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“Love Makes The World Go Round” by The Powerpuff Girls (PPG - Mime for a Change)

“Talk to the Jeans” by Pizza Party (Foster’s Home - Schlock Stars)

“Lord Hater’s Theme” by Lord Hater and the Harbingers of Doom (Wander Over Yonder - The Show Stopper)

Keith Ferguson (@WhoIsKF) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Keith Ferguson (@WhoIsKF): "Respect for the gaming companies who embody gamers' ethos: In victory as much as in defeat, leave no teammate behind. #PerformanceMatters"

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Apprently, I found Lord Hater/Bloo/Reaper’s Twitter account: Keith Ferguson (@WhoIsKF) himself! Go follow him if you haven’t already!

@savewoy @woyseason3 @peepsqueak

Holy shit the voice of Reaper, Keith Ferguson, was also the voice of Bloo, Lord Hater, DEPUTY DURLAND FROM GRAVITY FALLS, half the voices in Dragon Age: Origins (most notably the Sloth Demon), and so on and I’m just like


This is great????????

@lokazhena seriously have you looked at his list it is awe inspiring.

We all know Bloo...

But did you know that this guy

And this guy

Share the same voice actor?

Keith Ferguson strikes again