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*~Venus Signs~*

Venus in Aries: Men with this placement are attracted to feisty, sassy, passionate women. They appeal to women by showing their boldness. Secretly, they want a woman to get on top and ride them! Women with Venus in Aries like to dominate a man, express sass, and they are full of va va voom as lovers! She gets herself in trouble as she sometimes speaks with a sharp tongue. She’ll just as easily knock someone down with her attitude, as she’ll stick up for herself without inhibition! Aphrodite carries a flaming torch thru unexplored lands, leading others behind her. Marching bravely, sometimes acting carelessly, she learns lessons the hard way as she assumes she knows what other people will say or how scenarios turn out. She doesn’t often look before she leaps, the vitality within her doesn’t have time to wait and think things thru; this could actually be a virtue in the sense that she can quickly respond to crisis. Acting on impulse propels her to be a go-getter; truth is, we need impulsive people just as much as we value cautious people. The zest in her soul drives her to persist, there’s hardly any joys she will have missed! Her adventurous spirit always finds something to do, in an instant, she rises anew.

Venus in Taurus: Men with this placement value commitment and stability in relationships. Either their lover is entirely committed to them or they don’t want a relationship at all. They savor comfort food and enjoy playing music. Their patience allows her to understand what’s going on before acting. Women with Venus in Taurus are very charming and have the ability to get along with many people because they have a pleasant disposition (unless other items in their chart indicate chaos). People with Venus in Taurus often indulge in sweets! Gee I wonder who raided the cookie jar? ;) Aphrodite basks in the sunlight, surrounded by the tenderness of newly sprouted daisies and newborn animals. Squirrels scurry up a budding tree, lizards saunter at her toes… She picks a fresh pair off the branch, playing a flute as the wind blows… Spring chicks chirp as she stops to smell the roses.

Venus in Gemini: Men with this will try to appeal to women by learning a variety of subjects, they know how to chat a woman into bed ;). They value women with intelligence. Venus in Gemini charms people on by being adaptable. Gaining knowledge is one of the greatest pleasures, as they can use their varied interests to appeal to many different love prospects. Their fickle nature is curious about many types of people that they don’t always know what they want. They can date around with a lighthearted attitude, appreciating people of various walks of life, cohorts, styles, and skillsets. A pleasing voice aids them in their talent of persuasion. Women with a Gemini Venus are curious to get with a variety of men (or women). The duality of Gemini may be inclined to attraction of more than one gender; or even power play, alternating between D/s roles. Kinks, toys, sex positions, and different kinds of sex are treated with an open mind, experimentation is playful! Venus in Gemini is a jester in love, sometimes they treat it like a game and don’t realize they’ve led someone on. They’d rather not be pinned down as they’re a natural flirt. Their intellect tends to be scattered, learning bits of many subjects without mastering any. They struggle with commitment in love or projects, unless other planets indicate otherwise. For the most part, they live to experience all that life has to offer, getting a taste of many flavors of romance, their sex life, food, and various art movements.

Venus in Cancer: The way to their heart is thru a home cooked meal. Their self-esteem is highest when they have a lifestyle that allows them to flow in their rhythms, they are likely not the type who thrive under pressure or like to be challenged, they’d rather experience security where they can allow their inner child to be expressed. Men with a Cancer Venus are attracted to nurturing women who are motherly. They may subconsciously seek women who resemble their mother, or women who heal their mommy issues. Women with Venus in Cancer express their femininity by intuiting how to appeal to others, they aren’t loud and proud with their female expression, more timid and imaginative. If she has honored the divine feminine, by caring for her body the way that feels right to her, she will shimmer with feminine mystique, pulling in men with her tides of alluring womanhood. Aphrodite dives in the dark creepy depths of the sea, unlocking secrets from a treasure chest buried under sand made of crushed up seashells that were formed thousands of years ago. A peek into the past, she yearns to feel the entire ocean in her heart, to swim in memories so vast… She carries an ocean jasper with her, to hold onto a lost love, she’ll never forget. She admires pearls with iridescence, hoping someone will cherish her essence.

Venus in Leo: Women with this can be bold and expressive, excited to pursue creative projects and they experience physical pleasure with vigor. Compliments make her swoon, she’s a well-groomed babe applying makeup oh so artfully. She is so bright and passionate, she can commit (as Leo is a fixed sign) but the fire of spontaneity can also enjoy flirting with someone just one time to validate herself as a bombshell. Men with Venus in Leo are attracted to confident women who are glamorous. They love to stroke a woman’s ego. Aphrodite dolls herself up with rosy cheeks, bright eye shadow, gold sequins contouring her dashing figure, her hairdo gains attention, and she speaks with pride from her juicy lips. She can daringly make out with someone she barely met.

Venus in Virgo: an earthly sensuality that is physically affectionate and turned off by those who brag. Discerning about how they give out their love, they know what they want in a partner and will not settle! They enjoy critiquing art and ideas. Men with a Virgo Venus respect women who value accuracy in the topics they speak of, and a woman who is willing to get down to work. They make a point to be courteous and considerate, as the Virgo archetype cares to put their best foot forward, realizing that you do need to care what others think in order to be a productive person. However, a life of nitty gritty work turns them cynical to the point of picking out the faults of others. The caution of Venus in Virgo is to become aware of one’s own negativity, learning to be more open and tolerant. These people are modest unless certain placements by the sun or Jupiter suggest otherwise. Aphrodite harvests the fruits of the earth for a feast, nourishing their loved ones with all the essential amino acids.

