lord help us if this happens

infinity war predictions

  • there’s a joke about mjolnir most likely made by peter quill
  • rocket tries to steal something
  • the Cell Phone is used
  • the resolution between tony and steve is glossed over 
  • clint is bitter 
  • there’s a joke about technology 
  • star lord, doctor strange, and iron man all compare facial hair 
  • wandas values are tested 
  • vision just wants there to be peace but how can that happen when literally no one talks to each other 
  • natasha??????? bruce????? fjslk;slkdfja nat asks where bruce has been but no one asks where nats been 

things that i want to personally happen but will not

  • tony makes bucky a new arm
  • bucky uses B.A.R.F. to help separate memories and to finally start to heal
  • everyone apologizes to tony because he’s been talking about the threat of aliens since he went through a worm hole and died, you know the worm hole that gave him ptsd,,,,,to which the rest of the iron man movies were centered about how he was going to try to stop this Very Thing from happening
  • wanda tells everyone about tony’s super awful nightmare to which all of the avengers are dead out in space and how steve used his dying breath to blame him
  • all of the avengers realize that they’ve kind of been dicks about things 
  • theres open communication 
  • steve apologizes
  • tony apologizes
  • everyone literally apologizes to everyone
  • the guardians of the galaxy are like ‘oh boy we do not have problems compared to these people’ 
  • thor is more true to the thor in the short video about what he was doing during civil war 
  • sam and rhodey become best friends 
  • thanos is destroyed by the power of friendship 

Okay, but think of this.

If Ariana was an obscurial (which seems kinda likely, given i. the way she’s described, ii. the fact that grindelwald becomes obsessed with obscurials, and iii. the fact that JK thought up the whole obscurial thing before she wrote the 7th book so could totally have tied that in), then Dumbledore knows about them.

Specifically, he knows they are incredibly powerful, tend to die young, and are created when a child grows up believing their magic is wrong.

Then oh look, there’s this kid. Some prophecy says he’ll have a mysterious power, and he also happens to have a piece of a dark lord’s soul stuck in his head.

Would be reeeeealllly convenient if that kid died young and took the horcrux with him.

Or, say, had a helping hand developing that mega power that he could use to finish off the dark lord before he kicked the bucket.

And how handy is that, he’s got this muggle family that, if we piss the aunt off by dumping a baby on her doorstep and vaguely threatening the rest of her family the day she finds out her sister died, is likely to make him believe that magic is bad.

And it doesn’t work out, whoops, so instead Dumbledore attempts to b/s some reason about blood wards and love because he can’t really admit that he hoped Harry would be abused enough to turn into an obscurial and take Voldemort out in a glorious blaze of suppressed magic then burn out and die himself to finish off the last little horcrux piece inside him. Not an easy conversation. Best stick with love.

I think of this a lot.

Conversations with my Kid

Me: “So…a new president was elected.  It was the big bully I didn’t want to get in.”

Kiddo: “Yeah I know. I watch Newsround at school.”

Me: “Yeah…basically what happened is Voldemort got elected because some people thought Dumbledore was just as bad.”

Kiddo: “That’s dumb. We’ll call the lady who lost ‘The Nice One’ from now on and the big Jerk Lord Voldemort…no wait. Tom Riddle.  To remind us that we can be more powerful then him no matter what.”

Me: *stunned*

Now that’s cute and all but I want you to understand how brave my 7 year old is with that.  I’ll say it here because Kiddo has given me permission.  Kiddo is non-binary.  They have been saying things to suggest it since they were 3 but at the beginning of this year they told me they were a ‘boygirl’ and that they ‘felt like a boy and a girl smooshed together’ we have since settled on the technical term of ‘bi-gender’ but use ‘boygirl’ at home. 

They are in the process of coming out at school and as I said have given me consent to talk about it here.  They are aware that people are closed minded, mean and bullies..and they have said they ‘will not lose to bullies’

To be honest I would probably never have come out as Genderfluid if my kid hadn’t come out to me first. Their bravery gave me to the courage to do so.

But there’s more to it then that.  

You come into that as well. 

