Heroes of the Storm 2.0: Nexus Challenge

Quick reminder that this begins today! (σ ˋωˊ)σ

Qualifying Modes:

  • Co-op vs AI (Oni Genji Only)
  • Quick Match 
  • Unranked Draft 
  • Ranked Modes

Non-Qualifying Modes:

  • Brawl
  • Training
  • Tutorial
  • Try Mode
  • Custom Game

Quest 1: Starts after April 25

  • Complete 5 games with a friend (Co-op vs AI/Quick Match/Unranked/ Ranked)
  • Overwatch Rewards: Oni Genji Skin, Portrait and Spray
  • Heroes Rewards: Orochi Hovercycle Mount, Oni Genji Banner, Portrait and Spray

Quest 2: Starts after May 2 

  • Complete 5 games with a friend  (Quick Match/Unranked/ Ranked)
  • Overwatch Rewards: Officer D.Va Skin
  • Heroes Rewards: Busan Police Hovercycle Mount

Quest 3: Starts after May 9

  • Complete 5 games with a friend  (Quick Match/Unranked/ Ranked)
  • Overwatch Rewards: Officer D.Va, Portrait and Spray
  • Heroes Rewards: Overwatch Nexagon Mount, Officer D.Va Banner, Portrait and Spray

Quest 4: Starts after May 16

  • Complete 5 games with a friend  (Quick Match/Unranked/ Ranked)
  • Overwatch Rewards: 10 Loot Boxes
  • Heroes Rewards: 10 Loot Chests (one of which is Rare)
No microtransactions coming in Agents of Mayhem

I was planning to ask the devs in the next stream, but Volition already got ahead of me by responding to one of my replies:

So just to clear up any concerns, since the unfortunate trend of microtransactions in full price games is becoming more prevalent in the industry.

So I’m going to Daisho Con in a few weeks and the voice actress for my favorite Borderlands character is gonna be there. GAIGE!!!!! So I made this wanted poster for Cherami Leigh to sign :D I had to make it since Gearbox was stupid about how they did their loot chests. Give Gaige and Kreig posters to the 2nd run but not the 1st? Really?

Anyways, can’t wait for Daisho. SMASH THE SYSTEM!!!!!

btw if anyone wants a higher res to print this out yourself, just message me. tumblr has a message system, right?

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird.. It’s a plane… IT’S ZADAAM!

Celebrating the birthday of @47-asura / @next-lvl ! I wish you good loots, all the ascended chests and blessings of Zommoros! Wish you calm days and good buds and inspiration and lots of money and aaaa lot of luck! You’re cool - stay cool =v=/


Limited edition Borderlands 2 Loot Chest. It came in a box that says it’s from Handsome Jack and it’s an actual chest! 

It came with a Goliath mask, the character’s wanted posters, a Crimson Raider poster, a Hyperion poster, 2 Pandora newspapers, a bunch of car stickers, and a whole pack of trading cards with legendary cods on them. 

Also, note that the cargo box says:

“Cargo: Helena Pierce’s Head. Also, Rolands. And a baggie containing what’s left of Bloodwing’s.  xoxxooxx- Jack”

anonymous asked:

Maybe all companions ( + Maxson) reacting to SS losing a limb during a fight with either raiders or super mutants and etc?.

Cait: “Jesus fucking Christ…” she shouts over the noise of the fight. She quickly finishes off the raider by punching them hard in the face and runs over to Sole - who is screaming in pain. Cait grabs a scrap of cloth and ties it around the stump of Sole’s arm. She heard somewhere that pressure helped. “We gotta get ya to a doc, fast”

Codsworth: “Oh my!” he gasps. “You need to get to a doctor, quickly!” he shouts, trying not to look at the giant pool of blood and Sole’s lost limb.

Curie: Blood. Too much blood. Curie tries her best to keep the wound clean and in the end she wraps it up to try and prevent the blood from gushing out. No Stimpack could bind Sole’s limb back together. “I’m so so sorry Monsieur/Ma’am…” Curie repeats. “I will fix this…”

Paladin Danse: “Soldier?” Danse shouts, unable to see where Sole went. He looks around the area, stepping over the bodies of Raiders before seeing Sole leaning against a wall, blood pouring from where their leg would’ve been. He mumbles a ‘shit’ before rushing towards them. “I need to get you to safety…” Danse says, picking them up slowly and carrying them bridal style all the way back to the Prydwen.

Deacon: He finishes off the remaining raiders, smirking to himself when he takes their possessions from their dead corpses. He turns around to go find Sole but then he hears their almighty scream coming from the next room. “Dude? Are you okay?” he shouts, rushing to go see what’s up. Deacon sees Sole on the floor, looking back and forth between their hand and their arm. “Oh god…” Deacon says, rushing over and picking up Sole’s hand, covered in blood. “Do you.. Need a hand with that?”
Sole gives him a kick in the leg, hard.

Hancock: He rushes over to Sole immediately, not caring how much blood he got on his coat. Hancock unties the flag from around his waist and quickly tries to clean up the mess and stop the blood. “D-Don’t die on me or anything…” he finally says, getting Sole to their feet and helping them get back to Goodneighbour where he hopes he can get some more professional help. Hancock kinda freaks out.

MacCready: “Sole!” he shouts, shooting a Super Mutant between the eyes, causing them to stagger backwards. MacCready rushes over and kneels by their side. “What the hell happened!? In fact never mind… Oh god…”
MacCready has little to none medical skills and uses his hand to try and stop the blood loss from Sole’s leg. Well, where Sole’s leg used to be. This only causes Sole to shout and groan even more. MacCready blurts out all of the curses he could possibly think of, not even caring at this point and he gets up and runs. He runs to the nearest settlement to go get help, praying that Sole will be okay.

