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OMGG, the death of the gorilla is getting blamed on the father of the little boy who got stuck in the cage, BECAUSE OF HIS CRIMINAL RECORD?!? Fuming rn !

I’m 100% with you I’m fuming too!!! What does his fathers arrest record have to do with the gorilla dying? If his father had never been arrested the gorilla would have still been dragging that child by the limbs!

like, I could care less about the Gorilla’s death. It was dragging a four year old child by the limbs through water. The child would have drown. The child would have been internally decapitated. The gorilla is more than strong enough to kill a large human man so killing a toddler is no hard feat.The child would have had brain damage IF he had survived.

Do I think his parents should have had a better handle on him? Yes. Am I loosing sleep over a gorilla? No, no I’m not. In fact I slept better knowing that small child was alive and not too harmed. He’s going to have some trauma to deal with. That’s on his parents for letting him out of their sight and I hope they act accordingly to this situation.

People care more about animal lives than black lives and I’m not here for it. It’s the damn Cedric the lion thing all over again. Everyone is screaming justice for the damn ape that was physically beating a child but they want to turn a blind eye to black people being murdered for their skin color.

AND OF COURSE. It’s turned into a racial issue with people using black=gorilla memes, bringing up his parents history, and where the child grew up.

Miss me with that.