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Jimin has seemingly lost so much weight and its obviously not in a healthy way. He usually tends to gain muscle mass but this time he is just looking very small and frail and I’m worried. He pushes further every comeback and one of these times he is going to hurt himself. I can’t think of a healthy way that someone could loose so much weight in under a month in the way Jimin has. He needs to know how much army hurts when they see him do it; he needs to know that he looks like a Greek god already. That army will choose his chubby cheeks and flat tummy (that is already more toned that I will ever be) over abs. We need to show him that he does not need to loose weight for us, and if it is for himself then he needs to do it in a healthy way. We can not let our mochi hurt himself.

We love our sexy mochi, cheeks and all.

BTS Reaction To You Not Eating Much.



(A/N: This could be triggering to some people who may have some sort of eating disorder. Not eating is one of the worst things you can do to your body and it is incredibly unhealthy but I know how hard it can be sometimes so if you ever need to talk feel free to message me. Also, I have done a lot of gif reactions lately so I tried to make this longer and more detailed.)


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I think Jin would be one of the quickest to notice you eating habits but he would be reluctant to say anything until he was sure about what you were doing was affecting you health, but even then he was still wary to talk to you the situation as he would be worried about upsetting you so he would use his actions instead; he would try to cook your favourite meals everyday and would sit with you until you ate a healthy amount of food. In the end, he would do anything he could to to make you healthy and happy.


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Yoongi would notice your eating habits quite quickly but he wouldn't say anything until he was certain there was something wrong. He would do something like offer you food or ask to take you out for something to eat to see your reaction, as soon as he was certain there was something wrong he would confront you about it and would ask you to try and get help because he would be incredibly worried about your health.


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Hoseok would become aware of your eating habits after noticing how much weight you were loosing, he would instantly become worried about your health and well being and would confront you about it as soon as he could. He would also feel guilty for not realizing what you were going through before so he would help you in whatever way he possibly could.


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Namjoon would notice your eating habit as soon as it started, he would become aware of your weight loss and how unhealthy you became almost straight away and would do literally anything to help you become healthy again. If you wanted to loose weight he  would convince you to do it the healthy way and even help you by making sure you ate healthy food and exercised.


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A lot like Namjoon and Jin he would notice almost straight away as he had also had problems with not eating enough and he wouldn’t want you to go through what he did. He would almost beg you to eat more and would be by your side every step of the way.


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I don’t think Tae would notice straight away but when another member brought up how skinny you were getting or how unhealthy you looked he would instantly take action about it. Like Hoseok he would feel guilty for not realizing before and would be incredibly upset with himself but he would confront you about it straight away and would try to sit with you at every meal to make sure you ate.


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Jungkook would become incredibly emotional when he found out about you not eating, he would be extremely worried about you health and would try everything and anything to  make you eat a healthy and become healthy again.


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My parents think that I'm anorexic... I'm not and I'm not even technically underweight but they are forcing me to eat and gain like 15 pounds like what do I do??

I’d honestly just do as they say but if you want to loose weight do it with the healthy eating and exercise way. You’ll feel better emotionally and mentally too which is a huge bonus.

Starting a new journey

So I decided that I’m going to loose this weight I have gained.. but in a healthy way.. no purging or restricting..I’m going to start by walking every morning.

I went to that support group last night and the topic was enjoying life’s riches. I realize I don’t have to end up how my mom told me I would end up. She doesn’t write my book. I don’t have to be fixed on that ending. So I’m going to work harder to take back my life and write my own ending.. and it’s going to be epic!

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I'm really worried because I stayed over at my friends and I ate so much horrible food and couldn't purge I plan on exercising when I get home but I'm so worried I've gained weight and everyone I love is going to hate me and I'm so scared I've Ben doing so good only eating 500-700 calories if I do eat in a day and now I've Ben having pizza and ice cream I'm Shaking I'm so scared there's only a month left till school starts and I'm going to be a freshmen I'm absolutely terrified please help me!!!

Purging is really unhealthy, so I would recommend that you don’t purge but you should just exercise and eat between 1000 and 1200 k/cal a day to stay healthy and loose weight in a safe way

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Idk what to do. Could you tell me things are going to be ok and I could lose weight the healthy way (even if it's not true)?

I’m really confidant that you can loose weight in a healthy way and that you can recover if you choose to do so <3 I’m always here for you if you need to talk 

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My CW is 191 and I want to be at least at 140 by Halloween. Do you think I can do it?

That’s not very safe and you should be striving to loose weight in a healthy way by cutting out excess sugar if you can and adding in more healthy options like fruits and veggies 

One thing I really hate about this country is all the really stupid ways people try to loose weight.

There are only three effective and actually healthy ways to loose weight.

  • Exercise
  • Healthy Diet
  • Both of the above.

Ways that are either very unhealthy and/or ineffective ways to loose weight.

  • Nutrisystem (Does not give you the nutrients you need.)
  • Pills
  • That weird type of juice you saw on TV that doesn’t give you enough protein and iron
  • Not eating
  • Skipping meals
  • Laying in a certain position
  • Restrictive clothing (not a way of loosing weight really)

If you are overweight and uncomfortable about it and want to change that, just get up and fucking do something! You have two choices: Not loose weight, or change your lifestyle. Stop trying to use shortcuts.

Not all bodies work the same way so it’s easier for some people to loose or gain weight than it is for other people, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Loosing weight is not easy, nor should it be. 

If you don’t want to loose weight, good for you because you are comfortable with the way you are :D

But for the people who aren’t (and are actually overweight) don’t be fucking lazy about it.

This message excludes people with disabilities when it comes to lossing weight because yeah, that wouldn’t be fair.