Excuse me, FOX LOPEZ  your plane is about to take off. I believe you are NINETEEN  years old, you are BISEXUAL and it says you are LOYAL, HONEST yet VAIN AND RECKLESS. Has anyone ever told you, that you look just like ARIANA GRANDE?

B I O G R A P H Y 

Fox Lopez is your classic good girl by day, party animal by night. On the outside, at school and to her moms, Fox is the perfect oldest daughter. She’s smart, beautiful and hard working. She’s involved in her community by volunteering at homeless and animal shelters, she also helps tutor kids in history and Fox already has plans to work with the Parks department in the summer to make a free theatre camp for the kids. At school Fox is one of the best students. She gets high grades and she’s in a bunch of clubs that she goes to at lunch. She’s one of the leads in Glee, she’s in the drama club and in the “Big Brother, Big Sister” club. Fox always wants to be the best she can be on the outside, because inside Fox thinks she’s a monster.

Fox is consumed with unhealthy thoughts. How ugly she is, how much of a failure she is, how fat she is. Fox hates herself. With everything she does, Fox doesn’t think it’s enough. She still thinks she’s a failure and that she could be better. Fox thinks everyone is always looking at her, not for her achievements, but for her flaws. She thinks her waist isn’t small enough, her hair isn’t pretty enough, her thighs are to big and her skin is the weirdest tone she’s ever seen. These thoughts, about how Fox isn’t enough, consume her mind. So, to deal with it, Fox turned to partying. She smokes, drinks and takes pills. She goes to raves whenever she can to get smashed. Fox is a party animal. If there’s a place to get high, she’s there. Fox usually keeps to herself even with all of her activities, she only talks to people when she has to. But at parties, she can talk to people, laugh, have fun and have friends. Fox can only eat when she gets baked, she can only sleep and relax when she’s stoned. Fox relies on drugs and alcohol to keep her sane.

  • Biologically 

↳ Catalina Domina Lopez ♦ 17 ♦ Oldest ♦ ENDGAME: Adrianna ♦ G!P ♦ TAKEN

↳ Ships/Anti-Ships

  • Catalina/Adrianna, Catalina/Wilde, Catalina/Fabray
  • Catalina/Sad!

↳ Full Bio

Catalina Domina “Lady” Lopez, despite growing up in the program and being a child of the facility almost, still managed to want to be something spectacular.  It wasn’t that she wanted to have a spectacular job or career so much, as a person she wanted people to remember her for being spectacular.  The girl despite her penis wanted to be remembered as a fine if seductive lady.  She wondered once she had her name explained to her if maybe whoever named her had an inkling of this or it was fated by their choice of name somehow.  Growing up with just Adrianna and the other girls around the facility was trying if all she knew.

There was so many things she wished someone else was there to help explain to her.  Sexuality and its proper application, how to be classy, etc…  Were just some of the things Catalina wished she had someone older and trustworthy to ask about things.  Because of this maybe, she idealizes the concept of motherhood and even though she would most likely end up the ‘father’ in a biological sense of any child, unless adopted, she thinks and intends to be the best mother she can someday.  Catalina is in some senses educated and classy, where she fails a bit is in tact.

Her sense for tact must be broken, or so she assumes.  So many times she has her actions been commented on or criticized due to her lack of tact in regards to sexual matters and even occasionally her sense of humor.  Of course Catalina still manages to get away with it, maybe is charisma, quick thinking or a million other things, but she usually manages to either charm the other party into accepting it or extradite her pretty backside out of faults way.  Generally she prefers to try and make things right though.

High school has been a trying place for her.  She had a temper at times, especially when people she likes are being hurt.  Because of this many bullies and would be bullies towards the other girls, especially Adrianna, get taken aside and had a few words with.  Usually words turn to violence and the girl gets enough licks in that the other party backs off.  Momma bears are protective, she wants to be a good momma bear for her own kids someday, she sees this as just good practice for worst case scenarios.

Though she has been tempted and nearly given in a few times, she is still a virgin.  A well read and oh so very sexually imaginative virgin at that.  She imagines that like her personality in general, she would probably be aggressive but caring and possibly emotional even, in bed.  She can usually be found playfully flirting or teasing girls that are pretty.  Its all for fun and she tries not to make it uncomfortable or at least not too uncomfortable for the people she teases.  She is curious about sexual kinks and fetishes but isn’t quite sure what to really hold too there.

She loves to dote on those close to her.  Whether it be time, affection or presents when she can.  Catalina will get into almost anything someone she likes does.  She may not become a true fan or expert by any means, it’s more the aspect of watching someone be good at something and enjoy it, that makes her enjoy the process.  Once she really does dislike something, she can be hard to budge on giving it a second try though.  Her own interests are people unsurprisingly.  Maybe it was partially growing up in a big science project, but she finds the concept of philosophy in regards to governing and societal matters quite interesting.  But it’s a hobby, not something she wished to do for a living.

