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w o n w o o ! s c e n a r i o


word count: 18, 194 [ sorry not sorry]

genre: oh my god, it’s everything. angst + smut + fluff + romance + drama lord have mercy.

includes: the tale of Y/N’s first love, jeon wonwoo, and their relationship that builds up to an unplanned pregnancy. he helps his uncle out with mechanic stuff nd works part time as a body piercer. Y/N is a florist. mature themes nd shit, cried over this more than i needed to. enjoy!! :))

✎ don’t rlly have anything 2 say other than have fun reading, the soul has been sucked out of me!! jeon wonwoo destroyed my feelings!!

He is quiet, still like a marble statue that encases ivory bone and hot scarlet. He is impassive, a heavy brow left without a single crease nor a wrinkle, the ink that churns in indolent pupils murky, yet clear with your image that reflects in similarity to a mirror. His lips are beautiful, decorated in lovely shades of rose, yet they are not curled in a signature smile that flutters a heart or preludes a giggle. That is because, above all things, the boy is gobsmacked, perhaps even a little enraged.

Therefore, Jeon Wonwoo’s lips are plain straight. No, if they were to smile, you would burst like a water balloon, sprinkling the earth in droplets of solace. But it is not solace you feel when his face finally cracks, when his eyes flare in smoky streaks that practically engulf your lungs with desolation.

There is a click in your mind, an instinct to clasp your palms to your stomach as Jeon Wonwoo points his chin toward the floor and swears. Your words are still echoing around the room, burrowing within couch cushions and empty coffee mugs. They are permanent reminders that will forever linger, steeping around your limbs and tugging softly at your clothing. They remind you that your life will never return to normal, if normal even existed to begin with, and that sometimes, life can only prevail if a mistake is there to kindle it.

He will not hurt me, you acquaint in the sealed tomb of your skull. He will not lay a finger on me even though he is confused and angry. Every syllable that ricocheted behind thick bone only amplified how your chest ached, like someone’s fist had enclosed around your heart, squeezing it while the organ beat frantically. His fingers carded in exasperation through sable black hair, a groan so deep and desponding spilling in fashion to liquor from his lips. Still, you knew he would never bruise your flesh out of anger, out of spite perhaps starting to brew. You are beautiful, and Jeon Wonwoo does not bruise beauty.

Instead, he leaves it.

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Some thoughts on the Spencer episode

1. Spencer straight up just looks like MGG if he had gotten wasted and went on a drunk road trip with friends and ended up in Mexico.
2. Spencer in jeans??? Lord have mercy.
3. The music when Luke and Reid see each other makes me ship them a hundred times more.
4. Reid speaking Spanish = YASS BBY
5. Emily speaking Spanish = YES I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
6. I would die before letting Spencer go to jail.

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HELLO I'M BACK. Another thing about last night's show: Gaga fuckin' twerked on Rob and God only knows Chloé probably slapped his ass to hell and back for staring at her ass, and she also tried flashing her coochie to both Kirk and James when she jumped into the crowd. Quite an eventful night in the lives of Metallica, what with Kirk possibly being high, James being passed the dimension of pissed off, and Lars and Rob probably getting slapped backstage.

Ahhhh just another day in the life of Metallica.


Rest in Peace #BobbiKristinaBrown, the beloved beautiful daughter of #WhitneyHouston and #BobbyBrown… #MyLoveisYourLove is one of my favorites, and hope they’re now singing together in the heaven. Lord have mercy, I feel terribly sorry for Ms. Cissy Houston and Ms. Dionne Warwick. My prayer goes to the family.

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Bog ;) and also Alan Cumming

This is in response to the little aside I put on that Strickler one, isn’t it? You’re a sassy one, Anon ;^D


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

God, Y’ALL KNOW MY FEELINGS ABOUT BOG, OKAY? If you’ve followed for, like, ANY length of time, you know my feelings about this Handsome Scaly Fucker, this Scaly Backed Nerd Puppy. But here, have some especially choice pictures…

(My FAVORITE moment of his, he’s being such a BRAT here and I love it XD) 

( “Immmmpressive!” Oh my word, stop it you sassy smartsass XD) 

(Eliza voice: “Oooooh, look at those eyes…!”) 

(Oh God, someone help him)

(Oh God, someone help ME)

(this Fairy was literally trying to kill him and NOW LOOK AT HIM, SO IN LOVE, SO LOST, “You don’t stand a chaaaannncce…!” ) 

(God, someone help my poor son before he throws up from sheer nerves) 

…and a sampling of some of my feelings and thoughts regarding this dearly beloved dork: 

…I think that just about sums it up, yeah. 

Alan Cumming

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Alan is one of those people whose sheer raw talent would make me…VERY intimidated to approach him, let alone talk to him? Like, this man is a goddamn gift. He’s this Broadway Star and Bisexual Angel who is just, like, RAW TALENT and NERVE and SKILL and CRAFT and is one of those Born and Die Performers, and my admiration of him is SO immense that I basically wouldn’t know what to do with myself and would probably just tie a knot in my tongue if I ever met him? 