Venus in Libra: A soft sweet romantic who keeps an open mind, interested in others’ opinions. Libra is an ingenue, with many men drawn to her, she doesn’t want to hurt any of their feelings so she may accidentally lead them on! She can find the beauty in everyone, and she may need someone with strong Virgo in their chart to help her determine who is worth her time, and who may not have best intentions. Libra wishes to be the socialite, spending lots of time with many different kinds of friends without realizing how these friends are influencing her/his thoughts. Libra has that way of compromising discernment when it comes to the truth of a situation in order to go along with the viewpoint that is popular among their friends. A Venus in Libra girl will go along with what their man says, she probably likes to be dominated. An evolved Libra gathers a bunch of information, to seek justice and truth instead of what pleases others. Venus in Libra is very persuasive. With his/her friends, someone with Venus in Libra likes to make others feel included, their fair minded disposition brings everyone together with the goal of increasing harmony in this world.

Venus in Scorpio: This woman is daring and intense, she is not easily impressed! Her abilities of discernment and judgement protect her from getting hurt, but when they do get hurt, heartbreak stings them to the core… People with Venus in Scorpio radiate sexuality and like to have a dramatic appearance and attitude. Men with Venus in Scorpio have a dangerous appeal, they’ve explored darkness that many cannot handle and they might even be kinky. There has to be a genuine emotional connection in your relationships or else you’ll feel unfulfilled. Venus in Scorpio has a chaotic love life as they are addicted to feeling a love that shakes them to the bones! Aphrodite dangles spider webs from her fingertips, her skin is pale as she’s been plotting revenge in her cave instead of basking in the light, she brews a potion of hypnosis in her cauldron; whoever drinks it is doomed to fall madly in love with her… She likes knowing she has power over others, she doesn’t care for diplomacy unless if she’s using it to hide her suspicions…

Venus in Sagittarius: You enjoy dates where you’re exploring new territory, whether that be hiking trails, or conversing intriguing topics. You’re wild and adventurous in your love life even if you’re more cautious and sensible in other areas. Taking chances and trying new activities gives you a thrill. You’re curious about foreign cultures and other peoples’ perspectives. Men with Venus in Sagittarius desire women who are spontaneous and open minded, bonus points if she introduces him to new ideas and places. They tend to be loose with their money, as men with a Sagittarius Venus are generous to a fault, and put off by frugality. They’ll get caught up in the passion of the moment, using up too much of an item, to find themselves with none left later on. If someone with Venus in Sagittarius doesn’t have enough earth in their chart, they struggle with being unaware of consequences until the shit hits the fan. Aphrodite sings a prayer with 108 Tulsi beads, banging a gong under a pagoda, blowing a didgeridoo in the outback for dreamtime, hunting for mescalito in the Sonoran desert, trying a tribal dance on the savannah, playing a harp in the Scottish highlands with fairies…

Venus in Capricorn: You indulge in the pure physical sensation of sex and might not get so emotional about it (unless other factors in the chart say otherwise). You value good quality food and a love prospect has to meet certain standards of yours for you to commit to them, otherwise you enjoy entirely physical connections with the opposite sex. These people are cautious about falling in love, as they are hesitant to be tender and vulnerable in relationships. Men with Capricorn Venus value women with sensibility, superb taste in food, music, clothes, and art. They are horrendously turned off by people who are unrealistic, all over the place, impulsive, or assuming. They cannot stand it when people jump to conclusions, they’re “hold your horses” type of people. Aphrodite expresses herself in a classy suit, she may have flair but it is very refined. Her polished presentation of herself sets a respectable impression. It’s not that she never goes wild, but she waits for the correct time to do so. Underneath her self-conscious tendencies is a satyr enjoying themselves in the forest. Someone with Venus in Capricorn can thoroughly savor their connection to the earth, barefoot on the gems and minerals of the dirt, every pressure point of her toes receives the energy of the stones. Playing the pan flute while gaining a tan from sunbeams, eating their grapes one by one, sauntering thru meadows and mountains, having the patience to notice the mathematical beauty of the ferns in the Fibonacci sequence…

Venus in Aquarius: You appeal to others with adorable quirkiness. You may have the capacity to be detached during sex. From a psychological perspective, someone with an Aquarius Venus might have experienced a heartbreak or trauma that caused them to be detached in how they feel about relationships. Rationalizing one’s romantic life reinforces the idea of being in control of their feelings, even though their love life is chaotic. They can categorize lust from romance from lurve from infatuation, yet their feelings could be so erratic and unstable that they fool themselves into thinking they’re more logical when love isn’t meant to be logical. There can be a neurosis in attempting to understand relationship dynamics. A tendency to be kinky will make this person want to experiment with going wild in the bedroom. Unpredictable people hold their attention! They are turned on by people who stimulate their mind. Venus in Aquarius people value the broad spectrum of gender and sexuality, homophobes lose major points with them. Men with an Aquarius Venus are drawn to chatty women who flaunt their intellect and women who aren’t afraid of strange people. Aphrodite skips up the Ethernet cable, connecting humanity if the internet connection is stable. Networking a group together, harmonizing social dynamics for a grand plan. We’re comrades till the end, brainstorming ideas, testing theories, until you unfriend. Spurts of inspiration, an outcast in cynical contemplation. Seeking reactions by acting life a freakazoid, the free spirit could care less who’s annoyed!