Tumblr is a place where I learned about terms like bi-gender and gender fluid.  It’s a place where I was about to find pictures of people breaking gender barriers and expressing their non-binary identity and share it with my child.

You made my child feel like they weren’t alone.  I’ve seen them grow and open up as they expressed sides of themselves that they admitted they had kept hidden for fear of teasing and become happier more whole. 

Now kiddo understand that the president elect (at the moment) of the country one of their parents is from…is a the type of bully that would hate them. Who would be one of the people trying to get them to be a boy even though it causes my child great distress to be labelled as such. Kiddo understands that…and kiddo is saying “I can be more powerful then him”

I am learning bravery from my 7 year old…and I’m learning it from all of you.  I’m incredibly privileged in that I don’t currently live in the United States. I have permanent residency in England. I will do what little I can to help but I am removed from the worst of it.  Many of you are living in it and are far more vulnerable than I am but I see you saying “We’re not giving up, we’re not disappearing, we’re going to keep fighting” and I am blown away by how strong and powerful you all are.

In spite of all the darkness at the moment in the world you guys give me hope for the future. I will support you in any way I can as you take back the world from the idiots, bullies and liars.

Because you guys are amazing.

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[Vampire AU] How They React To Another Vampire Biting You (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests (Fridays & Sundays, Central time) guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: I think he’d be extremely protective of you and he made it well known you were his, so the chance of this happening would be slim, but when it did… lord help whoever was stupid enough to bite you

YOONGI: Yoongi would be beyond furious. He’d get the kind of rage that makes him blindly murder anyone within a mile of you (well, he wouldn’t murder everyone, but he would kill the vampire that dared touch you for sure)

HOSEOK:  I think as full of vengeance as he was, he’d want to make sue you were ok and safe first. Once he was sure of that, he wouldn’t relent in finding the one that hurt you and taking him out of this world

SEOKJIN:  He would prob would be more focused on you, similar to hobi in a way (not that he wouldn’t attack the enemy vampire right away) but he’d be more about caring for you and blaming himself for letting it happen

JIMIN: This precious angel, he would cry at the idea of you getting hurt. That being said, he would go ham on that vampire. He’d let him live, but barely, leaving him unrecognizable

TAEHYUNG: He’d be devastated, but his rage would be a silent one ( the deadliest imo). You’d be the first priority, making sure you were ok. Needless to say no one would ever see that other vampire again 

JUNGKOOK: He would also blame himself for it happening, that he couldn’t prevent it and protect you. He’d of course make sure you were safe and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from destroying that vampire, but afterwards he might not feel like he deserves you, if he can’t protect you

The Final Countdown

As we sit here, my fellow soldiers, counting the last few hours, I just want to take a moment to say; no matter what happens tomorrow, it was a privilege to have shared these moments with all of you.
As a part of this fandom, I know how very difficult this past month has been for all of us, specially for johnlockers. Everything we thought we knew was turned upside down and we were left to hang from the ceiling confusedly.
And now this is the one chance they have to make things right, and to show us we weren’t wrong about them.
Regardless, thank you all for staying strong, and to those of you who helped me stay strong in return.

Today we wear our tinfoil hats with pride.

The game is ON!

It's Not What You Think - FangQueen - 19天 - Old先 | 19 Days - Old Xian [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fandom: 19天 - Old先 | 19 Days - Old Xian
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): He Tian/Mo Guan Shan
Warning(s): Chapter 190 AU, Aged Up/High School AU, UST, Pining, Masturbation, Using saliva as lube, Denial of Feelings, Denial of Sexuality, sexual awakenings, Present Tense
Summary: There’s really no conceivable reason why he’s still wearing He Tian’s jacket.