That being said, he’s a wonderful paradox, because YES, he is searingly sexy AND gorgeous AND classically handsome, and he samples a bit from each plate and then may or may not go on to smear all of them into a beautiful mess–

–and yet he’s so damn cute? Like, his voice does this thing where it gets all sing-songy and he’s eyes have the cutest little crinkles and can do this thing where it’s both adorable and sly. He’s a heck of a man, and he knows it, and thankfully he uses it for good more so than sin. But we like it when he uses it for sin too, don’t we…?

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Damn right we do XD

EXO react to Xiumin’s lil’ strip show

Sehun: “Well great, that’s got Luhan distracted from me”

Kai: *is wtf*

Tao: “Whatever my abs are better”


Chanyeol: “Lord have mercy please” 

literally the fandom



*when he realises he’s gotta strip next*

Lay: *pretends to be excited but is actually jelly*

Suho: “Why must my children do this?”

Kris: *feels threatened*

Luhan: *feels blessed, is speechless, much internal screaming*

my reaction ngl

Xiumin: “You’re all welcome”

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Lord of the Rings {Sentence Starters}
  • "All right then, keep your secrets. But I know you have something to do with it!"
  • "Save your pity and your mercy! I have no use for it!"
  • "I'm sorry I brought this upon you, my ____."
  • "You shall not pass!"
  • "It's just a feeling. I don't think I'll be coming back."
  • "And some things that should not have been forgotten, were lost."
  • "I don't know. I don't know what's going to happen."
  • "You don't see it, do you? He's a villain."
  • "Throw yourself in next time, and rid us of your stupidity!"
  • "I mean, they don't actually expect me to do any fighting. Do they?"
  • "You cannot hide. I see you!"
  • "You just startled me is all. What were you doing?"
  • "I'm sorry that you must have to carry this burden. I'm sorry for everything."
  • "Shut up, you! Go away! Get out of here!"
  • "Fly, you fools!"
  • "Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?"
  • "There's no promise you can make that I can trust."
  • "If I take one more step, I'll be the farthest away from home I've ever been."
  • "None of us should wander alone. You least of all."
  • "Look at them. They're frightened. You can see it in their eyes."
  • "I cannot jump the distance, you'll have to toss me!"
  • "Whatever you did, you’ve been officially labeled a ‘disturber of the peace.’"
  • "Let him stay there. Let him rot! Why should we care?"
  • "One does not simply walk into _____."
  • "You don't mean that. You can't leave!"
  • "You must trust yourself. Trust your own strengths."
  • "I know what I must do, it's just that- I'm afraid to do it."
  • "If you want him, come and claim him!"
  • "I need a holiday, a very long holiday. And I don’t expect that I shall return. In fact, I mean not to."
  • "Oh, what business is it of yours what I do with my own things?!"
  • "I don't feel like parting with it! It's mine, I found it!"
  • "Well, if I'm angry, it's your fault!"

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Matt Bomer - I can't imagine how you feel about this one ;)

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I just… I would climb that man like a tree.  And then toss him down onto a dewy field of lilac and start all over again.  He is stupidly attractive.  It’s not even fair.

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… *breathes deep into paper bag*

Sri Daya Mataji ~ “No insecurities; no fear of loss, or injury, or even death.“

Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda once said: “Fearlessness means faith in God: faith in His protection, His justice, His wisdom, His mercy, his love, and His omnipresence…To be fit for Self-realization, a man must be fearless.”

…When hardship threatens we should not let ourselves feel helpless or forlorn, nor should we whine, “Why me?” The courageous devotee will remind himself that adversity comes not to destroy or punish him, but to help to rouse the invincibility in his soul.

Once I was thinking of the many struggles that have come to me with the responsibility for Guruji’s worldwide society. Suddenly, a tremendous joy flooded my consciousness, and the grateful realization poured over me: “Oh, my Lord, how much you love me, how much you love me!” In the experience I clearly perceived the measureless love and blessing of God that is within even the most severe trials endured by his devotees. As Guruji often told us, the painful ordeals we go through are but the shadow of God’s hand outstretched in blessing. The Lord is very anxious to get us out of this maya, this troublesome world of duality. Whatever difficulties he permits us to pass through are necessary to hasten our return to him. If we fully understand this, we become freed from resentment and discouragement over our crosses.

When you are a child, you have the problems of a child; but when you become an adult, you have an adult’s responsibilities and difficulties. Likewise, as you grow spiritually, your challenges increase. But know this for certain: The Lord permits no experience to come to you that is beyond your strength. Never doubt this. Nothing can overwhelm you unless out of doubt and fear you permit it to do so. Whatever comes, face it with patience and faith in God:“Lord, bless me, that I may find the courage to deal with this experience; and through it, draw closer to You.” Do the best you can, given the circumstances, and trustingly leave the result in God’s hand.

Remember, as Master said: “Nothing can touch you if you inwardly love God.” If you love God, your mind is always centered in Him. You are resting on eternal truth instead of being tossed about by the constant uncertainties of mortal existence. You become immersed in the stillness of the depths of the ocean of His presence within, where no surface storms can unsettle you. Then you have no insecurities—no fear of loss, or injury, or even of death.

