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"remember in the books... remember in the books... remember in the books..." oh shut up about the books, the show is a totally different thing and people should stop complaining about it, it's so tired after 5 years.

yes the show is different from the books. but the show is still an adaptation and it’s worth noting the changes that the showmakers actively chose to make from the source material when those changes are rooted in sexism, racism and homophobia. 

I’m not saying you can’t like the show. I’m not saying that the show should (necessarily) be closer to the books. my issue is not with the show changing storylines. my issue is with the show changing storylines in a way that it sexist/racist/homophobic when they had perfectly good, non-offensive source material to begin with (not that the books are perfect but there are still a lot of good things in them that the show has chosen to ignore) 

the reason I want to draw attention to the very different characterization of loras and tommen in the books and the different way their relationship is presented is because personally I’m disappointed that the show has erased one of the healthier platonic relationships in the books and reduced one of their very few lgbt characters to a joke - with his sexual orientation as the punchline.

I also think the sexualisation of tommen and margaery’s relationship is uncomfortable and unnecessary, especially when the age difference between the actors is so huge. natalie dormer is a thirty three year old woman and the actor of tommen isn’t even legally an adult yet. the actor himself has said that these changes made him feel uncomfortable (and he’s not the only actor who has voiced unease about certain changes the show has made this season).

obviously you don’t have to agree with me but personally I’m not thrilled about the direction the show has decided to take certain storylines and I’d like to remind people of how these characters were in the books to draw attention to the conscious decisions that the show has made to change their stories and characterization to provide as much violent and or/sexual content as possible at the cost of genuinely compelling and emotional stories.

and thanks for the advice but I think I’ll say what I want on my own blog :-)

  • me:so did Olyvar develop feelings for Loras after their initial encounter? During? Does he feel responsible for Loras' engagement to Cersei? Guilty? Does Loras know he's a prostitute? About Littlefinger? If not, how does he explain the time he's away at the brothel? How long have they been together? What are they to each other?
  • game of thrones:
  • me:Or is Olyvar still spying for Littlefinger? Does he actually not care about Loras at all? If Loras gets a trial, will he be trotted in as a Shae parallel? How can he expect to do that safely?
  • game of thrones:
  • me:
  • me:You're not gonna address any of this, are you?
  • game of thrones:Tune in next week and find out, sweetie ;)

Book Loras: Jaime parallel. “When the sun has set, no candle can replace it” amounts of loyalty to his lover Renly. Buries his king with his own hands. Hotheaded BAMF swordsman and knight. Part of the damn Kingsguard. Just all around pretty awesome and talented despite his recklessness.

Show Loras:


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