A/N: It’s finally happened: I’ve written a 19 Days fic. Lord help me. I got this idea from the moment I read that chapter, and it just wouldn’t leave me alone until I put it to paper.

everyone chill I’ve cracked the code y’all

this isnt even a theory okay these are straight F A C T S

long story short

Amber and Chloe Bourgeois are the same person

and here’s how I know that: (and lord this ended up being long)

alright so I know every one has been up in arms over who the hell Amber is and what on earth happened to Chloe being the bee holder and what on earth are they twins or sisters or cousins and why do they look the exact same what on earth is happening

don’t worry y’all. breathe. it’s going to be okay. the answer is right here, given to us as a semi-complicated puzzle by three clever little foxes on twitter. (with help from a fourth). so first, I present to you–in the order they were posted to social media–as evidence: the three screenshots that are blowing up the tags.

do these pictures give you a headache? bring forth frustrating questions that you’ve been trying to answer all day long? well if so don’t worry, things are about to get a lot clearer. and it’s all thanks to this guy right here:

for most of y’all who know (and some of y’all who dont) that’s felix right there. felix agreste. you guys remember right? how he was chat noir before adrien came to be. although he is an entirely different character from adrien he was originially written as ladybugs other half. the dude in possession of plagg and the ring and all that good stuff. granted the story was a bit different back during it’s conceptual days–darker, if I recall–but look good and hard at felix. he’s important.

he is the character that adrien eventually replaced in the story. already sounding familiar in the most relieving way? good. let’s go back to the first photo now.

here we finally have the revealed face–albeit masked–of the bee miraculous holder, all suited up in her glory. a face that is so very painfully and clearly chloe that once this photo came out i’m sure every single one of you was like “yeah, that’s her alright”. now whether happiness or frustration was your first reaction matters very little, although i’m sure there was fair amounts of both–even denial i’m sure (which also comes into play with this craziness).

now jeremy zag posted this to instagram yesterday (I believe? day before maybe?) and the tags just about blew UP. I’m sure you guys know. you were there after all. and whats funny is to see how polar opposite zag and thomas astruc act on social media. because on one hand we have astruc: ML’s creator, self-proclaimed No Spoiler Man, and twitter fiend. but we also have zag: ZAG entertainment’s CEO, the muscle man behind it all, and let’s be blunt here, the dude just doesn’t seem to give two shits about posting spoilers. in fact, he does it pretty often. well, not true spoilers. but we do have him to thank for the images of our, until recently, missing kwamis. in other words, if there are things we want to know and no one else is budging, jeremy will pretty much tell us all he cares to tell (to an extent). same goes with this dude winny, who is, as far as I understand, a storyboard artist and writer (?) for the show that is also pretty damn lenient about posting spoilers and sneak peaks. but he isn’t too important here.

now, let’s look back at photo 2:

what does No Spoiler Man do when confronted with a Pretty Damn Big Spoiler? he refuses to confirm or deny major facts. this dude is the creator of the show. this dude tries so damn hard to make every thing stay a surprise, and understandably so. if I created a killer show I’d do the same thing, so I respect his no-spoiler policy pretty well. but here’s where he gives us our biggest hint that supports Chloe still being the bee miraculous holder.

“Yes and No, each response would be a spoiler and I don’t do that. But interesting concept art. Like Felix was.”

now let me cut off dear old thomas right now and let y’all in on a little something: this is not concept art. this is newly rendered, newly updated, and that’s why jeremy posted it.

now if memory serves me right–and I could be wrong–there was a version of this picture posted several weeks before with much less 3d rendering involved. y’know, something a bit more sketch-like and 2d, something that would’ve looked a bit more like concept art. that version of this photo would’ve been beelievable. (I hate myself for that pun but that’ll be my only one I swear) if you can find the older version of this picture and compare it to the top picture you’ll clearly see the differences and changes that have been made even in the last couple of months.

that bee chloe is not conceptual.

this one is

and here, my friends, we have Amber Bourgeois. the girl that has thrown everyone and their mother for a loop and caused a debate so astounding to watch I feel as if I’m witnessing the “is gabriel really hawkmoth” arguments all over again (and yes, he definitely is. sorry to burst your bubble yall. this isn’t a telenovela. no evil twins or extra-marital affairs here)

now what originally gave this tweet validity is the fact that winny–again, the storyboard artist I mentioned before–liked it. meaning that this could very well be real actual concept art. which fits into thomas claiming that the photo we’ve all seen is a ~concept~ 

but nope. our concept is right up here. amber is the concept for the bee miraculous. the character we had as a “place holder” before chloe was created.

