matt if u cosplay the once-ler i swear to god im gonna learn how to sew just to make a lorax kigu

(i feel like i should mention that our fondness for this movie is deeply rooted in irony and we both thought the film was largely mediocre but it is very fun to poke fun at…)

zippyc said: lmao emi i love how dedicated you have become to your “ironic” love of the lorax. js.

NO OKAY well a part of it is homestuck people get really mad if i get facts wrong… so i have to double-triple-quadruple check everything UmU 

kingbananamilkshake replied to your postJust outta curiosity, HOW DID ONCELER PROTOTYPE HIMSELF???

three words. Future doomed timeline. He ruined his session in the future via pollution and went back in time to stop himself. Unless you can time travel a whole awful lot. Your session’s not going to get better, it’s not.

WHOA…………………………. that’s really good