lord freeza

Freeza: “What do you mean ‘you don’t want to rule the universe’ with me?!”

Kuriza: “I’m not your prodigy trophy son, Father!”

Freeza: “Conquering galaxies was your dream!”

Kuriza: “No, it was your dream, Father! You don’t know what I want!”

Freeza: “What could you possibly want?”

Kuriza: “A whole planet safari park!”

Freeza: “Come again?”

Kuriza: “I want to be a safari park ranger for a variety of alien species from different planets, Father! It will be like space Jurassic Park but better!”

 - Cold Family arguing at some point, probably

What villain has red eyes, a white color scheme, commits genocide to stop a warrior from said race from deposing him, has a British accent in the English dub, is a royal, knows martial arts but would rather not use them, ended up being screwed over by their own genocide, has an army, likes to act like a smooth evil kind of guy but breaks down when things go wrong, and is noticeably smaller than their arch enemy?

It’s Lord Shen, of course

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August 2015


Finished the lines for Ginyuklok and the Preklok stuff. And then decided i can’t have a Ginyuklok without a Lord Charles, so bonus Freeza-Charles. 

To the Anon who was missing my DBZ art; you reminded me of how much I miss it too! I mean I LOVE drawing these sweetheart aliens so I did a drawing in school ;w;

My tablet was a bit wonky tonight, the pressure sensitivity wouldn’t work and I was too tired to do anything about it so the colouring is a bit clumsy >< I like this one though, I think it’s cute <3