lorax party


Some friends and I are planning a panel and party room at Anime Detour 2013 (Minnesota) for the fandom surrounding the movie/book/animated short for The Lorax. I am not the greatest at Tumblring and would appreciate some signal boost assistance? We want to extend the invitation to all the fans in the Midwest, and if people want to come from even farther away, then holy crap that’s great!

The plan right now is to have the panel hosted by Greedy!Once-ler and the party room hosted by Pre-Greed!Once-ler. I am not sure what Greedy’s doing for his panel yet, but the party room will have fresh pancakes made by Oncie himself, a large supply of marshmallows, and of course, multiple showings of the movie and half hour animated short + readings of the book by different cosplayers.

We’re really excited to meet everyone and just be goofballs in general. So please, reblog this for me? ;u; You never know which of your followers might be interested!