loosen your corset

BTS React to their GF Passing out

Namjoon: He would notice that the corset you were required to wear made you extremely uncomfortable and would worry that it was making you too weak. “You might want to think about making some alterations to your costume,” he would say worriedly. After seeing you pass out he would try to keep calm but lie you down on the couch and pet your hair to wake you up, “Jagi, you need to stop wearing this thing, you’re worrying me.”

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Hoseok: He would immediately think that wearing the corset was a bad idea, “Are you sure that you should be wearing this?” He would ask, unsure after sensing your discomfort. After waving him off and assuring him that you were alright, he would not say anything about it, but would still worry. He would watch you at your practices and cheer you on, but then watch in horror as during your last practice you pass out. He would rush to your side and pick you up in his arms.  “Please be more careful, jagi.”

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Yoongi: He would outright think that wearing something that might harm you would be a foolish idea, “Jagi, don’t be wreckless with your health please.” After saying that you’d be careful he wouldn’t say anything else on the matter, “As long as you know to pace yourself.”  He would attend your performance and would cheer you on, but the moment he noticed you were acting off on stage he would run on, just in time to catch you collapse. “I think next time you should scratch the corset idea.”

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Seokjin: “And you are sure that you’ll be alright wearing this thing?” He would say, gesturing towards the corset that you have on. You’d give him a thumb up, cause you already felt out of breath from it constricting your lungs. He’d be unconvinced and frown. “No—actually answer my question.” You’d answer with a soft, “yes” before keeling over as your vision turned spotty and black. Quickly, he would loosen your corset and you would gasp for breath. “That’s what I thought jagiya, this is unsafe.”

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Taehyung: He wouldn’t understand why you had to wear the corset as part of your costume. “Doesn’t that make it hard for you to dance?” He would ask with a puzzled expression. “What’s the point of it if it hinders your dancing… or your breathing ability for that matter?” After explaining it was just part of your costume and it wasn’t necessarily your choice wearing it, he would frown. “Jagi, just don’t overwork yourself okay?” He would say and would watch as you stumble around, catching you as you trip. “PLEASE, don’t hurt yourself.”

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Jimin: While you would assure him that after getting used to the corset you would be okay, he would be nervous because you were known to overwork yourself and put everything you have got into your performances. “If you start to feel light headed you better take that thing off.” He would say sternly, gesturing to the corset. You would laugh lightly and cause yourself to become out of breath, becoming dizzy you would sit down on your knees and bow your head, he’d kneel beside you, fanning you with a magazine. “Like that—don’t let that happen again, okay jagi?”  

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Jungkook: “It looks like some kind of torture device!” He would exclaim, feeling the corset and metal pieces on it. “I don’t think that this would be any good to dance in.” After saying that you just had to get used to practicing with it on he would remain unconvinced and would insist on going to one of your rehearsals. He would watch you dance, but would notice you were getting tired a lot easier than usual. As you finished up your practice he would watch in horror as you collapse. “JAGIYA!” He’d scream. Once you wake up, he’d have your head in his lap and he’d be looking at you worriedly. “No more corset.” He’d say. 

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BONUS!! Monsta X Member:

I.M.:He would be unsure about the idea of dancing in something that was causing you a lot of struggle as it was just wearing it. “Please keep in mind that your health is most important, jagi,” he would say one day after watching you have trouble catching your breath from just walking around.  “I don’t think it is right for such a harmful clothing item to be required for your performance.” He’d say. After noticing your stepping becoming clumsier and you seeming to become weaker by the second he would help you to a nearby chair, “I think that’s enough of wearing that thing for the day.”

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Well this one was fun! It’s been a while since I wrote a BTS reaction! 

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As the World Falls Down - Ryan Haywood x Reader

Name: As the World Falls Down

Pairing: Ryan Haywood x Reader

Word Count: 3541

A/N: Holy shit this got away from me. This was meant to be 500~ words but I love masquerades and Ryan and aaaaaaah, so here you go. flashfic prompts are still open.

Prompt: Meeting at a masquerade with Ryan.

You took a deep breath and smoothed your skirts over your knees nervously. Your feathered mask sat on the bench next to you, waiting to be donned when you arrived at the masquerade. Your invitation sat alone on the bench in front of you, secured by an ornamental letter opener that was to be your thank you gift for the host.

Lord Haywood’s Masquerade Ball drew nobles from four kingdoms, and sometimes beyond. The parties were attended by lords and ladies, princess and princesses, and sometimes kings and queens, themselves. It was the best chance for nobility to socialize without the burden of politeness and etiquette. You, like many other young women, had been sent to gain potential suitors. Your name on the guest list would be enough to garner some interest, but attendance was mandatory.