Venus in Pisces gives you capacity to love freely, but the caution is that you put on “rose colored glasses” figuratively when it comes to love. You may put your love interests on a pedestal, getting caught up in the fantasy. You may fall for people who seem kinder than they turn out to be, as you can get carried away with your excitement, to the point of blinding yourself to the flaws of a love interest, only to get hurt in the end. You likely need to learn to understand boundaries, and be firm in sticking to them. Seeking pleasure in escapism, may enjoy having a glass of wine or smoke a bowl to release the pressure of the world. Men with a Pisces Venus are attracted to dreamy girls who go with the flow rather than women who challenge them. They value adaptability rather than someone stubborn. Aphrodite dreams endlessly, perceiving messages from the spirit world, peering into another reality… A sea of psychedelia stares back at her, where do all the whirlwinds lead? “How do I distinguish what I truly need?” Carried away on spending for indulgence, swept away by a new romance, she is enamored by her own brain chemistry. Lost in a blur of pure feeling, in her own world, the collective consciousness is revealing.

Remember, any given planetary placement can be overruled by other factors in the chart. Most of us are contradictory people. Some of your other planets may interact with your Venus in a way that is harmonious or a clash. Feel free to ask me about it!
If you’re interested in a reading that synthesizes your Venus placement with the effects of your Mars, with the power of Pluto in your chart, along with the gifts of your Jupiter, contact me, and I am happy to write up a report about your chart! AcaiPsycheLife.tumblr.com/readings

We all know there was probably a betting pool between campers on when Percy and Annabeth would kiss, right? So August 18 happens and some people win and some other loose money and life goes on and then Percy and Annabeth found out about it and Annabeth just casually says “You guys know that wasn’t our first kiss, right?” and all goes to hell with the older campers who were part of the betting.

Accidentally Exposed - Josh Dun Smut

A/N: Thank’s for 500, here’s a long ass Josh Dun smut to celebrate.


Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Type: Smutty smut

Word Count: 4.6k

Warnings: Blood, nudes, sex, the fun stuff


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“I understand,” you say through gritted teeth. “Thank you for the consideration.” 

You push the end button and throw your phone onto the carpet of your apartment frustratedly, wanting to scream but also crawl under the covers and cry your eyes out.

You were a newly graduated student from a photography college and had big dreams to have your own photography company, but that wasn’t going so well to say the least. Right out of college, you moved straight to the heart of California, hoping to land as much as an internship with a company. Your resume was online and on many websites, but you barely got offered jobs, to which you weren’t even interested in. And when you applied to companies, you were rejected. Since you had to pay the bills, you had landed a job as a bartender, earning less than minimum wage to pay for your rent. You were past the state of angry and sad. You were loosing hope and money at rapid pace. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey Judy! How did ya loose ya money to get ya wifi back? I'll try to commission ya real soon.

My mom and my stepdad were unfortunately very short on funds and had been unable to pay the bill for a little while. There was 2 months worth of payment needed and without going into specifics, it WAS more than I was expecting. However, since an internet connection is basically required for me to be able to do the shit that gets me paid what little I get paid anyway, I thought I would chip in and help get the bill paid for now while everything is kinda working to get back on its feet.

This, unfortunately, meant dipping into my savings I had been building up for a few months. And dipping into MOST of it. All-in-all, I don’t regret it of course, and it wasn’t something that was ASKED of me. I offered. So I’m not too upset about it. Just a little bit of a bummer that it took such a huge chunk out of it.

With that being said, I’m already on my way to building it back up to what it once was and hopefully i’ll be back in good shape soon. If anyone is feeling generous and would like to help out, I can use whatever help I can get.

I’m offering voice commissions, open indefinitely, and I’m willing to record anything from personal messages, character lines, impressions, and anything in between that I decide I’m comfortable with. You can see details at http://knittinggiantbeanies.tumblr.com/commissions

And if you’re willing to help on more of a recurring level, and get some potentially cool little bonuses to go along with it, I also have a Patreon and really every contribution means so much to me. It can be as little as a dollar a month! https://www.patreon.com/KnittingGiantBeanies

The BatB/Downton Abbey AU no one asked for

This might get long. Sorry. 

