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Re: nonlethal lady boyle's last party: in the corroded man, corvo and Emily discuss the disappearance of Lord brisby and lady Boyle seizing control of his estate wherever he initially took her. Hope that clears things a bit?

not exactly. my problem is that they set lady boyle up as an enemy but her downfall is gendered and creepy and to make up for that, she gets a happy ending eventually.

but my point is that as an antagonist she should have had a better nonlethal takedown option that had nothing to do with her gender and more to do with how she’s financing a totalitarian regime, she’s actively spitting on the faces of the poor in their time of need, that she could have been involved in Jessamine’s assassination because she was Hiram’s mistress

instead of any of those things coming back to haunt her, no, she’s given up to her stalker which makes you feel bad for her

and that’s my point of contention. all the other targets’ nonlethal options are derived from the horrible things they’ve done in addition to murdering Jessamine. campbell is a hypocrite who doesn’t follow his religion’s teachings but punishes others for doing the same thing. you can brand him as a heretic and cast him on the streets. the pendletwins own a fucking slave mine so you go and make them work in it until they die. hiram burrows started the whole plague in the first place as a power grab so you expose him to the entire city that he’s screwed over.

lady boyle has several opportunities for takedowns like that, that feel more like revenge, but they picked a lazy option. what i wanted was for her to be treated like all the other conspirators and get a fitting punishment like them, not this

hope i’ve explained myself properly

Lady Boyle, who was kidnapped by Lord Brisby, does everything she can to get away. She even resorts to using the same antics her, her sisters, party guests and Thalia Timsh conducted out of fun: performing a seance (or at least what she assumed was a seance last time). Delilah answers her, examines the determined Boyle and asks if she’d like to have the power to break free. Lady Boyle agrees and there never has been a fiercer witch in Delilah’s coven like her. She weaves thorns into her hair and makes bone charms with Brisby’s bones. They rattle like terrified little birds in her hands and that always draws a smile on her face.