lord and savour

A Child’s Innocence (and a Demon’s Desire)

Rating: T+ (Sebastian is a creepy demon.)

Warnings: Pre-canon, so Ciel is about 10. Sexual themes, parallels between a demon’s hunger and lust. Oddly fluffy-ish at the end.

“Wait,” the boy says, clutching Sebastian’s sleeve to keep him from leaving. He is a dainty thing, barely two feet above ground and fragile, made even more so by all the horrors he’s had to endure. Sebastian could break away easily if he wanted to, but if he did, what kind of butler would he be?

“Yes, my lord? What is it you require?” he asks.

A thoughtful look clouds Ciel’s features; after a moment, seemingly having come to the decision that it is too late to turn back now, he speaks again. “Tell me, Sebastian,” he says, “are demons anything like humans?”

The unexpected display of curiosity takes Sebastian by surprise. Nevertheless, he answers. “I cannot think of many similarities, young master.”

Ciel’s nose wrinkles in distaste. It seems this is not the answer he was looking for. “But, you’re acting like a human now, aren’t you,” he pushes.

A placid smile settles on Sebastian’s (deceptively human) features. “Yes, but that is because I am currently under a contract, it is my duty to become what best suits the young master’s needs.” His smile turns the slightest bit predatory, and for a second Ciel could swear he sees a glint of sharp teeth. “Besides,” the butler says, “you should know better than anyone that there is a difference between pretense and reality, my lord.”

Ciel harrumphs, pouting outright. “I know that,” he says, crossing two spindly arms over his chest. “But you can’t be that different! You should have some similarities, like…” he pauses, looking for an appropriate comparison. “Like, for instance, you want things too, don’t you?”

“I am not plagued by greed the same way humans are, and I am more than properly equipped to resist urges of any sort, should the need arise,” Sebastian says, almost in the same tone he uses for his Latin lectures.

“What about my soul, then? You want that, don’t you?”

Something in the air shifts, the words fill the room, and, under Sebastian’s glimmering red gaze, Ciel finds it a lot harder to breathe evenly than he did a moment before. He almost considers ducking under the covers, if only so that he doesn’t have to face the piercing intensity in those hellish eyes.

“That, young master,” the butler says, leaning closer to the boy in a way that makes the young Earl’s heartbeat speed up considerably, “is not mere want.”

Ciel gulps. “W-Why not?” he asks, voice stammering a lot more visibly than he would’ve liked it to.

“It simply is not. It is not the same craving you feel for sweets, nor is it anything as superficial and fleeting as what a human feels.” This time, Ciel is quite certain Sebastian’s smile is not entirely human.

“Not all human emotions are fleeting and superficial,” he protests, ignoring the foreboding feeling in his stomach the same way he refuses to acknowledge the obvious threat looming somewhere just below Sebastian’s blood red gaze. “There’s, there’s love, for instance.”

Sebastian’s answering chuckle is wholly demonic. “Love? My, my, and what would the young master know of that?”

Ciel feels his face grow warmer. “I know that it lasts,” he says, “I know it isn’t fleeting.” A pause, then, much more quietly, “I love Lizzie, for one.”

Sebastian brushes a hand against Ciel’s cheek in a gesture so gentle it can be nothing but deliberate. “Such purity,” he murmurs, almost to himself. His gaze, already a murky red, grows even darker.

It reminds Ciel of things from his ever-present nightmares… and yet, he finds he cannot (does not want to) tear his own gaze away. Still, he musters up the courage to ask, “Why are you looking at me like that, Sebastian?”

Sebastian’s hand tangles in his hair, moving to caress the back of his neck. He doesn’t answer.

When the silence grows too much to bear, Ciel asks, “You’re hungry, is that it?”

“Yes, my lord, but I fear it is not the kind of hunger your soul alone would succeed in appeasing.” And suddenly, he’s so close that Ciel can feel his breath ghosting over his cheek as he speaks, and he knows he should push him away, order him to stop, break this sinister spell that has taken him captive.

He doesn’t.

Instead he asks, “What would? Appease your hunger, I mean?”

Sebastian’s answer comes in the form of a bruising smash of his mouth on Ciel’s. It is anything but gentle, anything but human. Maybe that is why Ciel doesn’t push him away.

Part of him is afraid; part of him fears Sebastian is going to tear him apart any moment now. He fears those sharp fangs will rip past tender skin and underdeveloped muscle, smash his brittle bones and sink straight into his heart. The other part wants to see what it would feel like if he did.

