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Prince Caspian x Reader-Friends in All Places

Request from anonymous: “So I saw your post about the Narnia fan fiction and I was wondering if I could request a Prince Caspian x Reader fan fiction that takes place in Voyage of the dawn treader. Caspian and the reader are engaged and once Lucy, Edmund and Eustace arrive; they meet her and she’s afraid they won’t like her. But they do. Basically them meeting each other and Caspian being all cute. Thanks!”

A/N: thank you so much for my first request! this was a great challenge, and was so fun to write. keep requesting loves, I hope you like this!

The voyage on the Dawn Treader thus far had been… uneventful. For you, at least. Caspian had all but locked you in your quarters so you wouldn’t get into any danger. You didn’t mind so much, you loved his overprotective nature. But you could really use a little adventure. Especially after hearing about his time with the Kings and Queens of Old. You often found yourself wondering what they were like, and how things would have been if you had met Caspian sooner. As you stared out the small window of your cabin, a pair of arms snaked around your waist. “How are you doing, my love?” Caspian asked. “Better now,” you replied, turning around to hug him fully. He laughed softly, and kissed the top of your head. “I know you’re bored, darling,” he started, “but things will get more interesting once we find land.” “If you let me off the ship this time,” you said, only partially joking. Caspian laughed again, the deep sound reverberating through his chest, and you all but forgot about being slightly annoyed. You ran your hands through his hair, and looked deep into his eyes. “Have I told you how much I love you today?” he wondered out loud. “Only about twelve times,” you teased. He smiled widely, and leaned down towards you. “I love you,” he whispered, before pressing his lips to yours. Two full years of courtship and nine months of engagement had not rid you of the butterflies that bubbled in your stomach every time Caspian kissed you. He broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against yours.
Suddenly, a loud commotion started up on the upper deck. You both jumped, and rushed out to see what was going on. “Sire! There’s someone in the water!” Lord Drinian called out when he saw you both. Caspian ran to the edge of the ship, looked out, and then looked back at you. “Stay here,” he said, eyes alight with excitement. And then he did something you would never have expected; he jumped right in the water. “Caspian!” you cried out, rushing to the edge of the ship. You saw three figures in the water, and Caspian and two other crew members swimming towards them. As shocked as you were by Caspian’s actions, it didn’t surprise you too much. You couldn’t help but smile at his kind heart.
As everyone was pulled back into the ship, you wondered who these castaways were. Caspian looked at them with recognition, and was laughing with a young, red-haired girl, and a dark haired boy. “There’s someone I want you two to meet,” you heard Caspian saying eagerly, as he ushered the two of them to you. “Y/N, these are my dear friends Lucy and Edmund, King and Queen of Narnia,” he said with a smile. You were absolutely petrified for a moment. What if they didn’t like you? What if they didn’t approve?? These were Caspian’s dearest friends and if they didn’t… You shook off the discomfort, and bowed your head in respect. “This is Y/N, my future queen,” Caspian continued with a huge smile. You couldn’t help but blush at his choice of words. “It is an absolute pleasure,” the young girl, Lucy, said. She rushed over and hugged you tightly. You felt yourself warm up slightly. Caspian had told you of Lucy’s loving nature, and he was right as always. “The pleasure is all mine, your majesty,” you replied, returning the hug. Edmund greeted you as well, less enthusiastically than Lucy, but still warm.
At that point, the third stranger started shouting and crying about wanting to go back to England. “Our cousin, Eustace,” Edmund told you and Caspian, “he’s less than thrilled to be here.” The young king rolled his eyes, and you couldn’t help but laugh. Eustace then fainted, as the minotaur Tavros came up to him. “See to him, will you?” Caspian asked him, and Tavros picked Eustace up with ease and took him to the lower deck.
“Why don’t the two of you get changed, and then meet Y/N and I in my cabin?” he asked, turning his attention to Lucy and Edmund. They nodded, and Caspian showed them where they could find dry clothes, and then the two of you went to his cabin to wait. “You know,” you started, “when you first told me who they were… I was terrified that they wouldn’t like me. That they wouldn’t approve of me. I’ve heard so many stories about your times together, and I know I could never live up to all of that.” Caspian’s dark eyes looked deep into yours. “Y/N, I love you more than anything in this world. and if I know Lucy and Edmund, which I do, then I know they will love you just as much as I do. You have nothing to be worried about, darling,” he murmured, leaning in to kiss you deeply. “I’m so sorry, Caspian, are we interrupting?” the teasing voice of Edmund called from the doorway. You broke apart, laughing, and then ushered them inside.
Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy caught up like no time had passed, and you fit right in with all of it. It was as if you had been there the whole time. Caspian had been right again, and you were all fast friends. Even Eustace came around eventually, and you felt as though he was the younger brother you’d always wished for. When the Pevensies and Eustace left, your heart broke right alongside Caspian. You felt lucky that you still had him. The two of you helped each other fill the void they had left. Standing there on the beach, next to waterfall of Aslan’s country, Caspian hugged you tightly. “I love you, Caspian,” you promised, “Forever. Thank you for this wonderful adventure.”

