lorax art

I saw Seussical the Musical with @miaoumint last month and so many things about the Cat in the Hat character reminded me of the Once-ler, from the coattails to the body language. Soooo naturally I felt inspired to draw him in the Cat’s outfit. :P


Inspired by a post from @nutastic and @karlcat, I wanted to go all out and draw the brothers in the Once-ler’s suit with their own touches! This was really fun and I’m sure a few folks know that I was once in the Once-ler fandom at one point lmao

I had a hard time making Choro not look like a clone of the Once-ler haha.

it took AGES, but I guess worth it

just in case you want to know, I put together characters which mean a lot to me,

i’d be scared like nefarious too tho

I’ve always preferred thinking of the Once-ler as just one dude. But I know there is (was?) a fandom stereotype for innocent Oncie and evil Greed-ler, probably brought on by the very short transition in the movie and the stylization in early fanart, and mmmaybe perpetuated by the need for the seme/uke oncest aesthetic. I don’t really know, but it’s fascinating! What are everyone else’s opinions on these two and Once-ler fandom culture?

Also, a bonus edit by Minty:

The Lorax Essay
How Bad Can It Possibly Be: A Digression on How Much I Fucking Hate The 2012 Adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax”

Fifteen faux-academic, footnoted pages of me picking apart every single reason that, four years later, I still find Chris Meledandri’s The Lorax to be one of most aggressively worthless movies I’ve ever seen.

I hate this movie the way some people hate SAO, in that i find it an incredibly low-hanging fruit that I derive far more joy out of beating on that I will ever get out of watching it. I really hate it, you guys.