Preston Garvey: “This is bad…” he mumbles, looking at the pool of blood and the tears in Sole’s eyes. “God fuckin’ dammit… General… We gotta get you some medical attention. Fast” Preston says, helping Sole up and then quickly shooting the incoming ghouls. “God, what if you’re, infected with something…” he mumbles, slowly walking beside Sole, giving them support.

Piper: “Blue,” Piper says, turning around, “Blue…?!”
Piper looked at Sole, currently on the floor, being attacked by a raider. “Hey! Get off him/her!” Piper shouts, hitting the Raider in the head with her gun, knocking them unconscious. The raider fell on top of Sole and Piper quickly shoved them off. Her eyes opened wide as she saw that Sole was missing a limb. “Blue? Y-You’re not dead?” she shouts, shaking them. “How? We’ve gotta.. Get that arm patched up.. Well, uh, not arm… Oh god I don’t know…”

Nick Valentine: Nick lost Sole a while back. The last time he saw them, they were busy looting some chests and looking through some documents on a desk. Nick went to go wandering, stepping over the bodies of some raiders and protectrons. Suddenly, there was a large booming sound and he spun quickly around to hear Sole’s cries of pain. “Kid? Are you okay?
Not waiting for an answer, Nick ran into the room to see Sole missing their left leg. It must’ve been a mine. God damn the raiders. When Nick sees that their leg is no more, he first tries to help but due to his medical skills being limited, he runs to get help.

Strong: “Human have no hand? It’s okay. HUMAN CAN STILL FIGHT.”

X6-88: He has no comment. He swoops them up in his arms, despite them being able to walk fine and takes Sole to get some help. X6 manages to stop the blood however.

Bonus!Elder Maxson: When he sees that Sole is in huge pain, he runs in and twists the neck of the attacking raider, throwing them to the floor. “Knight.” he says, kneeling down in front of them. “The medical team are on their way. Stay tight. Don’t move. I’ll keep the Mutant bastards off your ass.” Maxson says, spitting the words ‘Mutant Bastards’ before getting up and finishing off the rest of the Super Mutants. He had seen limbs lost many times before, this didn’t phase him.

Desert Sand

Wolf Link POV

The boy had to legitimately dress up in women’s clothing to sneak his way into Gerudo Town. Admittedly, he pulled it off rather well, but the situation amused me nonetheless.

I went back to the twilight to wait out his exploration of the arid town, eager to explore the area with him. It was elating to be part of someone else’s adventure again.

Once he was out of the town and called me back, he decided we were going to explore the desert a bit, since he’d found the tower on the way there and wanted to discover places on his map that looked suspicious.

We found an oasis south of the town, and circling it beneath the sands was a mighty monster of some kind. Neither me or the boy could see what it looked like. He climbed atop the land jutting out of the sand where it was safe, and I swiftly warped to him. He told me to stay, and then went back down there to confront the beast. I was utterly terrified for him. I’d seen him eat a mushroom skewer of some kind before descending into the sand, and I was guessing it was one that boosted his defense, but I knew not how much he was capable of surviving.

I witnessed the beast making its way towards him at an alarming speed, and he quickly climbed atop a rock just in time for both of us to see the creature soar into the air, its full mass visible and even more frightening. When it landed back into the sand it didn’t submerge itself and the boy took the chance to fire a bomb arrow at it.

Bomb arrows and other weapons when the creature was immobilized eventually lead to the creature’s demise, to my relief. I warped back down to him, looking up at him with both respect and confusion. It seemed like such an unnecessary battle. From how the creature was behaving before Link caught its attention, it seemed to prefer to stay in this area. We likely could’ve left it alone.

The boy spoke, as if he could read my mind. “Molduga guts. A woman in town said her husband was sick and needed these to heal. No one else was willing to kill this thing to get them.” He held up the green organ for me to see. He gave a sad smile. “I hope her husband will get better when I give her these.”

I was lucky to have this boy as my companion, I thought to myself.

After he collected all the fins and guts, as well as looted the chests that I could only assume had been in the Molduga’s stomach, we moved on. Further south we travelled. Further and further until, to my shock and surprise, we saw another Molduga circling in the sands. The boy sighed, pulling out his bow and instructing me to take cover on some ruined piece of a structure jutting from beneath the sand.

His battle against this Molduga was more difficult, as he’d used most of his bomb arrows on the first one, and had to settle on different kinds. He was as careful as he could possibly be. He did, eventually, defeat the creature, amassing more monster parts.

He whistled for me, and I jogged over to his side, proud of him even more.

He pulled out his Shekiah Slate, and announced, “The map says this place is called ‘Arbiter’s Grounds.’”

And instantly my whole world came crashing down.

I looked around frantically, shocked and disbelieving at what I was seeing. The place was buried in sand, barely the slightest hint of anything recognizable about the place. My eyes fell upon the tallest structure. I’d seen that thing before, it was the top of the statue of the woman that was being constricted by a snake.

My eyes were watering. It’d been so long since that day…long enough for the desert to overtake this place entirely. I ran over to the top of the statue, tears falling into the sand now, frantically digging at the base. I knew it wouldn’t do any good, but I was too engulfed by grief to stop myself.

Even if the mirror had shattered into pieces so small I wouldn’t ever find them, the fact that the last place I’d seen her was as good as gone for good was too much to bear.

The boy regarded me with worry, and he said something, but my own sorrows drowned out his words entirely.

I stayed there for long enough for the boy to warp away, likely hoping I’d join him when I was ready. I didn’t care for his reasons. I just wanted to weep over what – and who – I’d lost for a bit longer. I could at least respect him for giving me space to grieve.