In her head she considers all the girls at the facility under her protection.  She has tried to be sociable with them but hasn’t always been successful.  Catalina is planning to improve on that.  They are what she imagines as her extended family, since she doesn’t have a normal one.  She just needs to figure out how to get them to understand and agree.  Again sadly tact is one of her weaknesses.  She tends to get excited or serious about something and then the nervousness makes her end up going to far or too heavily.

Her future is a little undecided.  She knows she wants kids one way or another.  To be a mother and a good one, might even have some prospective options for who to have them with.  In fact there is one particular option she is rather inclined too.  She just doesn’t know if it will work out or if her interest is even able to return it.  So she takes care of her twin and ‘friends’.  Catalina can be silly and adorable at times but normally tries to keep that to the minimum or save it for Adri.  If she had to say she wanted to do anything with her future, she would probably say create something people enjoy.  She wants to have something that will draw people in and make them happy and entertained.  The question of what, well again she is working on it still.   

Excuse me, SANTANA LOPEZ  your plane is about to take off. I believe you are 43 years old, you are BISEXUAL and it says you are PASSIONATE, DETERMIND, yet BITCHY and SELFISH. Has anyone ever told you, that you look just like NAYA RIVERA?

B I O G R A P H Y 

Santana Lopez is 43 and on top of the world, she’d like to believe. She’s wildely successful, her career in modeling hasn’t halted due to her age - she’s just now modeling more mature themes but still a nationally sex icon. Since Santana is getting up in age; she knows her dreams of modeling will have to come to an end. So, Santana has racked up an empire to help her back up her lifestyle once her modeling career comes to an end; she has a successful clothing line, perfume line, jewelry line and a rumored talk show for her sassy and witty lines. 

She doesn’t know when her and Berry started honestly, after her failed relationship with Brittany - the one she thought was the one. She was stuck and in a dark place and Rachel helped her out and she guesses that’s when it started. She’s very content with her life with Berry, there’s always been sparks between them. They bicker, fight, and only agree on 40 % of things but they work. Rachel keeps Santana from going rage monster and Santana keeps Rachel on the ground and detaching her head from her ass, at times. Rachel and Santana are a wonderful mess that’ll be forever a spicy - sweet mix. 

When it comes to Rachel’s and Santana’s parenting techniques, they’re on different pages. Santana being Santana is more direct and blunt with her kids, telling them how it is and the way she wants it; and, if not done the way she wants - all hell could break lose. Santana isn’t a very strict mother when it comes to “teenage things” which means once her children hit teenage years and want to party, drink, smoke, experiment, stay up all night and etc, she lets them. She knows they’ll do it anyway ( being born with/around Rachel - she knows their stubbornness is embedded in them ), she just teaches them and tells them to do it responsibly. She’s nowhere near laid-back but she’s just a “cool mother” in some sense. 

↳ Adrianna Mari Lopez ♦ 17 ♦ Oldest ♦ ENDGAME: Catalina ♦ Non-G!P ♦ TAKEN

↳ Ships/Anti-Ships

  • LoLopez, Adri/Fabray, Adri/Wilde
  • Adri/Alone, Adri/Sad!

↳ Full Bio

Adrianna Lopez was always a little more of a quiet girl, compared to her older twin she was incredibly shy at times, more keeping to herself instead of trying to make friends. She at times gets bouts of anxiety if she’s unable to see her sister for a long period of time, which when younger was a more serious issue. Adri however does have a rather shocking protective side when it comes to her sister. She hated how at times the people they were stuck with treated the other girls like they were merely science experiments, including her twin sister. Just because they had something different down below, it didn’t mean they were meant to be tested and who knows what else. That was something that bugged her, she didn’t know everything about what happened when her sister wasn’t with her, and because of that it was another reason Adri kept close to her sister.

At times Adri’s closeness with her sister may seem a little strange, she hates being away from her sister longer than needed and sometimes struggles to even speak for herself when she’s alone - she just hates meeting new people. Adrianna is extremely quiet, she tries to speak up when she needs to but she honestly prefers to not talk all that much. She’s a very sweet girl though and treasures everyone she does care about although she struggles to trust the people around the facility that aren’t twins like her and her sister. Its much easier for her to just talk to the same people rather than actually going up to people, after one or two occurrences at the place they went to school, when people found out that her sister wasn’t like other girls a bullying factor came into view, Adri despises people who treat others horribly for things they can’t help about themselves. Just like people who think she is weird, because she doesn’t like to talk all that much. Its not her fault its just who she is.

But at least they weren’t alone in any of this, they had each other and that was all, she couldn’t even remember their parents, not having a single clear memory of the people who brought them into existence, all she knew was this program, knowing there were other twins around just like them, with one being a little different below their clothing. But they had each other, which Adri liked best, she was close to her twin despite differences they shared, they leaned on each other and protected each other. Even if her sister thought her obsession with comics and superheros was bizarre, she knew she was a dreamer and sure she may be wrong. But Adri loved the thought of there being super people out there, after all there were already differences in the world, why not have some good people out there? Even if it was just in books and games.