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“The gods do make playthings of us,” the priest-king acknowledged. “But it is we mortals who provide them with the tools.” | Lumateran older gen, younger years. 

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“Bruno Kastler”

A new Patina by Alexander Nurulaeff - Dandy Shoe Care for one elegant gentleman from Great Britain: Mr. G.V.

This Patina an Artwork that conveys the true masculine elegance.


This ‘Harry Potter’ Parody Of 'Uptown Funk’ Is Everyone’s New Patronus

Time to shut down the Internet: KFaceTV released the “Uptown Funk” parody to end it all. It imagines what the toe-tapping hit from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars would sound like if sung by Lord Voldemort.

Listen to the full song for more hilarious “Harry Potter” puns then you can handle. 


I got tagged by @jigglybuff for my top 10 fave songs. ^^

I had to choose wisely, because I listen to a shit ton of music -mostly for inspiration- and this is what I can throw here~

There’s no particular order~

Linkin Park - Heavy (This song gives me so much power you have no ideaaaa)

Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len - Spinning Song (Really relaxing!!)

twenty one pilots - Heathens (I’ve listened to this one so much, and I still love it yaaaasss)

The Weeknd - Starboy

Nekfeu - Princesse (I’m not much into rap. But this French rapper is 10/10 and he is absolutely HANDSOME MAN)

The Lumineers - Scotland

Andrew Bird and Matt Berniger - A Lyke Wake Dirge (Might sounds creepy, but I really love it, plus it gives me inspiration! ^^)

Billie Holiday - New Orleans (YAAAAS BILLIE HOLIDAY YAAAAASS!!!)

Bruno Mars - 24k Magic / Uptown Funk (Couldn’t really choose here… And bless that man he always makes me want to dance lmao)

Urban Country - Gonna Need A Grave


I can also “recommend” you Woodkid - Iron, Lorde - Everybody Wants to Rule the World, The Weeknd - I Feel it Coming, Peter Hollens - I see fire, The Heavy Horses - Pale Rider, Fats Waller - I’m gonna sit right there and write myself a letter

Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald… You should try some of their songs too!

Mostly songs that I love a loooot~

I tag @bepo-is-sorry gotta be double tagged gurl lmao, @singandbepurple, @gouec surry bro ILU btw, @snajey and @blossomduringthewar

And whoever feels like it <3

modern lumatere: (young) august and abian

Trevanion pointed to August of the Flatlands. “And his father is weak and deceitful and lazy, but I would trust him with my life.”
She looked at August with disgust. “This? A fine army you will build, Trevanion.” 
“Go home, Abie. Before it is dark. It is not safe for you to be traveling alone,” Trevanion said wearily.
“Perhaps I could escort her,” August suggested.
“You?” she scoffed. “You fit under my arm, little man.” And with that, she kissed the baby and slammed out the door.
“Pity the one who ends up in her marriage bed,” August muttered.

Okay guys have any of you been in the fandom long enough to remember the main Foolie line of the world "If you dont like his girlfriend you aren't a real Hooligan" or basically if you say anything bad about him or go against "Main saint lord and savior Bruno Mars then you aren't a real Hooligan" (they might as well said those exact words because they were acting like that) 😂😂😂 years later i realize even more that that was the most Foolish made up rule ever. Like it was so stupid then and people were actually shutting up and going with the flow of kissing ass just to be accepted in this fandom. Fast forward to now days now i think that the same people who obeyed that bullshit are now the Fooligans of today, ya know, the kiss ass ones and such. I think that Fooligans are basically the ones who were scared of not being accepted by Bruno because of this brainwashing og Foolies that made them stay in line with tape over their mouths. Back then, the "popular" was loving everything he did and everyone he interacted with. I feel like i was one of the only ones who didn't go with the "popular say" thats why what i say now seems so foreign to some people.
The Zodiac in Lyrics


Lady Gaga- March 28th


Adele- May 5th


Paul McCartney- June 18th


Lana Del Rey- June 21st


Madonna- August 16th


Beyonce- September 4th


Bruno Mars- October 8th


Lorde- November 7th


Taylor Swift- December 13th


Dave Grohl- January 14th


Ed Sheeran- February 17th


Kurt Cobain- February 20th


“Dark Lord Funk”

This was cute. And what a difference a nose makes.

Don’t believe me? Just watch.