Strela Amura- Chekov x Reader

A/N: So sorry about how late this is, I’ve just been really busy at Uni. Anyway, She’s Kirk’s sister but also not Kirk’s sister. It’ll make sense, trust me. ut my favourite thing about the OS has always been the time-travel episodes, like???? What a gift to Humanity. So here’s me playing with that space time continuum.

Also. It’s Eurovision time!!!! Sorry not sorry for nearly winning last year btw. Anyway, you know what that means? Time to listen to my Eurovision husband’s entire discography. Like it’s such a cute Chekov-y song, bless.

Also key word: Chekov tries to save her

Title: Strela Amura (Cupid’s Arrow)
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Tags: Fluff, kinda-kirk’s-sister-but-kinda-not, pre-romanov decline russia, TIME TRAVEL MOTHERFRICKERS, ridiculous bustle skirts are my aesthetic
Words: 1500+
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Original Request: (x) - Could you do a thing where reader is Kirk’s younger sister (or other relative), that isn’t part of Starfleet, and gets taken by the big bad, and Chekov saves her? Then fluff?

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Стрела Амура

Most senior students at the Starfleet Academy dreaded the ‘Little Sibling’ program; in which a senior, slowly struggling and watching their very soul leave their bodies were forced to pair up with some innocent, optimistic first year who had yet to see their life force choked from them due to obscene assignment due dates.

You were rather surprised to have found yourself partnered with a one James Tiberius Kirk, as he had introduced himself, a coffee in hand and dark circles under his eyes. You were a little intimidated, admittedly, but he was as supportive as you could have hoped for and Jim was genuinely wonderful. He would always remember your exam dates and check up on your actual dates and was always there to hold your hair back and cover for you if a party got too wild. Or there to ruffle your hair in pride as you passed that one maths class you always seemed to flunk exams for. He even kept in contact as he graduated, sending you updates as he traversed the expansive galaxy, promising that if you did well, you would score a place on the prestigious Enterprise crew.

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"Je te hais"

Je ne suis pas c'que sous-entend mon nom
Et encore moins mon env'loppe corporelle
Transcrit ce qu'il y a quand je touche le fond
En enfer, la tristesse n'est pas très belle
Hautaine, détestable, peu sociable - Pardon
Avec ma haine, j'fais pleurer l'arc-en-ciel
Incoercible est ma tristesse, du sel
Sillonne mes joues, fallait pas jouer au con.


The Lopp wedding!

Wildstar Accelerated - PART 1a - NON STANDARD RACES

Wildstar has a TON of races, but not all of them are playable in the game. Fortunately, Tabletop RPGs have no such problems!

Below is a list of character options for non-standard Wildstar Accelerated characters. Several of these races (in particular, Luminai, Falkrin, Ikthians, Corporixians, Pell, and Torine) aren’t typically adventurers, often sticking to their own holdings. Falkrin and Ikthians in particular tend to be hostile to alien races in many cases. You will need to do additional narrative justification (and have GM permission) to pick one of these races.

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What level is everyone’s character in Wildstar?  O_O  Just curious....

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