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Renora proposal headcanons? :)

Ren proposes by accident. 

After all he’s not sure if she really wants this or not. He doesn’t want to make a big fuzz about if it might make her uncomfortable because she actually doesn’t want to get married. So he asks her if she ever thought about it. Just to test the ground, you know? 

And just like the fall of the Berlin Wall a misunderstanding gets them married because Nora actually thinks he’s proposing right here right now. Because something that unromantic and cautious would be something he’d absolutely pull. 

So they’re accidentally engaged and he doesn’t dare to tell her he actually didn’t plan to propose right now. After all he’s glad. He’s not the person to plan and pull through with some super romantic proposal, it would just make him nervous. 

They pick an engagement ring together afterwards, because yes, of course she wants one.