World of Warcraft: Commission WIP of Sumaka [a la loraclespeaks]
Digital Art; Paint Tool Sai

haaaiiirrr… haaaaiiiiiirrrrr.
I have to admit it, Sumaka’s definitely a lovely troll to illustrate. I can’t wait to finish this! Here’s a WIP snippet of the lines being worked on~

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I have a guilty pleasure. I like drawin cartoony faces on my characters, but I stopped doing that a couple of years ago ‘cause I wanted to get into “serious” art. But lately I’ve been exploring that maybe it’s a good thing to bring back and so here are a few attempts with Alkrenon. AND HEY NEW BODY TYPE AS WELL, WILL I KEEP THIS ONE? IT’S A MYSTERY!

I got inspired by all the fun exploring loraclespeaks and I did yesterday in the beta server. SHE KEPT TOUCHING THINGS SHE SHOULDN’T BE DON’T JUMP IN THE PURPLE SWIRLS. So most of these were Alk’s expressions during that. I had a lot of fun both on the beta and doodling these!

Sketches? Sketches

This is for loraclespeaks’ commission and hey IS THAT A HALF-ORC/DRAENEI YES IT IS MY FIRST ONE

This is the first commission done on my new cintiq! I love it so much IT IS SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE TO DRAW! My right arm and neck really appreciates it. Can you tell with the lines as well? 

Remeber this is a WIP, a sketch, some things may be changed in the lineart stage