exactly like how felix was a “place holder” for adrien. y’know, before he was created and all. 

the hero stayed the same, it was the person they decided to make the hero that they changed.

there are even more photos of amber–who we’ve all until recently simply been acknowledging as old chloe art–as you can surely find with a couple of google searches (if anyone who has them can add them to this post, that would be wonderful actually). if you’ve seen the original concept art it will show you marinette, what looks to be a conceptual alya, and then a third, blonde girl they all seem to be friendly with in a few different scenarios. chloe? nope. that blonde girl we’ve seen multiple times in early day concept art, the girl with a much friendlier disposition, was amber. that was her name before her character was scraped and replaced.

again, remember: amber is to chloe what felix was to adrien. the hero remained, the character changed.

now I know a LOT of people are taking what thomas said to heart. they’re looking at bee chloe–our newly rendered, awesome-looking bee chloe–and theyre seeing his words and the term “concept” and “place-holder” and theyre seeing the conceptual character Amber, and theyre getting confused because that is what thomas is trying to do. he doesn’t like spoilers. so if someone is going to post one *cough* jeremy *cough* he’s going to crack his knuckles, sit at his desk, put on his No Spoiler Man hat, log into twitter, and he’s going to do everything he can to throw us off the trail.

we’re right you guys. it’s not deeper than we think. it is, in fact Chloe. it’s not a twin or cousin or her mother or whatever. it is exactly what it looks like, and we are reading waaaay too into this.

as you can see with this jumbled-up essay-esque nonsense I’ve just spend 45 minutes putting together.

now I hope this makes sense, I hope you can read it and breathe, and I hope that you now know that, no, chloe isn’t being replaced as the miraculous holder. in fact, chloe was the replacement all along. and I think that what thomas is trying to do here, throwing us off his trail with talk of conceptual characters, is GENIUS. evil genius, but down-right genius.

now reblog this darn thing, and help put your friends’ minds at ease, please.

– If you say someone’s engaged in ‘kumbaya,’ you’re saying that
person isn’t serious, it’s designed to disempower someone who’s
trying to do something. Thomas S. De Luca, NY Times, 2010
–How could we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land? If I forget you,
O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither! Psalm 137

And here I am again
asking myself how
a Negro spiritual
about liberation
came to be a term for
naïve hopefulness
for holding the hand
that beats you
through whatever torture
they decide is coming
and even though I know
the answer to this question,
sometimes asking
helps me feel better
or more
or more
like a quaint smile
at the use of the word to mean
a foolish compromise
even knowing always, as I have
that kumbaya
a mistranslation of come by here
is not
an invitation for frivolous peace talks
but an invocation
to the Lord
or whichever Gods
with changed names
we had and hid
for protection
for salvation.

What happens when you hide
your language in another tongue
‘cause you want to keep it from dying
but you realize too late that
staying alive and living
ain’t the same thing
and they catch it anyway;
take the words from your mouth
and call it
a mixed blessing
call it
call it
poor, peace loving liberal speech
call us
stupid Negros
still waiting’ on a chariot
ain’t even bother to ask
whose hand
is whipping the horse ?

—  Breauna L. Roach, On the Etymology of a Negro Spiritual (via Vinyl Poetry)


Y'all…GOT7 and 방탄소년단 together on stage…AGAIN.

October 27th (internationally 26th)…I cannot deal. This is gonna be amazing I can already feel it.

You remember what happened last time they were on stage together…

Two group of dorks together on one stage…lord help us fans and fandoms.

Guys….GOTBANGTAN back again.
That means V hugging everyone like A LOT of skin ship and I can’t wait to see Mark and Taehyung interactions. Jungkook and Yugyeom! Jackson and Rap Mon. Lord…I can’t.