The footman brought the horses to a halt in front of Haywood Manor. You positioned your mask over your face and took a breath. Gathering your skirts in both hands, you let the footman help you out of the carriage. When you were steady on the cobblestone, he retrieved your invitation and gift for you. One of Lord Haywood’s servants dressed in a blue waistcoat and a simple mask stepped forward and took both your invitation and your gift with a bow. Another offered his arm and whisked you off into the party.

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Taste the Rain (Philip Hamilton x Reader)


Request: “Can you do #310 with Philip Hamilton? Like he’s already courting the reader. Then if possible like they’re soaking wet from the rain and Alexander and Eliza see (whether out and about or back at their home) and they’re all parental cause they could get sick but also find it cute lol”

310: “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

Words: 1,678

You were walking home escorted by your beloved, Philip Hamilton. You were laughing quite loudly as he was a bit of a character. At the end of another one of his outrageous stories, you felt something could hit your face. You look up towards the darkening sky. 

“Y/N?” Philip asked. You continued staring up at the sky as you felt to more drops hit your face.

“Is it supposed to rain this evening?” You asked finally looked back at Philip’s freckled face. He opened his mouth so respond, but his eyes widened instead as a loud clap of thunder pierced the air.

“Come on!” He yelled grabbing your hand and running through the streets until you found a small awning that you both huddled under. The rain was picking up and by the time you reached some shelter both of your hair was yet, but you weren’t quite soaked. “Are you alright?” You could feel his warm breath against your face. 

“Stop worrying. I’m fine.” You waved a hand at him nonchalantly. “Although…” He followed your eyes to the empty street in front of you. “I’d be a lot better if we were running around out there.” You pointed. 

Philip stared at you in disbelief. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” You nodded eagerly. He smiled down at you. “You could get struck by lightning, you know?” He stepped closer to you, convinced you’d back down.

“Oh Philip, you have me confused with Benjamin Franklin.” You said with a smile.

“You are mad, Y/N L/N. Absolutely mad.” He started taking of the first two layers of his suit, leaving him in nothing but a loose white shirt. You asked him to loosen your corset a little which he happily obliged to. You turned around, and he swept you damp hair aside. You breath hitched slightly as his hands brushed against you back repeatedly. He placed his hands on your shoulders and placed a gentle where your left shoulder met your neck. You turned back around and took in the view. You smirked up at him.

“That’s quite a lot of skin Philip. I’d be careful if I were you.” You said. 

“Careful of what? Y/N!” He was shouting after you but were already running away from him. You could barely hear over the roar of the rain. You threw your arms out an opened your mouth trying to taste the rain. You were completely drenched within a few seconds and soon Philip had caught up with you. 

“You can really run, you know that?” he said breathing heavily. 

“You don’t even know, Philip.” You put your hands out and started to back away from him. “Think you can catch me?” 

“I know I can catch you.” Philip crossed his arms. 

“Prove it.” You said before turning the other direction, abandoning your shoes somewhere along the way. Your feet were sinking into the soft ground. You laughed feeling just like a little girl again. You turned around a few times to see Philip still chasing you with a grin. He almost caught you several times, but you changed direction and he couldn’t manage to get you. At one instant you moved to side and heard a thump as Philip fell into the muddy street. You quickly walked over to him. 

“Philip! I’m so sorry, are you okay?” You bit your lip in worry. He sat up and rubbed his knees looking up at you. You offered a hand to help him up. He took it gladly, but before you knew it. You were on the ground too, pinned underneath him. 

“Caught you.” he smirked inches from your face. His hair was even curlier in the rain and it fell down around both your faces. You rolled your eyes at him. Philip stared down at you. He supported himself with one hand and pushed some of your wet hair off of you face with the other. He leaned in and you could taste his lips before they actually touched yours. They didn’t though, because you had pushed a handful of dirt onto the side of his face. In his shock you managed to slip away from him and run away. This time he was more determined. He sludged mud down your already dirty back and as you froze from the cold, he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you against his chest. 

“Your not giving me the sleep that easily, Y/N” you turned around and faced him. 

“Truce?” You held your hand out to him. The rain was still pouring steadily on the both you. Philip looked down at your hand and then met your eyes again. For the second time that night he ignored your hand and pulled you instead; this time not to the ground but into himself. He grabbed you face with both of his hands and kissed you. You were stunned for a moment but quickly pressed back. You appreciated how thin the rain had made the fabric of his shirt as you ran your hands up chest to his neck. He tangled a hand in you hair as you opened your mouth slightly to allow him entry. You loved a lot of things about Philip, but the way his kissed remained high on your long list. His other hand left your face and traveled down to the small of your back where he pulled you closer to him. You were both desperate to be closer to each other even though there was hardly an inch of you that wasn’t already touching. He felt so warm and you were so cold. Really cold actually, your body gave an involuntary shiver. Philip pulled back slightly. He gave you a few last kisses and then smiled at you. You smiled back trying to regain your breath 

“We should get you home.” he whispered. He caressed a knuckle against your cheek and kissed your fore head. Lacing his hand into yours, he walked you over to where he had left his clothes. They had stayed fairly dry. He shook out his coat and placed around your shoulders. The coat nearly touched the ground when you wore. He smiled. “I like that look on you.” 

