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I loved Justice League Gods and Monsters it was so awesome!!! I loved it so much I so want to buy it!!! It was better than Bruce Timm Justice League series!!! Also if any wants to ever chat about DC or Justice League Gods and Monsters I'm up for it!!! Ok guys?


Love it!!!! Love it all!!!! 😆😍❤️😊😘😀😁😉😍😃😆😄❤️

Play Things

Disclaimer: Batman and associated characters are the creative property of DC Comics.
Warnings: noncanon expansion of relationships/Future Titans
Rating: T
Prompt: ( red-dye-number-five ) Third prompt: Chris, Damian, and Colin do kid stuff.

A/N: I’m done with AU week (I guess?) so I’m going back now and getting to the various fluff prompts that I didn’t get to the first time around 8D

The after school bus takes him straight to fifth street. This gets him less than a block from St. Aden’s Orphanage, but if he sits at the bench for five minutes, he’ll be able to catch the 3:15 bus that cuts across the city to take him to the Chelsea Tunnel.

He’ll be back to the East End on the 9:30, but until then he has the blessings of Sister Annie to visit with the Orphanage’s favorite benefactor.

Or, to the benefactor’s youngest child, Colin supposes. He really just prefers to call Damian Wayne his friend.

Sometimes he wonders if Damian feels the same.

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jayseedub  asked:

Unfortunately it wasn't just Morrison. Dan DiDio wanted to get rid of "redundant" characters. He pushed hard for Flashpoint to be bigger than just a Flash event so that he could move characters out of certain stables. Those characters were mostly the 3rd generation Titans - Tim, Bart, Kon, Cassie, etc. And completely erase other characters - Connor Hawke, Chris Kent (Lor-Zod), Donna Troy (now back). Even the JSA was pushed out to another world because DiDio didn't like it competing with JLA.

Jeez Louise, you would think working at DC comics one would develop some sort of care for the characters y'know? Especially beloved, popular characters that have been around for decades. Yikes, I bet he regrets that decision now after N52 divebombed so badly.