Can’t wait! ♡


WHAT IS GOING ON?! I need help. Shit has hit the fan ( even though it happened like long ago) Annalise does not deserve this.
I knew Connor was hiding some shit
Laurel needs to calm the fuck down
Michaela, girl, you’re exaggerating
FRANK THANK JESUS FOR YOU, I know you did some bad shit, but you’re trying to redeem yourself
Bonnie try harder and stop. Just stop.
Oli my little cinnamon roll, please stay a cinnamon roll
Asher you are golden, lord knows you have empathy and kindness somewhere


Now You’ve Done It... ~Closed with jennymaltzurrak~

“Well pretty much. I was shot and he hadn’t stuck around to see if the life force would help my reviving or not.” Jenny explained as she continued to follow. “Do you know where the exit is?” She asks curiously.

Nikolai thinks over it for a moment. “I could see his point. He probably didn’t think you were Time Lord enough in DNA to have regenerative properties happen. It seemed it was a series of coincidences that triggered you back to life. As far as the exit, I honestly have no clue how far it is from here. It’s a matter of heading east where the sewer takes us.”


fuck fuck fuck ok I know I said regency adrinette AU and while that’s all very well and good please consider: 


  • Mari is a baker’s daughter - relatively well off, but a peasant nonetheless
  • Adrien is the son of the highest and most influential noble in France

  • Marinette is apprenticed to the best seamstress in France, and is stationed in/near the palace since their place is often commissioned by the nobles and royalty for clothes 

  • This is how she runs into Lord Agreste jr. around the palace grounds…. somehow. look i have next to zero history knowledge and i’ve yet to do any research for this AU Im sorry 

  • Anyway, they also happen to be the erstwhile leaders of the brewing, underground French Revolution, Mademoiselle Ladybug and Monsieur Chat Noir 

  • Obviously since plotting revolution was a guillotine-able offence they were hiding their true identities and using alter egos and shit

  • Lots of shenanigans happen, I have not researched enough about the French Revolution to determine exactly what happens, I’m sorry

  • If it helps imagine this AU as a crossover between Les Miserables and The Rose of Versailles

  • Anyway the entire reason I came up with this AU was because I wanted to see a scene in which the French Revolution is headed towards its peak and everything is going to shit and Mari and Adrien find out each other’s identities and take things into their own hands and decide to get married in an abandoned church 

  • By now Adrien has been conscripted to the noble side as a General (but he’s leaking strategic info to the revolutionaries) so he’s in full wartime regalia

  • Marinette by contrast has her best dress on, but seeing as how she’s a peasant and shit has been rough for them it’s all tatters

  • Except she manages to filch a length of the best quality white lace they have available at her seamstress’ place and she’s draped that over her head as a veil

  • and just… fuckin imagine it. imagine moonlight streaming through broken, fractured windows in the dead of the night in an abandoned church, Marinette in a tattered dress and a beautiful white lace veil and Adrien in impeccable military regalia kneeling facing each other at the altar, their hands clasped, looking into each other’s eyes and vowing to honor and cherish for as long as they both shall live– 

  • I am so emotional fuck

  • tl;dr I will fucking RESEARCH THIS and WRITE THIS watch me 
  • To that end anyone who has a better grasp of history and the french revolution than me (read: literally fuckin anyone) please feel free to add ideas onto this 
In my FT Musical...

Plot Summary:

In this multi ship AU, Lucy moves to NYC to pursue her dream of singing and being an actress. After an impromptu audition, She ends up at the Fairy Tail Conservatory for the Performing Arts, where she meets a inspired group of talented artists and friends. Coincidentally, This is where she meets Natsu. A singing and dancing prodigy by day, who, by night, plays in a hot rock band at the bars in the heart of the NYC nightlife scene. Their romance escalates quickly into a steamy romance. What will happen? You’ll have to wait and find out.

Includes: Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy, & Jerza

Main Characters and the songs they perform:

Lucy - “Fire Meet Gasoline” by Sia
Natsu - “Dead Inside” by MUSE
Gray - (Hidden for SUSPENSE)
Juvia - “Dear Future Husband” by Megan Trainor
Jallal - “Take Me To Church” by Hozier
Erza- (Hidden for SUSPENSE)
Gajeel - (Hidden for SUSPENSE)
Levy - (Hidden for SUSPENSE)