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Watched a stream of The Lorax just now with some people and the question was asked “what is that on Onceler’s limo?”

Well I literally opened up the movie in a video editor and went frame and frame to get the best shot of it I could. (Honestly this is the best shot I could get. None of the frames in this sequence are even remotely clear.)

It’s confirmed. The Onceler has a hood ornament of himself on his limo.

You’re welcome. :)

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What was the onceler fandom?

Buckle up and let me take you on a journey of meta, madness, and things going very very strangely as best as I can recall.

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An Open Letter

I mentioned this in the previous ask with plutonis, but yeah, I really fell off the map with this blog. There has been a separate art project going on, but nothing I felt the need to link over here. So I just…fell off updating. But when I log in, I’m glad to see y’all still here.

So…on to another topic. I’ve come to notice sometimes that when certain characters become popular, be they cartoons, video games, or anything, one of the popular ways to make those people feel bad for genuinely enjoying something and having fun is by saying that their fave is “the next onceler.”

Now, I feel like we should be over the concept of “cringe interests” as a thing, and how stifling they can be for young artists and just people in general when all they want to do is just have…harmless fun with something. Buuuut more often than not people try and justify themselves by saying they’re totally not like these guys. And I suppose, it’s understandable, but it’s still disheartening to see when it happens. So, personal thoughts.

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Look, I don’t really venture outside of games and anime and such around here, so I don’t really get what’s the big deal about The Onceler from The Lorax of all things, but I get the feeling that, whatever it is, it’s really bad if it’s coming from this site.

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one time i was watching a "let it grow but every blank is replaced with blank" video from the lorax and it led to me watching a "how bad can i be video" (also lorax) but the thing is that video was how bad can i be but every bad is replaced with sexy onceler fanart and thats how I discovered a new kink

isn’t the onceler the one who looks like Leafy? or am i just dumb