  • Adam Bourbon is the sole heir to the Earldom of Villeneuve, and loves to attend parties in London, gamble and spend ridiculous amounts of money of clothes and material possessions. 
  • He’s been the centre of numerous scandals (with both married and unmarried women) that his father desperately pays to keep out of the papers for fear of his own reputation.
  • After realizing they’re loosing money and their estate is at risk due to a bad investment, Adam’s cold and distant father tells him he must marry and settle down, or he’ll be disinherited and the estate and title will do to the next heir (a very distant cousin). 
  • Not wanting to lose his inheritance or title, Adam begrudgingly agrees and his father orders him to stay at the family estate in the country to keep out of trouble. His father rarely spends time there, but nonetheless starts organizing dinners with respectable potential brides for Adam, though he shows little interest. 
  • Months of unsuccessful marriage attempts go by, and Adam feels as though there’s no one for him, until a woman in a maid’s dress catches his eye. 
  • Belle is hired by Cogsworth and Mrs.Potts as a housemaid in the earldom’s big house. She is content with her position, but knows that she’d doesn’t want to work in service forever. She’s saving up to travel and see libraries all over the world.
  • Belle quickly becomes friends with Plumette, the head housemaid.
  • Adam and Belle accidentally meet when she walks into the library to dust and set the fire, and is taken aback to see that Adam is there. 
    • She apologizes, saying she thought he’d be hunting with the rest of his visiting relatives, and he says he was never keen on the hunt. He also lets it slip that his father teases him mercilessly because of it, and says some not-so-kind remarks about him. After quickly realizing he shouldn’t have said that, Belle promises not to tell anyone. Adam smiles, doesn’t say a word, and leaves Belle to her duties. 
  • Adam starts “accidentally” running into Belle whenever he can, interrupting her duties. Belle eventually becomes slightly frustrated with Adam’s advances as he’s inconveniencing her and if they were to be found out, she would be sacked. He realizes this, eventually, and backs off (if a little reluctantly).
  • One afternoon, Adam catches Belle in the library, secretly reading his mother’s copy of Romeo and Juliet, and can’t help but let out a snort of disapproval. Belle jumps, quickly putting the book back as Adam saunters into the library. 
    • Adam: “Of all the books in this room, you choose to read that one?” 
    • Belle: “It’s my favourite, actually.” She’s trying (albeit not successfully) to not sound offended. 
    • Adam: “But all the heartache and the pining… there are so many better things to read.” 
    • Belle: “Well I haven’t had the luxury of a library such as this.” 
    • Adam: “You have that now.” 
    • Belle looks at him like he’s lost his mind. “What- what do you mean?” 
    • Adam: “You can borrow any of these books, if you want to.” 
    • Belle: “Does your father allow the staff to borrow from the library?” 
    • Adam: “Oh, no. He keeps a ledger that even I have to use. But I would be willing to sign my name next to the books you want to read.” 
    • Belle can’t help but let out a small laugh of joy. 
  • On one of the staff’s nights off, Belle, Plumette, and the other maids head down to the visiting fair in the village. Belle decides to stay a bit later, and is noticed by a few young men who start to make unwanted advances. These advances start to get violent, and Adam (who had come to the fair out of nostalgia and remembering when his mother used to take him) notices these men ganging up on Belle and fights them off. 
    • With all the adrenaline and an injured Belle, Adam rushes home and doesn’t leave her in her small bedroom in the servants’ quarters, but instead brings her to a guest bedroom. 
  • Adam decides to revive a tradition put away when his mother died: the servants’ ball 
    • It’s basically an excuse for his to dance with Belle in a non-scandalous setting.
    • Cogsworth is worried by the idea, thinking the Earl will find out, but Adam persists (with the help of Lumière and Plumette) and Cogsowrth eventually, begrudgingly accepts. 

One of the most expensive college experiences is buying textbooks.  There are some various options that you have though.  My main point is in regards to the last option “loose-leaf books”.  Even if you usually buy used and think you save the most money possible, look at this option as it is something I have never heard of before and assume that most other people haven’t either!

What to take into consideration when purchasing/renting books:

  • How long will you keep the book (for the semester vs. forever)
  • Do you plan on marking in the book 
  • Price/Budget
  • Is the book for your major or for a general education class 
  • If you purchase used: quality of the book (markings, highlighting, tears, wear, water damage, stains, broken binding, etc.) 
  • If you purchase online: reliability of the seller (look at feedback)
  • How long will it take for you to receive your book (is it on back-order)

Purchase from the bookstore: Please don’t do this.  This is the place that you will probably spend the most on textbooks.  Unless you wish to spend hundreds of dollars more than you need to, there is no reason to purchase books at your school’s bookstore.

Purchase New:  If you want to buy a book in pristine condition, you can buy new books online via amazon.  Usually this is a cheaper option than buying through the bookstore.  This still isn’t the cheapest option but if you plan on keeping the book for future classes or for your career and you will repeatedly refer back to it, then this is a good option.  You don’t have to worry about wear/tear from previous owners and there isn’t any writing or marking in the book which is always nice. 

Purchase Used: Most of the books I have purchased throughout my undergraduate/masters programs have been used.  You can look for these books through amazon, half.com, and other similar sites.  You can even ask around on campus and see if there is someone who is willing to sell you their old book.  Make sure to check out or ask about the condition of the book.  If there is some scuffing, is this really such a big deal?  On the other hand, if it is all marked up and written in is this going to benefit you or confuse you?  When purchasing used the main thing I pay attention to is the amount of marking that is in the book. 

Rent: This is another option for saving money on books.  The biggest flaw (in my opinion) is that you won’t be able to mark in the book.  I guess you could overcome this problem via sticky notes, but you would still have to worry about accidently spilling on the book in those late night study sessions with coffee.  I guess as clumsy as I am, this is not an option as I would consider but to each their own.  If you do this, I would put a heavy-duty book cover on the book and be very aware of liquids or other things that could damage the book. 

Loose-leaf books: This is something that I just learned about in the past month.  I figured this out via amazon.  There was a book I had to purchase for the upcoming semester that was going to cost me around $250 new or upwards of $200 used in good condition.  I don’t know about other people, but I really don’t want to spend that much on a statistics book that I probably won’t use again after the class is over.  As I was searching amazon (my preferred site for buying books) I noticed there was a copy that was posted for about $110.  My first reaction was “what is wrong with this book?” You want to be aware of cheap copies usually because there is something seriously wrong with the book when it is that cheap (usually, not always).  As I read the description I realized that it was a “loose-leaf” copy of the book.  Basically it is the textbook, but unbound and three-hole punched.  I purchased this, it came wrapped in saran wrap, and I put it in a “heavy duty binder” (because I always have at least 3 empty ones on hand.  If you love binders like I do… I have a weird binder fetish… then this is a great option for saving money!  The nice thing too is if you just need one chapter of the book, you can place it in another binder and not have to carry the entire thing to the library or across campus.  Honestly there is so much information about the previous options I listed, but I had never previously heard about this option and I don’t know how common it is.  If you love binders and want to save money though, you should seriously consider this option! Here are some pictures for all my “visual” followers.  

