Catching Up || Sanaline/Emmtana

Santana checked her tumblr at a red light one last time. She never used her phone on the road unless it was when she was at a complete stop, and if she knew there weren’t going to be any problems with her using it. A chuckle left her lips when she saw her sister’s latest response and shook her head. She set the phone down in one of the two empty cup holders beside her, then looked back to the road and waited for the light to turn green. The Green Gentleman by Panic! At The Disco was currently playing on her CD, the song so loud that it was shaking the windows as it played. The brunette was singing at the top of her lungs as she continued to drive after the light turned green. She didn’t care what other people could hear, it’s a good song, and she has a good voice. 

When she hit the last set of street lights, which was less than a minute away from the Tots building, The Green Gentleman ended and Wait (The Whisper Song) by Ying Yang Twins began to play. Her dark eyes went wide, definitely thinking it wasn’t the best song to pick her sister up to. But, before Santana could change it, the light turned green and she had to drive. She pulled up to the building and could see her sister, her mind scolding her for having such a song on a CD that she’d play a hell lot of times. She quickly changed the song to The Birds (Part 1) By The Weeknd, which was a little better. Santana just approved it more because it wasn’t about sex like Wait was. That would be bound to make Emms feel awkward. Waiting, Santana unlocked the car for Emmie to get in. 

Gabriella Lopez | 21 | Bronx, New York [OPEN]

Santana needs her sister!

Sexuality:  up to Rper

Kinks: up to Rper

Ships: up to Rper

Gabriella is the shyer one of the Lopez’s household. She’s sweet, and fairly innocent in comparison to her sister, Santana. She wants to be a veterinarian, since she cares a lot about animals. She prefers to be in Colombia rather than the states, but that doesn’t keep her from living her life every day. She’s close to her sister, and knows how important this show is to her, so she agreed. The  idea sleeping with so many people makes her uncomfortable. She’s had few relationships in the past, and it was those whom she gave herself to, not strangers. She’s willing to do a comprise, but the latina doesn’t want to stray from who she really is. If by some odd miracle she does win, she plans on splitting the money with her sister, since she would like to open her own animal shelter.