lop sided smile

Hauʻoli lā hānau, Anuenue

@theregoesthebellhop {Continued from Here: XX}

All wide eyes and bright smiles, Beth rushed to the door, taking a moment only to smooth down the skirt she wore, before opening the door. She blocked his path rather than letting him in right away, which was a touch unusual. Though he didn’t seem to take her up on it, Beth had often told him that he was welcome to literally pop in (she seemed to take great delight in the way he could move through the walls, once she discovered his secret) as he liked, whether she was home or not. She trusted him and had no secrets, not any more.

“Aloha!” She grinned a little more, the smile lop-sided. The light danced in her gaze as she teased him. “Now, before ya come in…put yer han’ on my shoulder and close yer eyes.”