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moon and stars original painting by natashanewtonart

natasha newton is the talented artist behind this shop’s paintings — you can get an original piece, like this half moon on an inky sky, or you can get one of her works in a print form. the grey watercolor lunar face has an incredible depth against the celestial semicircle.

Total Lunar Eclipse 4/4/15

The total Lunar Eclipse this Saturday morning will be exceptionally short (typically they last for an hour or more). With totality starting at 4:58 a.m., it will last for only 5 minutes. The moon will be low in the western sky as the pre-dawn sunlight begins to overtake the eastern sky. The Earth is in between, hence the shadow.

If you’re in the Bay Area, there’s a free all-ages public event at Ocean Beach from 4:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m., put on by the SFAA. There will be telescopes set up to view the Lunar Eclipse. There’s also an overnight event at Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland.

The weather looks good so far!

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 2015 April 1

Suiting Up for the Moon

How will cows survive on the Moon? One of the most vexing questions asked about space, scientists have spent decades debating this key issue. Finally, after extensive computer modeling and over a dozen midnight milkings, engineers have designed, built, and now tested the new Lunar Grazing Module (LGM), a multi-purpose celestial bovine containment system. 

By now, many of you will not be surprised to be wished a Happy April Fool’s Day from APOD. To the best of our knowledge, there are no current plans to launch cows into space. For one reason, cows tend to be large animals that don’t launch easily or cheaply. As friendly as cows may be, head-to-head comparisons show that robotic rovers are usually more effective as scientific explorers. The featured image is of a thought-provoking work of art named “Mooooonwalk” which really is on display at a popular science museum.

Hello everyone!

PSA to everyone. 

A while back, there was a rumor rolling around that I (lunarheadcanons) was actually Marissa Meyer, i.e. this blog was being run by the author of the Lunar Chronicles. (I think hamdipls was involved) 

At the time, Fairest still had not been released and Winter wasn’t quite finished yet. So I didn’t want speculation to cause a stir in the fandom, at least at that time.

However, Fairest is now out and Winter is completed so it is safe to say I can now reveal my identity. I am, in fact, Marissa Meyer. 

This is not my only blog, you can find my official blog here, and the official tumblr here. 

You may be wondering: What were my reasons for starting this blog? Well, mainly because I wanted to interact with you guys on a more personal level.Unfortunately this resulted in me not being honest to you readers (and a little vauge about my identity), so I decided to come clean today. But I explain more in my (youtube!) interview here, as well as under the cut on this post. (Hint: it may involve getting ideas for Winter!) 

Thank you all for understanding! 

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Apollo 15 Landed near the mountainous rim of the vastImbrium basin, on a lava plain cut by a winding valley like ‘Rille’ believed to be a collapsed ‘lava tube’ cave. This view looking down a ‘bend’ of Hadley Rille is among the best lunar landscape images ever photographed. Unfortunately portions of the scene had to be filled in using lower resolution material. Sometime I hope to redo this image using more pristine material of consistent quality.