lord hater is already my favorite from what i've seen so far

I've just started getting into The Flash

On CW. And I am honestly LOVING it. I actually really enjoy all the characters. My favorite relationship so far is Joe/Barry (their relationship pulls at my heartstrings) and I already know that I’m going to really fall in love with WestAllen (Iris/Barry). 

But there’s one problem. 

The fandom. 

Or certain unhealthy parts of it I see creeping up that I am just not here for. It’s kind of making me think I might stay away from the fandom part of it (LORD, what did we do before Tumblr? Just actually watch the shows and see what happens? Yup). The unhealthy thing I’m seeing is some of the hate towards Iris West… that I honestly just can not understand where it is coming from. 

Or rather, I can. 

Because in looking at MOST of the issues against her… well, let’s just say I’m not a stranger to this kind of “criticism” towards “certain” female characters. 

Who happen to be black. 

Yup. Let’s not even beat around the bush on this one, because it’s so damn glaring, I’m a bit baffled, because as far as I can see the show is just on it’s FIFTH darn episode. Then again, I’m sure the dislike for this character probably began before the show even started- given I’m sure- the casting went out months in advance. I just… I’m reading some of the criticisms, and it’s so obvious Iris is being hated on because she is a black female who is taking on the role usually set aside for white women. She’s not playing the black best friend to the white girl. She’s not playing the one pining for the main guy while it’s unrequited, or rather she’s set to lose out. She is set to win his heart. She IS the object of his affection.

And some people, used to a certain privilege, just can’t handle that. 

Like what the hell am I reading about some people acting all cocky, saying they can get the execs to change the outcome of the show and get this thing with Caitlin and Barry to turn romantic? What kind of privileged shit is that to say? To come to a show, and want to change the obvious path of it- and believe that you CAN- simply because you don’t like who the main guy is set to be with in the end?? 

And what does that say that people actually think they can do that? Well, it says a few things: 

1. You don’t think Iris is WORTHY of being Barry’s love interest (hmm). For some reason you think Caitlin or Felicity is, although Iris is the one who knows him best, and who he actually IS in love with… 

2. You think Iris, and the actress who plays her, are disposable enough to be chucked aside, because YOU do not care for her… 

If this mess doesn’t scream privilege then I don’t know what does… 

All I can hope, and I guess we’ll see as the season goes on, is that the writers/creators of this show don’t feed into the privilege and the biased hate. Because I know that when the writers stick to their guns, and don’t have their heads up their asses, and don’t feed into this behavior, usually the unhealthy aspects of that fandom have to go somewhere else to flex their privilege (boohoo, and good riddance). Yet… I’ve also seen when writers DO feed into the bull, and into the hate, and validate the haters, racism, and so on… NOT a good feeling. 

So I guess we’ll see. 

Either way, I’m loving the WHOLE show right now. All the characters fit very well. And I just hope that they stick to their guns, (I have to believe these writers were looking to be progressive just by the fact of casting Joe and Iris as black in the first place), and stand up to the b.s. Fandoms can be one of the best aspects of a show… and they can be the worst. And I think it’s usually a reflection of the material the artists/creators/writers are putting out. I’m hoping The Flash is one of the decent fandoms. 

/semi rant over