The pair of you started the journey back to your house. Halfway through Philip noticed that you were barefoot and insisted on carrying you the rest of the way. 

You’ve arrived at your house still in Philip’s arms when you heard voices inside. 

“Philip?” A familiar voice asked. 

“Shit, my parents!” Philip put you down just as Eliza Hamilton opened the front door accompanied by her husband and your own parents.

“Look at you two! What happened?” Your mother said. You only just realized how bad this looked. You were arriving at dark, with a man, who was just as covered in mud as you were. You were wearing his coat and his shirt barely counted for clothing anymore as it was sheer and clung to his skin. You weren’t wearing any shoes and you both were soaked to the bone. And to top it all off, your lipstick was very clearly on his face. The both of you hung your heads. 

“Get in here oh my goodness!” Eliza clamored, pulling you both in. 

“Would you like to explain what happened to the two of you?” Mr. Hamilton said as Eliza went to get blankets and your own mother put the kettle on. 

“Well..” Philip started. 

“It’s my fault.” You interjected. “We got caught in the rain on the way over here and well…we thought…I wanted to…”

“We were just having fun dad.” Philip caught in looking up at his father bravely. 

“He is just like you.” you heard Eliza whisper to Alexander before moving to wrap a blanket around you. Mr. Hamilton smirked and you had to try hard not to laugh. You had noticed the similarities too. 

“Thanks, Mrs. Hamilton.” you said. 

“Dear, how many times have I told you to call me Eliza?” she said, patting the underside of your chin.

“What are you guys doing here anyway?” Philip asked after thanking your mom for the cup of tea she just handed him. 

“Well, your father and I were out for a walk when it started to rain. We were close to the L/N’s house so we figured we would wait here for you two to come back.” Eliza explained. “Evidently it was a good thing we did.” She raised and eyebrow at both of you. You looked away embarrassed, but Philip just grinned. 

“Don’t act like you never did anything reckless, mom. You’re married to Alexander Hamilton.” he said. You guffawed in shock, but Eliza just looked at him. 

“You are absolutely right.” she said. “I’d drink that tea though, before you catch a cold.” she said. Philip brought the cup up to his lips. “Or say something you might regret.” She threatened. Philip almost choked on his tea. You couldn’t help but laugh. 

Your own mother and Eliza fretted over both of you for a good twenty minutes, constantly checking to make sure neither of you had a temperature. They were only satisfied when you had both drank two cups of hot tea each. Your father and Mr. Hamilton occasionally made comments about how reckless you both had been, but not without smiles on their faces. 

After both mothers were satisfied with your current states, the Hamilton’s decided to leave. Your parents said goodbye to each other and Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton waited outside while Philip said goodnight to you. 

“Tonight was…interesting.” You said, smiling. 

“Never a dull day with Y/N L/N.” Philip took your hand and kissed it. “I love you, Y/N.” I love you too. He gave you one more meaningful look and then walked out the door to join his parents. 

You closed your front door and leaned against it full of happiness. You heard the faint voices of Philip and his father coming from the other side of the door. 

“I like that girl a lot, son” 

“Yeah, I like her a lot too.”

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Think we can have a vamp!Herc drabble 😉😉💙

YES! Herc goes for the left subclavian artery (it’s just below your collarbone)

“Mmm,” you moaned, back pressed against the cold stone wall.

“Eager are we?” Hercules asked, hands toying with the back of your corset.

“Here?” You breathed, a sudden rush of anxiety came over you.

“No one will know,” Hercules kissed you, “I just need a little more access, Love.”

With the simple loosening of your corset, you felt like you could breathe! Your chest heaved as you took in adequate amounts of air that had previously been prohibited from you. Watching your chest rise and fall, Hercules wanted your flesh to be his.

Hearing your heart pump blood faster through your body, he felt as though it was just for him. The distinct smell of your enticing red liquid practically drove him mad. It was like none other. He gently slid the lace the covered part of your collarbone, down your shoulder, letting it gather at your elbow.

“Be gentle, my Love, I mustn’t scream or someone will hear,” your voice filled with excitement, but a hint of anxiety shown through.

“Gentle as I can be,” Hercules smirked, hands wrapping around you; one against the small of you back the other below your shoulder blades.

