Shaw’s Lophius monopterygius from The Naturalist’s Miscellany. After initially classifying it as an anglerfish, Shaw had doubts and wondered if it was actually a dugong fetus or a cetacean of some sort. 

Shaw’s description is terrible, but it refers to a real species — the Coffin Ray — and as such it still carries his specific name, Hypnos monopterygius.


“American Anglerfish” (Lophius americanus)

Also knwon as the Molligut, satchel-mouth, devil-fish, bellows-fish or wide-gape Lophius americanus is a species of Anglerfish (Lophiidae) which occurs along the eastern coast of North America. Like most other lophiiform fish American anglerfish are ambush predators, spending most of thier time hidden on the seabed covered in sediment, waiting for suitable prey items like fish and cephalopods to pass. 


Animalia-Chordata-Actinopterygii-Lophiiformes-Lophiidae-Lophius-L. americanus

Images: OAR and NOAA