lord iron

So I was just thinking about infinity war and imagine Tony yelling “Peter” and both Spiderman and Starlord answer and he’s just like
Now there’s two of them


Avengers: Infinity War Featurette

MARVEL origin story rule: Hero gets the girl but can’t keep her.

Captain America and Peggy Carter

Loses her to time.

Iron Man and Pepper Potts

He just wasn’t ready yet.

Thor and Jane Foster

Divided by dimensions.

Hulk and Betty Ross

On the run with the monster within

Star Lord and Gamora

He dances and she doesn’t.

Ant-Man and Hope Van Dyne

Closest to actually keeping the girl so far but he’s full of shit.

Dr. Strange and Christine Palmer

…it’s complicated.

Invincible Iron Man #5

The world now knows about Riri Williams and what she can do. So other heroes come to court her for their super-teams and villains come looking for revenge on Iron Man.

· Welcome to the Marvel Universe, Riri Williams!

Jonsa/Gendrya: Bastard Kings and their Northern Queens

The War for the Dawn is over, but another war is brewing. Bickering over which line of succession is the true one, the great houses are divided in their support of Houses Targaryen and Baratheon. Jon and Gendry, brothers in arms from the war, want nothing to do with the conflict—or the crown. Exasperated by the silly traditions of the kneelers, Tormund finally suggests an alternative that will make everyone happy: Just share the bloody thing!

The Bastard Kings, as the smallfolk call them, take the Iron Throne and immediately their small council starts suggesting marriage offers. But both the kings have their eyes set North.