lora's art


Good news, I’m working on ChoiceTale. I’ve already understood how to make a comic of this story, so now I’m trying to make some concepts and choose the style. Most likely I will draw the comic with pencil and then color it with the SAI. 
So, concepts of ChoiceTale humans. I’ve made just Chara and Lora today, but it’s nice to think that I will draw more humans tomorrow.


My piece for Draw ‘Em with the Pointy End: A Game of Thrones Art Book! It’s a two-page spread featuring armor and horses, because I swear all I’ve drawn in the past year is armor and horses.

Check out the kickstarter for the book! The artist lineup is incredible, and I’m honored to have my work featured alongside so many sweet illustrations. Shout-out to Grace for all her hard work as art director and for putting this project together - and if you want to see previews of some of the artwork while the campaign runs, follow drawemwiththepointyend!