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Title: The Proposal (one-shot)

Character(s): Negan and Sara (original female character)
Summary: So, this was a request that I received from @a-girl-interupted: “I had an idea of a character with negan where she eventually becomes his/a wife and somehow he realizes how important it would be to her to have an actual proposal and wedding. We dont want to Negan too soft and the details are up to you but I would cry to see this”
Word Count: 8,790
Warning: Smut!!!
Author’s Note: BIG THANK YOU TO @ofdragonsanddreams16 for the idea of this story’s proposal!!!! I had fun writing this! I also added a bit of backstory to the new wife hehe. Also, italics are flashbacks! I hope you enjoyed this story, @a-girl-interupted​!!! I surely did my best to accomplish what you wanted and I hope I did just that. Enjoy! :) 

(GIF Source: @justnegan)

Sara was a newcomer to the Sanctuary. After she was situated with her own room, a shower, and a fresh set of clothes, she finally felt safe. It had been a long time since she felt that way. She had been with a group prior to the Saviors helping her into this new community, but even then, she didn’t feel safe.

When she arrived at the Sanctuary, Sara noticed the gates surrounding the large building. She also took notice of the dead that were in the front yard.

Suddenly, she was taken out of her reverie when she heard a loud knock on the door. Simon had told her that the “boss” was going to be talking to her about options that she could choose from before she arrived to the Sanctuary.

Slowly opening the door, Sara widened her eyes. It was Negan. The same Negan that had made a lasting impression on her when he was in the hospital with his sick-wife Lucille.

As their eyes met, Sara noticed the look of familiarity that flashed in his brown orbs. His hair was slicked back with a slight stubble littering across his face. The red scarf along with the leather jacket did not go unnoticed, but she felt slightly uneasy at the sight of his barbed-wire bat.

“Sara?” Negan muttered.

Negan…” She responded.

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