But then, much too soon, before he can even fully grasp it, Sebastian is pulling away, dragging one black-nailed thumb gingerly across his lower lip, which is the only thing he deigned to sink his teeth into. Ciel is overcome by an entirely unreasonable sort of anger. He glares at the demon. “You always tell me not to spoil my appetite,” he complains.

Sebastian’s chuckle is, once again, wholly inhuman in its somewhat-cruel sincerity. “Worry not, young master, my appetite isn’t spoiled in the least, this sampling only served to whet it further.”

“You’re a liar, you know.”

“I do not lie, my—”

“But you did, you said you could control any urge, and you can’t. You lied, Sebastian.” Ciel’s tone is sharp and accusing.

“Any human urge, my lord,” Sebastian corrects, with his placid smile back in place. “Demonic urges are a different matter, and generally much harder to rein in.”

That irrational anger flares within Ciel once more. “And yet you managed to rein it in without much trouble,” he scoffs. “You mustn’t desire my soul very much at all, then.” He isn’t quite sure why, but he finds that to be a grave offense.

“Tell me, young master, do you enjoy your sweets more when you gobble them up all at once or when you take the time to savour them?” Sebastian asks.

“When I take the time to properly savour them, I suppose,” Ciel says, “but what does that have to do with—”

“It is a poor comparison at best, but you could say it is the same with my meals, young lord. I wish to properly savour every part of you. That is why I refrained from more than a small taste.”

A small, surprised, “Oh…” is all Ciel can manage.

“Besides,” Sebastian adds, “you are still a bit too young for the kind of eating I intend to partake in.” There is something in his voice that makes Ciel’s stomach knot. The promise, perhaps. It is not an unpleasant feeling, all in all.

Ciel wants to respond, to say something, anything to prolong the moment, but Sebastian makes a show of checking his pocket watch. “It has gotten rather late,” he says. “You would do well to rest, my lord.”

As if prompted by Sebastian’s words, a yawn stretches Ciel’s mouth wide. “You’ll be here in the morning, won’t you?” Ciel asks, blinking sleepily, and Sebastian is reminded again that he is but a child.

“Of course, young master,” he assures, leaning down to plant a kiss on the boy’s forehead as he whispers, “Good night.”

When Sebastian turns to close the door, his eyes fall on his contractor’s slumbering form, and, for a brief moment, he wonders if he has more in common with humans than he originally realised.

… … … … … …

A/N: This is all pre-canon, so Ciel and Sebastian aren’t quite Ciel and Sebastian. Plus, Ciel feels all kinds of conflicting things in this fic, and I guess I was trying to emphasize the imperfections, the cracks that (even in canon) were there before they properly became Ciel and Sebastian.

Quotes from the VolTrash server


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“Remember the former things of long ago; I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me.”
Isaiah 46:9

Dear God , You have, been so good to us. You’ve shown us Your love and blessings in so many answered prsyers. Remind us of them daily so that we will trust You more. Amen.

We could all benefit from a prayer journal a wonderful way to chronicle God’s Power in our lives. So when doubt assaults our faith, fear threatens to devour us, and disaster hovers overhead like a cyclone, we’ll be able to instantly recall the times when God’s merciful hands recsused us in astounding ways.
By remembering what God has already done for us through Christ, we’ll develop miracle memory. He defeated the instigator of fear at the cross, and He’ll for us through Christ, we’ll develop miracle memory. He defeated the instigator of fear at the cross, and He’ll do it again. Amen

Good morning, my family in Christ, with so much love and may God bless. Please join me in prayer on this morning.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the blessing of another day, for our love one’s and friends. Amen. On this morning our prayer goes out to the sick, may they be blessed with healing and strength, for the homeless, please bless them with food and shelter. Amen. And all who mourn, may they find peace in your loving arms. Amen. In closing we ask that we ask that you touch the hearts of the evil doers and allow them be at peace. In the name of Lord and Savour Jesus this we prayer. Amen.

anonymous asked:

Think some1 got u confused w/ Beyonce. today is Beyonce, our holy lord and savour's birthday. Her birthbey. Her beyonceday. The celebration of hey beybirth. Beyonce. Birthday. B-Day (Deluxe Edition)

the day chosen especially to celebrate her birthday

that explains everything!

code-newyork  asked:

Okay so I know our lord and savour Amy Acker hasn't been blessed with with best acting opportunities but... are any of her films worth a watch? (since you've already suffered so we don't have to)

She really hasn’t, the poor cutie. Honestly, the only one I loved a lot was Much Ado About Nothing. She’s also in Cabin in the Woods but it’s not a movie I’d watch to see her per say - her role is rather small.

