Fanart based on Domenika Marzione’s Freezer Burn series, which I highly recommend.

Miranda Tung and Steve geeking out about food is the best. Plus, Miranda is just awesome. Bonus BuckyNat because Revenant is the best WinterWidow longfic I have ever read.


This means so much to me.

young married christian blogger: Guys. I get it. Singleness is SO tough. I’ve been there! During those 6 months in 8th grade before meeting my wonderful soulmate (jared the sexiest hubby in the world :):):) ) I was so alone. It’s a season of life that just knocks you off your feet, doesn’t it?! Haha. I’ve been there ladies. So if you’re 25 and have a crippling fear of being alone, WAIT ON GOD’S TIMING. His timing was conveniently perfect for me so I guess I just feel like I am the appropriate person to give you advice :) By the way, we’re expecting!!!!!!!!!