Me dolió, me dolió con tanta fuerza que, una vez más, creí que no iba a poder. Que esta vez si se acercaba el final. Me dolió, y me dolió aún más estar sola, me dolió que nadie se haya dado cuenta de lo mal que la estaba (o más bien estoy) pasando. Me dolió esperar, y que no llegue. Me dolió no tener un hombro, unos brazos, unos oídos para mí, para contenerme. Me dolió creer que por una vez en la vida había alguien a quien le importé y a pesar de todo, esa persona iba a notar mis pocas ganas de existir, e iba a consolarme. Me dolió cuando dejé de escuchar la parte más cuerda de mi que me repetía constantemente que no me iba a salvar nadie, si quería volver a flote tenía que volver yo solita. Me dolió cuando me dí cuenta que realmente nunca salís, que la tristeza la llevo conmigo desde siempre y aunque han pasado muchos años todavía no encuentro respuestas claras. Me dolió tanta mierda, pero al final entendí que, al menos por ahora, esto fui y esto soy.


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📱Polish internet slang wordlist💻

Lol- read as if it was a polish word and not ‘el-oh-el’ when spoken often indicates ridiculing rather than just laughter or means calling someone an idiot

Leming- someone who believes everything they see on the internet and without thinking follows others

Żal.pl (read ‘żal pe-el’) or żal- used similarly to cringe

Looknąć/luknąć- to look at something

Looz blues/ spoko- means that everything is alright

Loszka- a girl

Lovelas-a guy that brags about easily getting with women

Loża szyderców- a group of people making fun of something

Dafuq- a way of spelling 'the fuck?’

D.A.N.-Doskonałe aromatyczne napoje, cheap alternative to wine

d o b r e p o m a r a ń c z o w e- “good, orange”, something good or funny

Czym to nagrywałeś?!- what did you record this with? Indicates low video quality

Nagrywane ziemniakiem- recorded with a potato

Pierwszy- first

Czosnek/czosnyk- literally garlic, means head or brain

Yhm/yhy- means sure, a spaced out yes

A ja obejrzałem i znam wszystkie odcinki mody na sukces- and I watched and know all episodes of Bold and Beautiful, means 'I don’t believe you’

A miało być tak pięknie (ale wyszło jak zawsze)- and it was supposed to be so beautiful (but ended up as always)

A.B.C.- absolutny brak cyca-absolute lack of breats, a girl with a small chest

Bajlando/melanż- a party with lots of alcohol

Zryty beret/zryty gar- used after you see something you just can’t unsee (means something along fucked in the head, literally destroyed hat/ destroyed pot

Bijacz- incorect, polonized version of english 'bitch’

Fakulec- middle finger

Faza-phase, also laughing uncontrollably or being drunk

Sebixx i Karyna- a couple on facebook constantly putting photos together, people who wear adidas sweatpants and polish patriotic symbols everywhere, are unintelligent, Sebixx or the lighter version Seba comes from Sebastian and is used for men while Karyna is used for women

Cebula/ cebulak- onion, someone uneducated, rude, often bullying weaker people

Zw- zaraz wracam- be right back

OCB- o co biega?- what is this about?

Katol- radical catholic

JKM- Janusz Korwin Mikke- an eccentric politician from Poland

JP- jebać policję or Jan Paweł (II)-fuck the police or John Paul the second

JP2GMD02.04.2005r.- a hard to explain meme with pope JP2, literally means John Paul II raped little children on the second of April 2005, used to oppose the cult like mentality of treating John Paul like a perfect human

Rak- cancer

Ten post dał mi raka- this post gave me cancer

Janusz- a name, someone embarassing, a noob

Gównoburza- shitstorm

[Rediscovered an old but cute Arkos doodle done by my friend @looz-y. She’s the same one who did the Lamia Pyrrha sketch a little while ago, and is super quality with her artwork and I would highly recommend you check her stuff out andmaybecomissionherifshehasthemopenbecausepromotingartistfriends (´∀`). ]

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What's Ruca's middle name? Btw loving all the new art tutorials!!! <3

Veruca’s middle name is Luzalma ( looze- aal -ma) named after her grandmother Luz,  so her full name is Veruca Luzalma Del Toro, but her mother changed her and her sisters last name to hers when she left their father so now it’s just Veruca Von Grimm

Za snake izz looze: VENOM review

A German terrorist (Klaus Kinski) and a couple of kidnappers (Susan George and a bleary-eyed Oliver Reed) try to kidnap a wealthy boy for ransom. It’s supposed to be the perfect crime – but they didn’t count on the boy’s unexpected houseguest; a venomous snake! It turns out that the spoiled, little brat collects exotic animals, and the morons at the pet store accidentally gave him a Black Mamba! And so it begins; The deadly snake (it’s even more deadly than Kinski) gets loose and begins to kill people one by one, and the kidnappers mess up and get trapped in the boy’s home. Given that, their chances of survival are very low indeed. Movies about snakes are fun, everyone knows this. But Venom is not just another campy snake movie.

Although the beautiful Susan George has one of the coolest death scenes ever in this film, Venom doesn’t just revolve around snakes and biting. It’s more like a hostage thriller. And speaking of the cast, Oliver Reed and Klaus Kinski in the same film! This is most certainly essential viewing! Seriously, when Oliver Reed and Klaus Kinski died, the testosterone on the planet was reduced by 70%. However, the famously drunk Reed and the intense Kinski reportedly hated each other on set. Reed would constantly provoke Kinski until he would lose his temper. Which is great for the film, because their characters hate each other too. Reed referred to him as a Nazi and stuff. Jeeze, the snake was probably the nicest person on the set. Kinski and a couple of cast members even ganged up on director Tobe Hooper, got him fired and replaced him with Piers Haggard. Anyway, very good film.

Release year: 1981
Country: UK
Director: Piers Haggard, Tobe Hooper (uncredited)
Starring: Klaus Kinski, Oliver Reed, Susan George


Prussian military costumes by Walter von Looz-Corswarem (1874 - 1946).

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