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Two Guardians Walk into a Bar...

Ok so I told myself drabble. Two hours later this is 1.3k.

Dialogue practice with Auburn, and testing out my hand at Cayde’s voice and tone as well as nudging his character towards something more complex and interesting than provided.

Cayde’s a smart ass, but if you listen carefully you can learn a thing or two from the snark.

Auburn wasn’t a drinker, really, not alone, not outside of social nights. But she’d discovered once that as well as being a half decent bar, this particular hole in the wall had an unrivaled green tea, lemonade, and peach brew. She was stewing over it, allowing herself for once to let down the smile, to be moody and just sip something sweet.

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I love prince of stride too~ Riku is blond bokuto And the precious Kohinata senpai looks like armin xD Honan senpais the best senpais

Damn you have no idea how much I miss my running sons :,( they are all so good, so precious, so pure!!!

Loot at Riku in all his Bokuto self!!! They are so much alike, and not only for his voice!! He’s passionate, determined and has the biggest and brightest heart

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I MISS KOHINATA AND HIS GIRL DRESSES SO MUCH!!! (I googled and he does look like Armin a lot, but to me he’s an alterate version of Nagisa from Free!)

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I miss the Honan parents

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I miss our Takeru and his wild as fuck self

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I miss that selfless soul that is Hayumu (he just wanted to play Shogi what the hell) 

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And, of course, I MISS SAISEI !!!!!

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This is such a good show, everyone should give it a try, it’s good for the soul <3

Eine minuten, bitte

Why did Carol have Beth’s knife in the first place? I’m not even getting into why she waited three weeks to give the knife to Daryl. When did Carol come into possession of it?

I can’t imagine Daryl ever letting Beth go for a second until he absolutely had to. Whether it was for a (yet unseen) burial or when the group was swarmed by walkers on the way out of Atlanta and he had to leave her behind in a car, that man would not let her body out of sight, whether she was alive or not.

If we go with the burial scenario, it would mean that when everyone is paying last respects and mourning over the loss, Carol was basically looting her body?!? How in the hell did anyone, let alone Maggie or Daryl, allow that? I know that weapons are precious commodities in the ZA. The thing is, I don’t remember anyone taking Tyreese’s hammer when they buried him. Have you seen anyone hand the hammer to Sasha as a kind of momento? What the hell?

So now let’s go with the “leave her body in a car” scenario. The same concept applies, but now carol would be risking her life, and possibly the lives of the rest of the group, to get Beth’s knife.

But here’s the thing: Beth didn’t have her knife with her during the hallway scene at Grady. I just watched that horrific scene…twice…to make sure. It is absolutely nowhere to be seen. If she’d had it, I would think she’d have used it instead of the tiny scissors.

So, what, when everyone was heading towards the stair to leave, someone came running up and, “Hey, you guys almost forgot this”? Why give it to Carol if Rick was the obvious leader of the group? I get not giving it to Daryl, him being the most shook up by what happened, he’s obviously dangerous with a weapon, and his hands and arms would be full as he carried Beth.

Yet another loose end that has yet to be tied up. No this doesn’t prove anything regarding Beth’s survival, but it’s kind of a big part in the ever growing plot hole that surrounds that idiotic scene.

By the way, if someone has already brought this up, I apologize for bringing it up again. I guess I’ll have Javier make up a fresh drink for you.

Why I can't finish The Darkspawn Chronicles

Those boots. 

I did well. I got to the alienage. I killed lots of people I loved and many others and then I got to the alienage and there was Zevran. 

I killed him too. It was hard but I did it. So I looted his body and found those damn boots. 

My Warden carried those around everywhere with him in Awakening. Couldn’t bear to even put them in storage. He’d open up his pack and there they’d be, stuffed in the bottom, taking up precious space. Maybe the letter from Zevran was folded up, tucked into one of the toes. 

That was it. I tried to play a little longer but any fun that had been there was gone. I read Zevran’s codex, about how Alistair had freed him and he’d come to the alienage to hide and I only got more depressed. He should be a hero, feted by Denerim, not hiding in its slums. 

I won’t ever play that DLC again. Oh Bioware, how cruel thou art.