lord hurley

Hello! PLEASE like this if

you post any of the following:

Fall Out Boy, Doctor Who, LOTR + The Hobbit, John Green (TFIOS, LFA,..), BooksBooksBooks, English series (Black Books, IT crowd,..), Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Percy Jackson (percabeth), Harry Potter, Tom Hiddleston, Fall Out Boy again (I really LOVE Fall Out Boy), The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Jennifer Lawrence, PewDiePie + Smosh, Sherlock (the english super awesome Sherlock), Grumpy Cat, stuff loaded with sarcasm, Charlie McDonnell maybe, Tattoos, and that might actually be all I can think of right now (a minute after I post this I’m gonna think of at least ten other deadly important things as I know myself)

Now let’s see if anyone really cares enough about me without knowing me to actually read this thing.

Thank you fellow Tumblr bloggers  :)