He dipped down to kiss along your soft skin, feeling your beautiful collarbone with his lips. Your heart beat was more prominent than ever. He could feel the pulse of your artery. Kissing the spot he was about to penetrate, you purred. His lips were gentle and soothing.

His fangs sunk deep into your skin. Whimpering you breathed heavier causing more blood to flow out of your veins. You tried not to scream, but the way he pushed deeper made it hard not to. As he could read your thoughts, he knew you were about to. Hercules placed a hand over your mouth, muffling you while he sucked at the now opened wounds. The moment you had the thought of feeling faint, he stopped; slitting his forearms you took the blood from him, rejuvenating yourself.

“Alright?” Hercules asked you, holding your face in his hands.

“Perfectly,” you smiled, “cinch me back up?”

“I think you’d like the opposite,” Hercules did as you asked when you turned around, but knew what you were thinking.

“Perhaps,” you smiled, knowing he was right.

Under Your Radar (Kim Seokjin)


Word Count: 2,894

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Thank you for requesting anon, I hope this is close to what you wanted, even though I kind of changed it a bit and I apologize for the wait and that the accuracy of some of the things may not be to the tee but I hope you’ll understand. Thank you for requesting and if you or anyone else wants me to do a part to I can! Also, one quick thing, I apologize if you do not have the fair skin that I describe the reader having in this story but in Southeast asian countries fair skin is something that was associated with royalty and your status on the social scale. Simply put, the fairer skin you had, the less you were outside, meaning that your family could afford to not have you working outside. Essentially, the paler the better and if you are familiar with the Japanese, Korean and Chinese makeup industry (I am because I am a makeup and skincare feind)  and the thousands of whitening and brightening products on the market it is easy to see that this is a value that is still very meaningful in those countries. But just to be clear I’m not trying to discriminate against any race or skintone I’m just trying to be historically correct. Okay I’m done now, enjoy.

You laid awake in your bed, the humid air that filled your room resulting in a restless night.

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“Hopefully” [Hercules X Reader]

Prompt: I really loved the Laurens fic! If you don’t mind, can I request 385 and/or 386 from the list thingy with Herc???

385: “You’re not alone”

386: “You’re safe now. I’ve got you”

A/N: I was writing this as Oak updated his snapchat so it got a lot fluffier than originally planned

T/W: slight pain

A/U: Hamiltime

Words: 1261


You slowly walked through the streets of your town with your eyes up to the sky, taking in the thick, warm summer air. Your corset was tight, your hair was up, and the smell of revolution seeped into every corner of the nation.

It was the evening, and you found yourself downtown, drawn to the distant sound of people shouting in the square. As you approached closer, you saw two men standing on soapboxes, debating about something you could only guess was heavily influenced by the revolution. You manoeuvred into the centre of the swarming crowd, finding yourself squished between rowdy men shouting encouragement and ladies with unnecessarily large skirts.

“Oh my God. Tear this dude apart!” Your eyes snapped up to the tall, burly man next to you, who had a scarf wrapped around his head like a headband. You couldn’t take your eyes away from his beautiful face. You saw his friend, who was taller and a little bit skinner with his hair tied back, nudge the man and motion to you. Both men looked over at you as you ripped your eyes away from them, first awkwardly glancing to the ground, then fixating your stare onto the scene in front of you, rather intensely. You felt them moving next to you, and caught the man with the scarf whispering to his friend, through gritted teeth,

“No Lafayette, piss off, ugh.” Suddenly, there was another hand taking yours, and you followed its movements until it reached the lips of the man just referred to as ‘Lafayette.’

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"So young and full of life.. You should come by some night. Get a little wild. Loosen your corset strings and live some."

“Madame Gampre, your offer is far too kind and I think that might be just what the doctor ordered. Your establishment is well known for being just the place to lose yourself for a few hours before facing the…well…bullshit that the daily race from point a to point b….is it true you have a tiger?” Farah asked that last bit with a bit of a twinkle in her eye. 


bring him home

a/n - this is set during ww1, so it’s a bit different from anything i’ve written before. 

calum hood & y/n
word count - 4044
rating - nc-17
warnings - sexual content, language

They said it would be over by Christmas, that they would barely be gone before they were back home again.

How wrong they had been.

Instead you had spent years waiting for the telegram to arrive, it was the first thought that would cross your mind when you woke up in the morning; what if today was the day? What if today it was your turn? Every time the telegram boy didn’t stop at your house you couldn’t help but feel relief wash over you; even though you knew that meant that some other poor family would be getting the news that you so desperately dreaded.

The not knowing was the worst part – not knowing if he was being sent over the top, not knowing if he was safe, not knowing if you would ever see him again.

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