How I received the “book”: 

Placed in a binder:

If you have any questions, as always feel free to comment or message me! 

Happy Studying, 


Date With Them: JAY PARK

Place: Paris

  • This is Jay we’re talking about, right?;
  • So nothing will be planned;
  • And you’d go where he’d want to, without really asking you;
  • But somehow, he’d still make it super enjoyable???;
  • At about mid-noon, he’d take you to some high-end restaurant;
  • You’d eat quickly;
  • And then he’d take you to the Disneyland because it’s Jay we’re talking about;
  • And you really better prepare yourself to go with Jay to a Disneyland;
  • Cause he’ll take you to every fucking ride available;
  • Giving you a maximum break of 10 minutes;
  • Before resuming his sugar-high spree once again;
  • You’d taste food and sweets from around half or more food stalls;
  • And loads and loads of pictures!;
  • What about matching bracelets?;
  •      Check!;
  • All in all he’d be a child let loose;
  • With own money so you couldn’t even stop him;
  • As the evening dawned;
  • And you could barely stand on your legs;
  • He’d notice that and carry you princess style;
  • With everyone staring;
  • But he could care less;
  • Guess where he would take you?;
  • The legendary dating site;
  •      a.k.a the Ferris Wheel;
  •           Because even Jay can be a cliché romanticist;
  • And as you two would reach the top he’d say all of his thanks to you;
  • And all of his sorries ;
  • And then you two would kiss;
  • As you’d get home it might go in two directions;
  • He’d either find some comedy/ horror movie for you two to watch with plenty of pizza and ice-cream;
  •      Because the fancy food was not good at digesting;
  • Or you two would just go straight to the bedroom and celebrate your honest confessions.
Being the Middle Winchester Child Would Include Pt 1:

Being the Middle Winchester child Would Include Pt 1:

- Being the mediator in all of the boys arguments.

- Getting to control decisions on the road because your vote is the tie breaker.

- Making your brothers share a motel bed because your a bed hog.

- Being mistaken as a boy when you were young because John dressed you in Dean’s hand me downs.

- Teaching baby Sam how walk.

- Babysitting Sam while Dean sneaks out to hustle pool.

- Lying to your father about Dean’s activities and swearing he was with you the whole time.

- You and Dean ganging up to intimidate anyone who would pick on Sam in school.

- Getting rides to middle school from Dean, while John is out of town.

- John doesn’t have time to threaten all the horndog teenagers that follow you around, so Dean takes his place as the intimidating father figure.

- Dean and Sam helping you fake school transfer papers so you could experience prom like a normal teenage girl.

- Your dad has been hunting for weeks, but when he catches wind from Bobby that you are going on your first date, he shows up to intimidate your date. John Winchester literally pulls a shot gun on the poor boy.

- Which effectively runs off your first date.

- Sneaking and giving Sam his first beer.

- Giving Sam advice about his first crush.

- Dean loosing all the money playing poker so you try to do some pick pocketing. You get caught and sent to a boarding school for trouble girls. You are there for four months before John comes to get you.

- Having your first kiss with another hunters kid because he was the only boy your family willingly left you alone with.

- Hitting a wild streak in your teenage years and sneaking out becomes for frequent.

- Dean ratting you out because he’s worried about you sneaking out alone, which leads you to rat him out for all the times he left you and Sam alone as children.

- Teaching Sam to drive.

- Taking Sam to a movie and discovering his plans to go to college.

- Being very supportive of Sam’s decision to go to college, but having a falling out when he drags you into the argument he is having with your father.

- Feeling off when Sam leaves so you decided to quit hunting.

- Disowning your father and Dean for being so cruel towards Sam’s dreams.

- Staying up late to comfort your baby brother as he cries about Jessica.

Should I do more parts?


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[Gang AU]

You ran as fast as you could through the streets. The cops were following an unknown hooded figure but Kiseok was following you. He was after the money you stole.

He was the second in command of AOMG. A gang so powerful it had high end businesses paying protection money to them. Everyone wanted to be on their good side. The rivaling gangs usually left them alone knowing they were no match for AOMG.

But you didn’t get the memo. 

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I'm Home - An Emison Fic

So I know nothing about the army or anything I went completely based off background knowledge, so if I get something wrong message me. This is a oneshot for now but I can write some new chapters, tell me if you’d like that. This takes place two years after whatever happens in the finale. Um they found AD, the bitch was a bad person, they died, everyone else was fine. Alison’s kid is Emily’s. So yeah, nothing too intense… Thanks guys! :)

Even before the ring of the doorbell for the second time, even before the notes stopped arriving, even before the promises were broken, even before Emily sat her down on the couch, Alison knew it was all over.

Because the news kept playing a familiar tune, and Uncle Sam kept singing ‘I need you’.

So when Emily sat Alison down and told her that she wanted to enlist Alison was far from surprised. But she was a born liar, and a born fighter so she acted that way.

“What. The. Hell.” She growled.