A Letter to My Love

Requests:  Hi dear! I finally remembered what i wanted the Caspian Imagine to be about hahaha Could you do one where caspian wife is giving birth to their first son and he’s waiting outside the bedroom where she’s giving birth and he keeps thinking everything they have been through? Maybe how they met, how was their courtship, wedding, the coronation of his wife, all that stuff and finally how he reacts when he finally hears his son cries and enters the room and meet his wife and son hahahhah I know its quite specific but I love the way you write and how well you describe everything

A/N: OMG this took me forever @ladyblablabla but I literally rewrote three times before I decided this was the sweetest way to capture what you envisioned. I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it and that it was worthy of the wait. I literally listened to Lovesong by Adele probably thirty times writing it because i think it’s a song that captures the way Caspian would love his wife. Enjoy!!!

Warnings: None

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My love,

You always ask me how I fell in love with you. What was it that pulled me into the enigma that is you. I must tell you, my dear, that it was your smile. It was bright as you walked along the courtyard that young spring day, laughing along with your ladies in waiting, your hair pulled back in coils and curls, falling along your back.

It was your smile that had captured my attention.

I loved the way you smiled at everyone, didn’t matter who they were, as you talked among court leaders about ways to expand the lands of Narnia. It was they way you smiled at me, your eyes barely flicking and taking me in, before walking past me as though I was no one. You did this for weeks and I wondered what I could do to have your eyes fall on me longer, your eyes tugged into that perfect smile.

I knew from the start that I wanted to look at that smile forever.

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Caspian x Reader - Surprising Changes

Request: Hi ! Could you please do a Caspian imagine when lucy, Edmund and eustace arrive in narnia and y/n is married to Caspian or something ?? Thanks xx

Caspian x Reader - Surprising Changes
Setting: When Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace arrives on the Dawn Treader
Contains: Nothing bad really. I’ll be going by the movie. 
Word Count: 1596

I really didn’t know how to end it, so I’m really sorry. Also, I might write a little prequel to when Caspian and Reader’s relationship starts. Stay tuned! 

Edit: Sorry guys, I was reading through this and I realized a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. They should be fixed but if not, please do tell me lol. I try reading them by myself but sometimes I don’t catch them until a little while after I post it. Thanks! 


The waves hit the shore of Narnia repeatedly. It was early in the morning and the sun was barely rising. If you looked out into the ocean from the coastline, you could see the alluring waves just calling out to you, to sail into the endless sea. The salty fragrant of the ocean was somehow rejuvenating. That was the power of the Narnian ocean. Of course, Narnia was just magical in itself. 

But today was the day the Narnia is to be left behind and Caspian the Tenth would travel out into the Great Eastern Ocean that was filled with the unknown. It had been three years since the Kings and Queens of old had aided him in the Narnian Revolution. Three years since (Y/n) had decided to stay in Narnia instead of going back to England. Besides, Narnia was her home and Aslan told her her duties lied here in Narnia now. In those three years, Caspian helped bring Narnia back up to where it used to be in the Golden Age. And in the three years, Caspian and (Y/n) had courted then got married.

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Davos Seaworth oh my god

I just realized something while going through tvtropes this morning. 

Remember during Davos Week when one of the things was “characters from other media that remind you of Davos” and all?

Just found another.

Lord Drinian from The Chronicles of Narnia.

  1. Captain of a ship - check
  2. BFF of the king - check
  3. Honor kink too strong - check
  4. Does not trust magical color-coded women - check
  5. Lets young, male, blood-relative of his king vanish - check
  6. Goes straight to his king to confess his betrayal/failure/treason - check
  7. About to be beheaded by his king and totally ok with that because he betrayed his king  - check
  8. His king doesn’t go through with it - CHECK

Like oh my gods this is kind of uncanny? Has anyone asked GRRM if Davos was inspired by this guy? I mean, what Western fantasy fan hasn’t read the Narnia books at least once?
This is so cool:

I rest my fucking case.