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Here are three illustrations I did for an investigation on Luiz «Bang» Carlos Machado published the french magazine XXI with Quintin Leeds and Sarah Deux as art directors.

“Investigation on the one who wanted to be the King of the Amazon… At once lord and patriarch, Luiz Carlos Machado, also known as Luiz Bang, built with his gun trigger an empire in the Brazilian forest.”

Gay Disney

See my thing is Disney is always trying to entertain us with these  little things they call TV shows(Not naming names) instead of giving us what we actually want. They took a big step when they had introduced a lesbian couple on GLC and with Disney’s history, for a period of time, I didn’t even know that they were a couple until I looked it up.

Disney has always projected this world of nothing but straight people and the one time they introduce a gay couple, I didn’t recognize it because I wasn’t use to it and didn’t realize it till I read about it.

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Yes Disney, you introduced a gay couple for 15 minutes on a episode that aired nearly two years ago. Then proceeded to give us the same stuff you have given with an exception of a few good things here and there.

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This is why bisexual or gay people are afraid to come out the closet. Because its people like Disney who always make it seem like this is what life is, nothing but straight people. But instead of doing that, why don’t you try to expand your horizon and start including gay characters in shows or movie, and if what you’re worried about is little kids seeing it, did it slip your mind that you have a whole other network for them.

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With Descendants, you have something that has potential for you to start developing even more as a network like introducing a gay character. I will tell you right now that Carlos De Vil is not straight.

But Disney always want to play if homosexuality doesn’t exist.

I’m sorry but I will freaking lose my mind and I am sure that many others will to if you pair Carlos with Jane. For one, that’s too expected and played out in my opinion and that I just can not see them together or even Carlos being remotely straight. I mean seriously? Carlos x Jane? Cane…

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What I had said earlier about the little kids not seeing it, heck, they need to see it to so they can realize that these people actually exist. See Disney likes to implant the idea in these kids head that gay people don’t exist and its a world full of nothing but straight people.

But then they walk outside and see a gay person or gay couple and are thinking to themselves that is not what Disney told them. They are looking at them like they are freaking aliens when they are just as human as the average straight person.

Like if this is what you were trying to prove, then what were we even arguing for over gay rights anyway.

Oh yeah, because gay people are humans to and just as normal as any other fucking person on this planet.

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This is the reason people struggle with coming to terms with their sexuality or think they are not normal because people like Disney put that idea in their head. they see it all over in these shows and think “Why am I not like that?’

They make it seem like this is how the world is and this is how people should act and that makes people look at themselves as if there is something wrong with them.

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See, you guys can do something about that. Starting with Carlos De Vil.

Carlos didn’t  have any real moments or connections with ANY female characters for the ENTIRE movie! Don’t even try to pair him with Jane because its just not right.

Carlos had moments with Ben and Jay more than I can count, because you can clearly see everyone knows and wants Carlos De Vil to be gay.

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As for as what you do with the movie, I’ll leave that up to you. Now, I understand that even though Mal and Ben may be together, just as I am behind Carlos being gay, I am behind Mal being gay or bi.

So saying that, yes I would love me some Benlos up in that movie because again I am all here for gay or bi Mal. While yes there are some Carlos and Jane supporters, most people want him to be gay and either with Ben or Jay. I prefer Ben! I will settle for some Jaylos.

But at the end of the day, I will always be…

You want higher ratings for Descendants? Give the audience what they want.

And I am sure that what most audience members want is for Carlos De Vil to be gay and either end up with Jay or Ben.

Once again I am Benlos.

Because if you add some gay Carlos or lord gosh, SOME BENLOS… this is what you will get…

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Disney, give the audience what they want. Are you afraid to take the challenge?

You never know until you try…

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