, but none the happier.
I’ll explain to you how daisies grow and maybe you’ll follow
They love to ramble in poems and they bloom in spring,
You may change your mind, but you’ll still love the rain and I will still love you.
Oh lord, this feels like I’m missing something,
Time is ticking on me I hear the sand running out
And I’m still alone; the last place I wanted to be.
Oh lord, what can I say?
Thoughts broken up by periods of silence, midway through a sentence
I once knew how to grow, but if I am a daisy then this is my winter,
And you are the snow that suffocates.
3am it’s me again, I know you won’t reply
Hypothetical conversations played over in my head,
Spinning across my tongue,
Bitterly mixed with a cigarette and a nightmare
Amongst the rest.
Sleep deprived, breathless, please
Don’t hold me, I can hold myself
But don’t leave again, I can’t miss you again.
How many lies can I find
Behind closed eyelids?
How many hearts will I break
On such a beautiful night?
How many times can I find
You in a song.
But how long will it be until you find me in the same melody
“Oh lord,
What can I say?”
—  Learn to miss her

25 Days of WoY-Mas Prompt 1: Snow

It never hurts to help!

I am such a sucker for the holiday season, so I am super excited to draw my favorite WoY characters in holiday shenanigans.

This particular picture takes place post-finale; while trying to get home in the middle of a blizzard, Angela happens across a scrawny, shivery woman in need of aid. Angela, having learned a lesson or two from the silly orange man and his Zbornak friend that saved her life, offers a helping hand.

And then there’s Melodie, who looks away from Angela for one second and looks back to see her approaching the former galactic heathen who destroyed their last planet.

Will the shivering green bean accept Angela’s gift of kindness? Or will she kick this small strange child in the face?? Tune in next time!


New year, new me”, I say, laughing to my friends.

Suddenly, i throw my arms out, golden light erupting from my hands and face. I scream in agony as every single cell in my body is rewritten, atom by atom. Abruptly, the light show ends and i drop my arms, coughing out a golden trail of residual energy. I am completely made new.

I am a Time Lord.

Kung Fu Piano - Cello Ascends
Kung Fu Piano - Cello Ascends

Kung Fu Piano - Cello Ascends | ThePianoGuys

I remember when I watched Kung Fu Panda for the first time, not really expecting much, and slightly lamenting the way Chinese martial arts culture was reduced to unrealistic portrayals by animals that were not even native to China.

But when Master Oogway rose to the heavens I could not help but shed a tear because the music that accompanied it was simply moving - the lonely erhu bringing both him and my emotions to new heights. 

A couple of years later, I chanced upon this cover of the song by ThePianoGuys - filmed on the Great Wall of China, no less. After the initial riff the song sped up to incorporate Frederick Chopin’s Prelude Op. 28 No. 20 in C minor (and everyone knows Chopin is my favourite composer ^^). I don’t often listen to music without lyrics, but this melody - oh lord - it is the soundtrack of my dreams. 😍

Have a listen! 

- S

End of an Era,begining of a new: 19th to 20th’s regeneration // 20th & OPEN

He stumbbled,gasping loudly as he entered in his good old TARDIS. He - 19th - haven’t been able to save his companion Ana.. He tried his best but all he got was an almost death. Hist body started to regenerate and - even though he tried to avoid it a little longer - he lost his control. The TARDIS began to move by itself and he’d be worried if he wasn’t changing.

As the blue box travelled through the time and space,he struggle so hard that for a moment one of his hearts stopped beating. Suddenly the machine stopped. He would’ve noticed that someone entered inside it but he was far too worried with his looks.
Turning to the stranger,not really ashamed to be naked,the redheaded woman which would be know as 20th said:
“Am I… ginger now?”

Reaching the highest notes (Chan’s Smut)

Hello guys! I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting. So I’m going to try to write scenarios only on Sundays because it’s when I have a lot of free time :3 Let’s see if this works. I hope you guys like this, This was requested like a month ago, I’m so so so sorry. Xo, Admin A~
Please read this before submitting an scenario/one shot request /here/

Your back was against the wall. Your arms were crossed and your head tilted to one side. Your eyes were closed as the music came into your ears. The city lights that came from the large windows illuminated all the room, filled it with a calm atmosphere.
Your boyfriend was playing the piano just in front of you. In fact he had been playing for the last 4 hours with “no results” as he said. He was frustrated, you could tell with the sound of his melody he wasn’t getting the results he wanted. That was Chanyeol when something bad happened,

You knew it wasn’t normal and even when the notes sounded beautifully, there was always a trace of sadness or frustration behind them. He was starting to get angry when you came close and hugged him from behind. You could feel how fast his heart beat and how his breathing was so unsteady. He was so passionate and music was everything when he sat in front of the piano, the notes vibrated inside of him and the melodies ran through his veins.

“Babe.. you need to calm down. Take a break Chan, you probably will get it after you clear your mind”. You whispered in his ear while you kissed his jaw bone a little. He sat there, in your arms, enjoying your little kisses, when with a husky voice he said. “Help me Y/N… Help me to clear my mind”.

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