“I know it’s not… great, but I need to do this,” Emily tried, she moved the hair out of her face. “I need to help those people.”

“Help yourself Em!” Alison begged, “Help me! Help your daughter! We’re right here, not thousands of miles away!”

“It’s only for five years and then I’ll be home, for good,” Emily reasoned,

“You were already gone for five years, remember? How’d that turn out?!” Emily smiled sadly at her wife.

“My dad was a solider. I’ve been wondering a lot if he’d be proud of me. Who I am Alison? A dictator is killing and torturing his own people, and I’m teaching breath strokes to teenagers!”

“Of course your dad would be proud of you! You have a beautiful daughter, a loving wife, and you’re inspiring a new generation of athletes!” Alison argued, “you don’t have to join the army to prove yourself.” Alison was begging now and Emily took her hands.

“I have to do this Ali, for me, for you, for our daughter, and for those people. The pay will be better so we won’t be living paycheck to paycheck, I’ll still see you for a month every year, and it’s only for five years. Then I’ll be home, safe and sound.” Ali was crying now, soft cool tears slipped down her cheeks.

“If it’s what you want I’ll support you,” Alison muttered, “always. But please, please, please, please think about it.”

“I have, for weeks now. It’s the best thing for this family. I’ve even told my mom. I’m… enlisting tomorrow.” Alison’s eyes widened.

“That’s really soon,” the blonde muttered and the brunette pulled her in as they both began to cuddle.

“People are dying everyday Ali, I’ve got to do it now. Besides,” she now tried to put up an air of bravado, “I’m the perfect solider, I’m already traumatized.” They both chuckled a little.

“Have you told the others?” Ali asked and Emily sighed.

“You know I hate goodbyes…” The girl said. Alison glared at her, “alright geez I will!” The two wives shared a sad smile.

“Estella will miss you,” Alison said now, referring to their two year old daughter.

“I’ll miss her,” Emily said, her voice thick.

“She’ll have to grow up with one Mom.” The blonde said slowly, let the words roll of her tongue.

“Okay don’t get dramatic, I’ll be back for good by the time she’s seven.” The brunette glared. “I promise.”

She lied.

All things considered Alison did pretty well with Estella. The dark haired girl was bright, and kind, and good, she smiled with her whole face and loved everyone. All the things Alison was never able to be.

Emily wrote every day, just of what had happened, nothing interesting, and she called every chance she got. They had deployed her almost immediately as she surpassed a lot of the physical requirements and already knew how to shoot a gun and swim.

Turns out she was the perfect solider.

And the pay was really helping them, Alison wasn’t loosing sleep over money anymore, just Emily.

It was ironic that all throughout high school she’d thought she’d get a sugar daddy and be some gold digger, but now that she was married she couldn’t care less how much money she had, she just wanted her wife back.

The times when Emily had been home were glorious, it was soft and gentle touches, and squeezing out every second they could spend together. Often Ali would pull Estella out of school for a few days just so they could bond.

And by the time the five years were up it looked like the tide was turning. And even though the notes had been decreasing in frequency, and the calls as well, Alison still hoped. And even though Emily’s unit was deep into enemy territory, and she hadn’t heard anything in weeks, Alison still hoped.

Because Emily promised she be back in time for Christmas.

But Emily lied.

Christmas came and passed and they heard nothing, Estella cried, Alison just bit her lip and worried.

Valentine’s Day passed and Estella cried when she saw the roses on the kitchen table.

“Just to brighten up the room,” Alison explained, “she’ll be home soon.”

But when Easter came and passed, and there hadn’t been a letter, and call since before Christmas Alison felt a little part of her break.

When the first ring on her doorbell came sometime in the deep heat in august Alison wasn’t very surprised, just really sad. She didn’t even have the energy to act surprised when they told her that her wife was missing in action and handed her a flag.

So Alison was right when she said that her daughter would grow up without a parent. But she never wanted to be.

To great credit on the blondes part she never let it consume her. She never locked herself away in her room and cried, she never took it out on Estella, she just placed the flag gently in the attic and told her daughter to “buck up.”

“Mom,” the seven year old said, “what if she doesn’t come back.” Alison had smiled and wiped away the tears.

“My dear, your mother has let me down twice in her life, and both of those times she always came back. She’ll be fine.”

Two of the people in Emily’s squad had been killed in a bombing, the rest of them, including Emily were missing. They suspected capture, but the men and women of whom Ali were acquainted who were married to the soldiers in that squad suspected there was nothing left to find.

From what she had heard of the dollhouse, of torture, or of Radley, she hoped those women were right.

Emily’s mom moved in after two more years passed and both learned to support each other. Alison read Estella great expectations and told her love stories before she went to bed. She woke up with tears in her eyes, Pocahontas was always just inches away.

The war finally ended a year later but Alison couldn’t celebrate in the streets with everyone else. Her battles were daily, and had so many casualties. One day Pam Fields didn’t wake up even though she was only sixty. The stress had given her a heart attack.

Five years passed and the doorbell rang a second time, at around five-thirty.

Alison told all her friends, the ups man, the pizza deliverer, her brother, everyone, never to ring the doorbell. Because the doorbell was reserved for the army.

Who would want to open their door expecting take out and get heartbreak instead? Everyone complied and knocked.

So when the doorbell rang on a Tuesday, Alison squared her shoulders. Estella who was in the kitchen frozen. She was fifteen now, and more beautiful and good everyday. The door bell rang again and alison sighed.

