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Unabashed Book Snobbery 2: GoT’s 10 Most OOC Characters

Spoilers only through GoT 5x05, with some book stuff thrown in that we feel really confident won’t spoil the show in any way.

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Anonymous said:
your top 10 about the characters most OOC from the show?

Once again, anon, well done. As soon as I saw this ask, I sent it over to my friend, and between the two of us, we painstakingly crafted a list. One Google Doc session later, we have the second installment in our series: Unabashed Book Snobbery. The following is a collaboration between myself and theculturalvacuum, who you should totally go follow right now.

Preface: this was a difficult list to construct, because while we feel very strongly about certain characters’ arcs completely missing the point of their book counterparts (Sansa is one the most egregious here, for example), we felt we really had to hone in more on characteristics. It was a painful animal to narrow down, but we feel fairly comfortable with our order. That’s not to say anyone off this list is without issue though.

Without further ado:

Honorable Mention: Arianne Nymeros Martell

Arianne’s whole thing is that she exists and she won’t let people forget it, so being nonexistent is WAY out of character for her. She would give Doran an earful if she knew about this.

10. Littlefinger

Littlefinger is a Sneaky Sneak. You could say this is pretty much true in both the books and the show, though what is sneaky about mailing a letter to one of your greatest foes that has a reputation for treason to let him know about your hidden asset is beyond us. Still…yes, both Littlefinger and his show counterpart, Batfinger, are indeed weasley-type characters. And both have incredibly inappropriate feelings towards Sansa Stark due to viewing her as an awkward combination of daughter and boyhood fantasy.

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I hate Margaery´s death, she didn´t die because she did a bad move, no, she was one of the most amazing and clever characters in the whole show, even in her last moments of life she was sure something was going to happen, Margaery knew Cersei in a way no one else did. Cersei might have beaten the high sparrow but she didn´t beat Margaery she was, as always, the smartest person in the room. 

Let’s talk about the King’s Landing plot in 5x06

So. After spending 3 days in very much needed discussion, I want to take the task of picking apart the King’s Landing plotline. Because the more I think about it the less sense it makes.

1. The Sparrows (the Faith Militant, the Faith Taliban, what have you) are able to burst into brothels to arrest clients engaging in homosexual intercourse. They are able to smash merchandise. They are able to arrest the HEIR of Highgarden based on a rumor that he might enjoy the company of men. According to Lancel it’s a “new” King’s Landing from which the godless have fled. But Batfinger, the most prominent brothel owner, says “the Queen is waiting,” and that’s that? Let’s be honest: they thought of the “we both peddle dreams” line and wanted to use it. Who needs logic?

2. Carol summoned Batfinger and had “urgent” need of him. This is what she told Qyburn in 5x03. Yet all she did was go, “hey you’re still loyal, right?” At the time I thought she wanted Batfinger because she would get him to help her set up Marg. And you know what, given that Olyvar works for Batfinger, isn’t that what should have happened? I feel like there was a missing scene where Batfinger convinces him to testify (and Carol asked for Marg to get thrown in or something) because otherwise wasn’t it a little too convenient? And why would Olyvar testify against Loras?

I already talked about why Batfinger was stupid in my recap or my musings or something, but I’ll reiterate. For one, he trusted a raven to tell Roose Bolton that he had the #1 fugitive in Westeros (which is idiotic for numerous reasons), but he couldn’t trust a raven to King’s Landing to tell Carol about it? Or did he want to be there in person to suggest the Vale Lords? Because he probably could have included all of that in a letter. Secondly, Carol clearly isn’t fact-checking. She thought Batfinger was still in the Eyrie (and he knew this). So what’s to stop him from say, not sending Sansa to Winterfell, but just telling Carol the Boltons are having this wedding and can he send the Vale Lords? Or how about this: why doesn’t he just not say anything, and send the Vale Lords to clean up after the Boltons vs. Stannis and claim Winterfell no matter what? Because literally the only way this plot makes sense is if Batfinger legitimately wants to kill Sansa at the end of all of this. Maybe I am super mis-reading everything, but that happens to be the one thing I am sure he wouldn’t do.

So…Batfinger was down in King’s Landing because they wanted Sansa to be alone in Winterfell. That’s what happened. We can agree, right?

3. Olenna marches in and demands that her family’s heir be released, and Carol is all “you’re bluffing, you don’t want war again.” And then Olenna seems to agree with that sentiment. So…seriously? There really wouldn’t be a repercussion against the Lannisters (or the Sparrows) for arresting the Heir to Highgarden? If the Tyrells won’t go to war over the future of their House, what will they go to war for? And WHY was Olenna brought back other than to talk about shit and tarts? Oh wait…that is why.

4. Clearly Olyvar told the High Sparrow about being with Loras and Marg knowing ahead of times, because that’s how the High Sparrow knew to ask those questions. Does that mean the High Sparrow is Carol’s lackey? Because wtf would he gain from arresting the Queen and pissing her off? He didn’t have to question her; it was a clear perjury trap. So what was his beef with her? Or is it that she tolerates gay people so therefore she must go…ya know…the worst crime and all.

 5. It is total he-said-she-said, especially for whether Marg ever witnessed anything because it’s not like she has a birthmark that can be discussed. Even more, it’s 2-1 he-said-she-said where we have the word of the Queen and the Heir of Highgarden vs. a random squire/sex worker. Why would anyone believe him?

6. Squires see their knights naked. Even if they didn’t, no one bothered to check for the birthmark before carting everyone away.

7. This is where aging up Tommen doesn’t really work. He just sat there.

At least it wasn’t as actively insulting to our intelligence as Dorne?