[Feb 16 2016] Today, as I sit in my dorm room and stress about the million things that college girls normally should have to stress about, I found peace in the Lord.

Today I realized that we are not built for perfection. God made us each unique, and in His image. We are made beautiful by His mercy and grace and endless love. He is our forever. It’s incredibly sweet that we have a Father who loves us despite and through our weaknesses and shortfalls.

Whether it’s grades or a missed opportunity or simply feelings of inadequacy, He is there. And He is loving us through it. We are His, and He is ours. What a true blessing that is, to be loved by a King.

Oh lord of mercy I’m begging you please,
I’m feeling drained,
I need love.
You charge me up like electricity,
Jump start my heart with your love.

There’s an energy
When you hold me,
When you touch me,
It’s so powerful

When you hold me in your arms,
Burns like fire,
When you’re close I feel the sparks,
Takes me higher,
To infinity

Healing Spell

Drink a glass of water, because that’s just good practice. Brew a cup of peppermint tea in the meantime. 

Read, or say, Psalms 6:2 –

Have mercy upon me, O Lord;
for I am weak: O Lord, heal me; for
my bones are vexed. 

Pour salt into a bowl or sachet. Add a bay leaf or two - depending on how bad you feel. Place it close to where you sleep at night. Breathe in the steam from your tea. While you drink your tea, envision yourself healing. Picture your aches disappearing. Imagine yourself healthy and happy. Imagine your stress and weariness melting away. 

Read, or say, Psalms 6:9 –

The Lord hath heard my 
supplication; the Lord will receive
my prayer.

Keep the bowl or sachet near you until you feel well again. 

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Matthew Daddario

i have many feeling but this man i want him to raw me

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send celebrity names and ill rate them

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so, how hot is that celebrity: nick, jamie dornan, sienna miller, tom hiddleston, rihanna, douglas booth, keanu reeves, daniel craig, harry, kristen stewart, theo james, chris hemsworth, natalie portman, riz ahmed, george clooney, :-P #sorandom

Oh you’ve given me so many now I def don’t have to do dishes for a bit! haha thank you


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY (I believe my feelings on nick are well established 😂 )

Jamie Dornan

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Sienna Miller

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY (I saw her in person at a work event several years ago and couldn’t get over how stunning she was)

Tom Hiddleston

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Dougie Booth

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Keanu Reeves

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY (Keanu Reeves in Speed specifically is LORD MERCY tho)

Daniel Craig

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY (I want to give him a “hot dad” categorization but there’s no option for that RIP)

Harold Styles

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY (my feelings are also well established on this idiot :) EDIT: I just saw an another man pic of harry on my dash who am i kidding he’s lord mercy. I’m weak ok)

Kristen Stewart

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Theo James

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY (I had to google him bc I always forget this guy’s name but YES V PRETTY FACE GOOD JOB GUY)

Chris Hemsworth

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY (a pretty beefcake)

Natalie Portman

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Riz Ahmed

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY 

George Clooney

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY (‘Cute’ isn’t the right word but I’m more than ‘alright’ on him, you know? His voice and smile are hot. I’ve seen him irl too actually. The only celeb I have ever asked for an autograph from bc my mother loves him and it was an event so I didn’t feel too intrusive. It made her so happy.)

St. Barsanuphius the Great and St. John the Prophet Feb. 6

During the uttering and singing of prayers, the feeling comes when the person compels his mind to be attentive to the words and grasp with all his soul the power that is enclosed in them. If despite this, that feeling is still absent within you, do not weaken but persevere patiently because merciful, generous and long-patient God will accept our endeavors. Always remember the Psalmist’s words: “I waited patiently for the Lord; And He inclined to me, And heard my cry” (Psalms 40:1). Act in this way and have trust that God’s mercy will visit you.

Lord have mercy on my soul. I will never recover from this."

“I’d choose you.”
“I didn’t much like my life without you in it either.”
“Scorpius look at me. If she finds us, we will be forced apart forever.”
“He is all I need.”
“As pleasurable as it would be to spend the next forty years with you…”
“Every owl he sends, I can feel your absence. He is destroyed by it.”
“You two….you belong together.”
“You’re giving up your kingdom for Albus, right?”
“You don’t know how glad I am to see you.”
“Friends? Always.”
“You were fighting, fighting alongside me.”
“Albus needs you Scorpius. That’s a wonderful thing.”
“You’re probably the best person I know.”
“You’re better.”
“I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”
“That’s the second time you’ve done that.”
“You’re kind Scorpius, to the depths of your belly to the tips of your fingers.”
“You couldn’t hold me back.”
“Why would you keep apart two good friends?”
“He is in tears.”
“Go find him.”

“Merciful Lord, hear my prayer. I miss him. Dear God, I miss him. Heavenly Father, I pray that you keep him safe and bring him home to me. The halls are quiet without his laughter, I miss his touch…I ache for his return. Gracious Father, you know I can carry the great sorrows with which you have tested me with but I cannot lose him. I cannot bear to lose him. Bring him home to me, bring him home. I want him here. I want him safe, with me.”