In having a conversation with someone I love, I told him how I observe that he pushes away all the good things in his life—and how he shouldn’t do that. In which he told me, “It’s because I feel like everytime something good happens in my life, I don’t deserve it.” My reply to him was simple, “Well, we don’t deserve anything, but God is good.”

Do we deserve Grace? Absolutely not—we are not worthy of it. Do we deserve good things? Nope. None of us are good, why would we?

However, God exceeds all expectations. He goes above and beyond in blessing His children because that is His nature. He is the definition of unconditional love and unrelinquished grace.

Do not push away His blessings. Receive them with a thankful heart, and never cease to give Him praise. He is worthy.


Indeed, those who fear their Lord unseen will have forgiveness and great reward. (Quran, 67:12)
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Every situation in our lives can either lead us closer to God, or further away from Him. It is our choice. He is a God that cannot be moved. He is always going to be in the same place where He knows we can find Him. We are the ones moving. So, if today you are asking yourself, “Where is God?! He feels so far.” Know that He is never too far from you, you need only to seek Him out. Call on His name. He’s waiting for you to come back. He loves you.