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i'm in love with your story and i've been wanting to make one of my own but don't know how to get started, both story wise and gameplay wise. any tips?

Sandy’s Masterpost for writing a Sim Story!  ✍

I’m so glad you like my story! But I know how it feels not knowing where to start when it comes to writing, it’s so frustrating. So, below I’ve put together a bunch of helpful links that I’ve either used in the past or believe will be useful to you, and any other aspiring storytellers! 

🌸 Inspiration: 

🌸 Planning:

🌸 Plot Developement:

🌸 Character Development:

🌸 Dialogue:

🍁 Pose List Rec:

🍁Lot List Rec:

🍁 Mod List Rec:

🍁 Tutorials:

🍁 Reshade:

❄️ Character Page Rec: (for your blog)


❄️ Some Stories/Legacies that Inspire Me:

This is everything I could think of nonny! I am by no means a great, or even a particularly good storyteller, but I sincerely hope this post helps you, and others, get started! If you ever want to chat more, come off anon and we can talk story ideas! And that applies to all of y’all! 💖


Too much sanity may be madness, and the maddest of all:
                                      to see life as it is and not as it should be.

Guess who just finished reading lord of shadows also guess who is sobbing in the corner of the room

So Rey legit glo’d herself up to go see her new long-distance boo in the heart of enemy territory and bring his behind back with her and I’m still laughin about it. Hair was laid, eye makeup was poppin, face was all dewey and fresh, new outfit that I still don’t know where the hell she got it from, but it was clearly an upgrade. And the elevator, dear lord… “I’ll help you”, she whispers tenderly, batting her perfectly defined eyelashes all up in the boy’s face after not-at-all-subtly eyeing him up and down (remembering that 3rd Skype session, sweetie?) and calling him by his given name just as naturally as if she’d been using it for years. She was basically trying to seduce this dude back to the light and you can’t tell me otherwise. 


Never thought I’d say this, but: Bless the NHL!

And bless Jamie Benn for his reasoning behind binge-watching Game of Thrones…

“And we say that those who accepted their troubles with patience now have God’s blessing. You have heard about Job’s patience. You know that after all his troubles, the Lord helped him. This shows that the Lord is full of mercy and is kind.”

- James 5:11 ERV