“I’ll be back in a bit, stay here.” Estella continued to stir the soup, her feet frozen. She heard a cry and crash and she cringed. She read somewhere that the soldiers who delivered the flag often stayed with the widows for awhile and helped them. She hoped one was helping her mom up now. Then she heard something she never thought she’d hear.


No, not crying, sobbing. Her mom was sobbing. She had never seen her Mom cry at a movie much less heard her sob. So it wasn’t any of her fault if the raven haired girl just had to run in and save her Mom. No stranger could provide enough of the comfort she needed. She couldn’t either but she could try.

She ran in to see Alison sobbing into Emily’s chest the brunette stroking the blondes hair softly.

“I’m home,” she kept whispering, “I’m home and never leaving again.”

“Hey Mom,” Estella muttered. Emily looked up.

“Hey kiddo, did you get your homework done? We’re having company over.” Emily smiled and Estella smiled too, using her whole face.

“Just have to do a paper for English,” Estella responded and Alison growled.

“I’ll move the deadline back you brat,” the teacher muttered from inside Emily’s army jacket.

“C'mon now babe, that’s no way to talk to our daughter,” Emily giggled.

“Not your daughter anymore I remarried,” Alison muttered and Emily laughed now.

“Oh yeah who is he? I’ll kill him.”

“Didn’t work so well the first time,” Alison snarked, and Emily kissed the top of her head.

“If you want something done right, never let Hanna do it,” she muttered. She looked at Estella, “that’s a good lesson. If you want to kill someone don’t let Hanna do it for you.” Estella raised her eyebrow, having not been filled in on any of the 'family history’, except that her mom had a previous marriage with an abusive man.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” the fifteen year old said slowly. Alison finally began to extract herself from Emily and the brunette turned to her daughter.

“C'mere Stella.” And the Mom and daughter hugged. For the first time in six years they hugged. Maybe it was the fact that no one called her Stella except Emily, maybe it was that it had been so long, maybe it was a million things but they were all sobbing now, sobbing and hugging but very much a family.

Tony takes the red line.

It’s what he did, back in the day. Way, way back, he thinks ruefully, noticing his reflection in the car’s window and definitely seeing the silver in his hair. Christ. Where’d the time go?

Rhodey’s not silver. Rhodey’s almost three years older than him; shouldn’t he be silver now, too? He doesn’t look like he did in college, but still. Something the military feeds them, maybe.

He gets off at the Kendall/MIT stop, makes sure his hood is firmly in place. He finds that he gets recognized less than he used to. Something about looking more like a broken down old eccentric person than the man who used to be on magazine cover. He’d done a side-by-side with FRIDAY a month ago, the last time he was on the cover of TIME versus now. It wasn’t pretty.

But MIT is still the type of place people might recognize him. Even if it’s just by associating the idea of the place with him and being primed to see him. And Tony’s not here for the press mess today.

He keeps his head down and slides his sunglasses more firmly up his face as he emerges into sunlight, takes to the mostly still familiar streets.

He’d meant it, when he’d dished out tens of millions of dollars to these kids. The September Foundation has a board and charity benefits and real donors now, but the inaugural grant was mostly him, throwing a charity name at his money to give it an air of legitimacy so no one would sneeze on those who took it. They need these kids. They need a future full of brilliant minds unafraid to play and try and create.

He has a list, on his phone. Every recipient of the grant is required to submit their name and a vague description of what they’re working on–not enough to get him accused of corporate theft, just enough to know loosely where the money is going and, potentially, inventors that might be tapped for SI recruitment in the upcoming years–and Tony’s compiled a list of who he wants to drop in on today.

He picks up coffees first. It’s only polite. His mother would lose it if she saw him show up empty-handed.

The campus is…soothing, Tony realizes is the word. And it’s true what they say, isn’t it? You never really know what you have until it’s gone. Long gone, in his case.

Tony alternated between lectures he often barely needed, to lab time, to parties, and rarely to his bed. What would have happened if he sat outside for an afternoon? Lingered over lunch?

Probably something catastrophic would have happened. He’s a Stark, after all.

He finds his destination and knocks on the door. “Can I come in?”

Four kids look up at him, and Tony’s thankful for the coffee, for his ability to extend it in offering rather than have to wave or something.

Two of them are squinting at him, as if questioning themselves. The other two have already figured it out.

“What are you doing here, Mr. Stark?” One of the woman asks. “Is it…the September Foundation?”

“If you’re asking if there’s something up with the money, then nope. That’ll keep coming. I told you, strings free. I’m just…wondering if I can watch.”

There’s not exactly a ton of extra space, but Tony manages to perch himself awkwardly in a corner once invited.

“Do we…like, make you sign a non-disclosure agreement or something?” the guy asks.

“If you can draw up a NDA, then I’ll sign,” Tony promises. “Or I can cross my heart and hope to die if that works. Of course, I have full intention of poaching every member of this team in May.”

“Is this an…audition?”

“Nah,” Tony says. “I’ve already put your names down at SI. Understand that’s not an obligation on either side. Just the R&D guy expressing a preference. This, today…is a tired old guy wanting to crash in your lab. And I brought coffee,” he adds as an after-thought.

One of them snorts. They share a look as a group, and then shrug and get back to work.

Tony needs to know the world is going to be okay, regardless of what happens next. He needs to know that there are futurists everywhere, that there’s a lot of them seeing the problems of the world, each of them seeing their piece and taking it apart and making things happen.

