Differentiating between protesters and rioters is “good-protester versus bad-protester” bullshit. It is an extension of the “peaceful protester” myth and is a mechanism of self-policing. The state and capitalist elite want you to feverishly believe in the idea of peaceful protests because it erases the unrelenting violence of capitalism and the state. Their idea of “peace” is more accurately defined as the unabated continuation and invisiblization of their own violence. By sanctioning only state endorsed methods of resistance you help do the work of policing militancy FOR THE POLICE. 

White people deploy the idea of looting in a way that implies people of color are greedy and lazy, but it is just the opposite: looting is a hard-won and dangerous act with potentially terrible consequences, and looters are only stealing from the rich owners’ profit margins. Those owners, meanwhile, especially if they own a chain like QuikTrip, steal forty hours every week from thousands of employees who in return get the privelege of not dying for another seven days. 

And the further assumption that the looter isn’t sharing her loot is just as racist and ideological. We know that poor communities and communities of color practice more mutual aid and support than do wealthy white communities — partially because they have to. The person looting might be someone who has to hustle everyday to get by, someone who, by grabbing something of value, can afford to spend the rest of the week “non-violently” protesting. They might be feeding their family, or older people in their community who barely survive on Social Security and can’t work (or loot) themselves. They might just be expropriating what they would otherwise buy—liquor, for example—but it still represents a material way that riots and protests help the community: by providing a way for people to solve some of the immediate problems of poverty and by creating a space for people to freely reproduce their lives rather than doing so through wage labor

—  In Defense Of Looting, FTTP Issue 12

“We keep saying we’ll do something if it gets a little worse, when it really gets unlivable. We keep saying it, and it keeps getting worse. If not for you, for others without privilege who don’t have the security and freedom to just live how they want. At what point do you draw the line when it’s just too fucked up to live with? 

What about violence? I consider myself non-violent, but then again I don’t consider property damage as violence. I don’t consider blowing up buildings violent, looting either. I consider myself non-violent but sometimes I wonder, are we using non-violence as an excuse to be passive? Do you know it’s gonna be alright? I don’t. It’s not looking very good. We talk about non-violence and peace but still the government has a billion guns just waiting, ready to use on their own citizens if necessary, "non-violent” or not. Just look at Kent State or, more recently, People’s Park, 1991. Boy, they got all those guns and they’re scared of lil’ ol us? You bet they are. And they are the ones who need to be convinced to be non-violent, not us. It doesn’t mean shit when rich celebrities tell poor people not to loot, and it doesn’t mean shit when the government tells you to be non-violent and law abiding. They aren’t.“

- From "Despite Everything: A Cometbus Omnibus, a collection of zines by Aaron Cometbus 

It was our party’s first real session, and everyone was still settling into their characters… Which is to say, we had multiple people interested in looting anything they could see. Including looking for goodies in every nook and cranny of a kitchen in a kobold-infested dungeon.

While our Tiefling Rogue more sensibly searched a cabinet, the Half-Elf Warlock decided to check out something else…

Warlock: I open the oven and take a look inside.
DM: The oven? Seriously?
Paladin: Yeah, stick your head in there!
Warlock: Yes! I’m checking the oven.
DM: Roll Wisdom.
Warlock: … I’m going to regret this, aren’t I. *fumbles it*
DM: The oven was lit. You take three points of fire damage.

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter has been something that has been bouncing around on this site for a while now. It has mainly been focused in the US but has now started to appear over here in the UK for some unknown reason.

I really don’t understand this mindset of rioting and looting to get a point across. You do yourself no favours. People are less likely to sympathise with you. People are going to distance themselves from the who notion of it. You moan that you are being “harassed” by police. But when you are burning, rioting and looting of course they are going to be looking at you more closely. It’s common fucking sense. It amazes me that some of you wonder why people don’t support you as much as they may have done before.

What happened in Dallas with the shooting of the police officers who were there peaceful at a “peaceful” protest. Now I know some of you are going to claim he wasn’t with BLM. But when y'all are coming out and supporting him, you aren’t helping yourselves.

Black lives don’t matter to black lives matter. All you see constantly is protests and uproar when a black person is killed by police for either brandishing a weapon and refusing to comply. It doesn’t matter whether you’re black,white, Asian etc.
You point a weapon at a police officer, they will shoot you. But it is always criminals you are protesting and rioting about. Never the poor black children who are caught in the crossfire on black on black crime.

Focus on that rather than focusing on a police officer who is doing his job and trying to keep the streets safe so your children can walk to school without the fear of being shot by some gang banger.

One final point. This whole “can’t be racist to white people” bullshit needs to stop. It is idiotic and simply incorrect. Instead of turning everyone into an enemy. Try and little compassion for once! Yes black lives do matter. But so do white lives and Latino lives and Asian lives etc etc etc…

Peace ✌️