So I’m going to Daisho Con in a few weeks and the voice actress for my favorite Borderlands character is gonna be there. GAIGE!!!!! So I made this wanted poster for Cherami Leigh to sign :D I had to make it since Gearbox was stupid about how they did their loot chests. Give Gaige and Kreig posters to the 2nd run but not the 1st? Really?

Anyways, can’t wait for Daisho. SMASH THE SYSTEM!!!!!

btw if anyone wants a higher res to print this out yourself, just message me. tumblr has a message system, right?


Hidden/invisible Chest - Hello guys! This lovely little easter egg is one of the best ones out there. To get to this chest head to Dawnstar and look for the Iron-Breaker Mine, To the left of that is a jumble of rocks, in between those rocks if you move you’re cursor around you can find the chest! (Don’t mind the magic and stamina bar and the guard a dragon was attacking while I snapped the pictures.) 


Limited edition Borderlands 2 Loot Chest. It came in a box that says it’s from Handsome Jack and it’s an actual chest! 

It came with a Goliath mask, the character’s wanted posters, a Crimson Raider poster, a Hyperion poster, 2 Pandora newspapers, a bunch of car stickers, and a whole pack of trading cards with legendary cods on them. 

Also, note that the cargo box says:

“Cargo: Helena Pierce’s Head. Also, Rolands. And a baggie containing what’s left of Bloodwing’s.  xoxxooxx- Jack”


So here’s my Borderlands 2 swag filled Loot Chest unboxing.  I’d avoid reading the box if you’ve not beat the game.  Major spoilers.

I didn’t include a shot of the wanted poster but it’s one fairly small poster that has all 4 of the core vault hunters wanted posters on it.