Tony’s list of recipients he might want to check in on is long. There’s groups of them thinking and weapons and defense, about what might be coming. And Tony’s interested, but honestly sitting in their lab might well trigger a panic attack. Plus, if this exercise is to get him out of his head, to show him the wide world of problems being solved by those who will usurp his throne and he’ll gladly step aside for, then weapons isn’t the way to go.

There’s a kid who’s basically using Tony’s money to keep him in food and coffee while he attempts to solve one of the millennium problems. There’s a team who’s sequencing genes and might very well cure cancer within five years. There’s a group that’s redesigning airplane engines for fuel efficiency.

And then there’s these kids, who’re going to make the internet globally accessible. No more economic, geographic, or political barriers to the people’s access of free information.

It’ll probably lead to a world of people watching cat videos.

But who knows. There’s a futurist out there somewhere, a kid who sees things that need their unique touch, who doesn’t have the tools to change the world. And these kids might give that kid the tools.

Tony sinks into his chair and closes his eyes, listens to them argue out their work between frantic sips of coffee. The science, the math, the desperate dirty pure creation of it soothes something inside him.

He’ll leave this lab before four thirty, because that’s when FRIDAY will prompt him to be on his way so he can get himself to the plane and be on his way to a meeting in New York, the next session of fighting it out over the Accords. Then he’ll return to his own lab, where he’s getting ready for what he knows is coming, damn what others keep telling him. He saw it. He knows it.

But today, he’ll be able to go, knowing these kids are out here. Futurists, the lot of them, all of them leaving their mark on the world, taking it into the next generation. The world’s going to keep on turning. Airplanes will go faster, cancer research will improve lives, math will be the wonder it always is. People all over the world will take to exploring and learning and solving problems.

And yeah, Tony thinks. He can live with this kind of world.

I don’t think WWE understands something. They keep bring back older talent to appeal to nostalgic fans. They want to keep their numbers floating by using old wrestlers taken out of their original, and proper era, to give older fans a reason to watch. To them, thats “good for business”. But these older wrestlers are crushing new talent. Do you know what that does?

It makes WWE unable to bring back the wrestlers from now later down the road to help float numbers. WWE needs to, as cliched as it may seem, INVEST in the future, not in the past. They don’t realize it now, but they are literally loosing future money. Burying people that the fans love like Kevin, Sami, and the like is making WWE lose money they could make off of them later in the future, because no one will care about them.

A message to all you dumbass lifters

To all you braindead idiots that think you’re entitled to shit and think by stealing crap you’re somehow dismantling the big bad capitalists; Let me tell you a fun fact.

I work in retail, and in my company we have this thing called shrink. To put it simply; shrink is the total amount of money from missing or damaged product per year. It’s basically the total amount of money we loose in our store per year. Now imagine that in every store in a franchise, all added up together for one company.

And, the more shrink we have the more money we loose, which means the less amount of money our company has to pay us, which means our bosses have to cut down on our hours, which of course means we employees make less money and are helpless to stop it.

So to you entitled assholes who want to go around taking shit you don’t pay for; You’re hurting the employees that already don’t make a decent enough wage to live on. You’re hurting the very people you’re claiming are the victims of the big bad corporations.

Do you bratty children know how hard it is when you see someone stealing but, you can’t do anything? Do you know how it feels when someone walks out the door with unpaid merchandise and know that it’s coming out your check? I doubt it because most of you idiots are stupid teenage girls still living with their parents, not paying any damn bills, and stealing tacky makeup.

You are not entitled to jackshit just because you seem to claim you’re “poor”. If you want something you better get off your ass, get a job, and save up for it like I have and still do.


Just a medium length arkos fluff piece. Fair warning, a decent amount of angst in the beginnings, and mentions of unhealthy relationships. So fair warning. 


To say Pyrrha was a little sad would be the understatement of the century. It had finally happened, she had heard the words she had sincerely hoped to never hear come from Jaune towards her. The four words she had been worried about.

“I got a girlfriend!” The blonde had gleefully cheered out. He was beaming from ear to ear, like he had just won the lottery. Pyrrha felt something inside her crack, but took a deep breath. Forcing a smile to her face, she grinned and threw her arms around him in a hug, congratulating him. It was much easier to sound happy when he couldn’t see her face.

Nora offered her a sympathetic look, but also congratulated Jaune.

Now Pyrrha was rather fair minded. Honestly, she was happy for Jaune. She knew how much her partner craved a romantic partner. Ever since the dance, he had given up on pursuing Weiss. He had finally realized she was not interested in him romantically, and that it wasn’t actually just him screwing it up. He had seen past her harsh rejections to understand the rather obvious message that she wasn’t interested in him, and no approach or scheme would change the result. Apparently whatever talk he had had with Neptune had also improved Weiss’s opinion of him, especially once he no longer nagged her about a date.

Pyrrha had known that it was her chance. After he had shown up in a dress for her, she knew she couldn’t wait much longer. She hadn’t expected him to land a girlfriend so shortly after the dance though. As long as he was happy though, she would manage. She just hoped that her crush would fade eventually. She knew seeing her partner with another woman would certainly be painful.

As Jaune began to explain how the girl, Bistre, from team BICH, team Birch like the tree, had approached him and asked him to go on a date tomorrow.

One other fear had crept into her heart. Would Jaune start spending time away from his team to be with her? Would she slowly be shut out of his life and replaced with this new girl? Pyrrha wished for anything but that.

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