Here are the movies I watched for her gorgeous face;

Groom Lake: DO NOT RECOMMEND this is not a joke this movie is triggering and gross and you will cry because why was Amy a part of this my poor bby what have they done to her nooooo

The Novice/Crossroads: in this one Amy is really fucking cute

exhibit A:

exhibit B:

(in this last one she says “I came to take you away” and YES AMY TAKE ME)

But the movie is about a straight dude who doesn’t know if he wants to be a priest or to bang Amy (like anyone remotely human would hesitate). And their ‘romance’ is gross. It does have the weirdest lines, a distinct lack of chemistry between the main characters and also it suffers from what is a very strange and recurring phenomenon - the Unattractive Dude. The UD is always paired with Amy in every bad movie and it is THE WORST. I mean already pairing her with a dude is blerg, why do they have to pick the ugliest ones out there too?

There’s also A Near Death Experience which gave us one amazing sex scene (that is a rare thing in Amy’s career and I’ve yet to decide whether it’s a blessing or not) but nothing else of significance. Unless you are weirdly passionate about train musems.

Then you have Sironia. Not only Amy/UD happens, but also the dude makes her cry?? Not cool, dude. The story is boring and the movie is slow af and you will want to kill a guy before the end of it. BUT you get preggos!Amy shooting a gun. So idk.

You also got Fire and Ice in which Amy is a princess and there are dragons but the dragons look like manta rays??? The movie is really bad and cheap but in an entertaining way and at least Amy/UD doesn’t become canon in this one so yeah that one you can watch. But it’s not good though. (SPOILER: THEY’RE ALL NOT GOOD)

Then there is 21 and a Wake Up which is now a legend amongst us Amy Acker fans I’d assume. Soldier!Amy is definitely something - the movie, sadly, is not.

And lastly there is Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife. That movie is… so fucking weird. You are going to feel really awkward the whole time and wonder why the hell you are watching this and why on Earth is Amy in this??? And her husband??? YOU TWO ARE THE SWEETEST OF THEM ALL WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELVES? Anyway I was happy that Amy wasn’t Ward’s wife, and that it got us AWESOME manips of breathplay. But I would never watch that again.

Dear Santa and A Novel Romance are probably the “best” of her movies, but they are cheesy as hell, predictable, the leads don’t have chemistry much, etc. They really aren’t good movies, but they aren’t bad either - they’re just really really bland. Okay they suck a little. A lot. But you won’t be scarred by them which is a good thing, right?

So yeah the answer is probably nope, there are no good Amy movies. There are just less traumatic ones.


Expressing opinions of the interwebs!

Hello children of the universe! Ever since or lord savour Dan howell (aka danisnotonfire) made his opinions videos, im seeing a lot of people saying nasty/hateful things and saying that it is just their “opinion” and that’s what “Dan would want” but you see people, Dan doesn’t want you to be rude and insulting, and to hurt people in the process of giving your opinion! So I thought again I should give an example of an opinion and and example of someone just being a down right dick!
DISCLAIMER!! The example I am using below is not a representation of my opinion!
Here is an example of an opinion on doctor who.
“Im really sorry but I am not to fond of the television show doctor who. I have tried to watch it before but the fantasy genre isn’t my favourite, and I could never get into it. But I do respect it as a show, and I can see why everyone loves it as it does have a great cast!” See that is me stating my dislike for something, without being offensive. Now let’s give an example of a downright cock head! “I hate the show doctor that or whatever it’s called. It’s stupid, the people who watch it are dumb babies, and the lead actors and no talented losers who are ugly” see how insulting that was? See how that would really hurt people to read something like that? You may think those things about a show/ or something, but you should never disrespect it in such a rude manner! Not only would that hurt the fans of the show, it would also hurt the writers and the actors. People need to learn that there is a difference between expressing a valid, well worded opinion, and being an insulting, uptight brat! ((Even though most of you lovelies know it anyway, it’s just a select few that don’t or do and choose to ignore it)) so yes Dan did say to express your opinion. But don’t express your opinion of your opinion disrespects ((makes fun of/hurts))someone else’s existence! That’s all from me, love you all heaps!! 💘