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Facing the inevitable, DO TOMADASHI????

Married Life OTP Meme:
  • leaves their dirty clothes on the floor:  GoGo and omg does it make Tadashi loose it bc he’ll be going upstairs or something and it’s just bras and stuff legit everywhere and my lord gogo pls
  • forgets to run the dish washer:  gogo bc she’s always in a hurry to get somewhere to tadashi will do it for her uwu
  • pumps gas for the car:  GoGo def. she pumps gas a lot, and it surprises all these men at the gas station to see this short punky girl pumping gas hella
  • drives when they’re going somewhere:  gogo most of the time, especially if they’re biking. she’s got this terrible road rage that embarrasses tadashi to death pffft
  • rearranges the furniture:  Tadashi and it drives GoGo insane bc one day she’ll come home and mostly everything has been slightly moved. it’s not that she has an OCD problem, it’s just that it annoys her so tadashi does it on purpose
  • falls asleep with the TV on:  tadashiiii always falls asleep with the TV on bc he can handle the background noise a bit  better than gogo an. he doesn’t do it that often, but sometimes
  • gets to use the bathroom first: GOGO. no questions asked.
  • decides the temperature for the ac/heater:  gogo is in charge of that but she lets Tadashi do it a lot when she doesn’t really feel like it
  • sets up holiday decorations:  omg tadashi. he decorates really early and dances around singing Christmas carols and running from gogo who threatens to hit him with a wreath or something
  • leaves the lights on:  tadashi. he doesn’t mind as much light, so he tends to leave them on, but one of them will always get up to turn them off
  • uses the bathroom with the door open:  pfffft TADASHI. he’s like ‘this is my house and you are my wife you have seen more than this k chill pls’
  • fixes the plumbing (or calls the plumber):  forget plumbers they become this awesome DIY power couple and fix it themselves

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