lor macquarrie

Favorite Female Character:
  Lor MacQuarrie

It was hard to pick, but I think I’m going to have to go with Lor as my favorite female character from The Weekenders.

So here is one of my favorite Lor moments: the time her friends tried (and failed) to make her feel better about her upcoming death sentence surgery.
(from S04E02B: Lor’s Will)

Also it looks like Day 2′s post is still not showing up in the tag search for whatever reason. Oh well. :/

“Before the internet era, cartoonists made the most out of their observation in daily life, and used catalogues, personal year books for character clothing, while still being aware of the trends changing.
What makes The Weekenders so unique is that its characters change their clothes and we prepared sets for several days. We drew inspiration from people on the street.”

- Stephen Silver (The Weekenders Character Designer)